Bumpy Johnson Net Worth Before He Died [UPDATED]

Real Name Ellsworth Raymond Johnson Stage Name Bumpy Johnson Net Worth $50 million (before his death) Date of Birth October 31, 1905 Place of Birth Charleston, South Carolina, USA Profession Criminal, Activist Best Known for His Criminal Activities in Harlem in the 20th Century Nationality American Gender Male Ethnicity African-American Relationship Status Married to Mayme … Read more

Steve Madden Net Worth

Category Information Real Name Steven Madden Stage Name Steve Madden Net Worth $500 million Date of Birth January 1, 1958 Place of Birth Far Rockaway, New York, United States Profession Fashion Designer, Businessman Best Known for Founder of Steve Madden Ltd., a shoe company Height 5′ 9″ (175 cm) Nationality American Gender Male Ethnicity White … Read more

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Grace Jones is an icon of the music and fashion world. From her captivating voice to her daring style, she has been a presence on the international stage since the late 1970s. But what is her net worth? That’s a question that many have asked over the years, and now we finally have the answer. … Read more

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