Jay Shetty Net Worth, Age, Wife, Tattoo, Religion, Family Update 2021

Jay Shetty Net worth—$3 Million

As of 2021, Jay Shetty has a net worth of around $3 million. If you do not know who Jay Shetty is, he is a famous podcaster, YouTuber, storyteller, and former monk from London, UK. His video content covers a wide range of topics, such as wisdom, motivation, relationships, and love. He has started his YouTube channel to spread these topics among people in a relevant and practical way. Jay Shetty’s inspiration for becoming a monk after college graduation follows after a meeting with a monk. He then traveled to India, where he spent three years with the monks trying to balance ancient wisdom and modern science. Since then, he has been creating video content that mainly encourages viewers to better themselves.

You might know who Jay Shetty is through his motivational talks, but are you familiar with his personal details, and how he started his career? If you are looking for this information, then continue reading this blog post.

Jay Shetty’s Personal Bio:

Jay Shetty and wife

Jay Shetty was born in London, UK, on September 6, 1987. As of 2020, he has attended 33 years of age. Although Jay Shetty is British-born, his ethnicity is that of Indian. He has also written a book entitled “Think like a Monk.” Besides, his religion is Hinduism, and he has a tattoo on his neck.

 At 16, he encountered a tragic incident where he lost two of his best friends. This incident had a profound impact on his life and gave him a new direction to his life. After his graduation, Jay traveled to India and became a monk. During this time, he traveled to different parts of India and Europe, sharing his experiences and gained knowledge at corporate organizations and universities.

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When it comes to his personal life, there is not much information about his family. Jay hardly shares about his parents, siblings, or family background. Hence, we do not know their identities or names. Nevertheless, Jay Shetty has a younger sister, but we do not know her identity or name. Besides, his wife’s name is Roshni Devlukia, with whom he tied the knot in 2016. She is currently working a Watford General Hospital as a dietician.

Today, Jay Shetty is a world-famous motivational speaker, content creator, storyteller, author, influencer, and podcaster. His video content mainly emphasizes the topics of wisdom, love, relationships, and motivation. Since then, he has been spreading his gained knowledge as a monk to his viewers through social media channels.

The following table provides a glance at Jay Shetty’s details:

Real NameJay Shetty
Date of BirthSeptember 6, 1987
Age33 years
Height5.11 feet
Birth PlaceLondon
Parents’ detailsUnknown
SisterOne younger sister
Relationship StatusMarried
Wife’ NameRoshni Devlukia

How much money does Jay Shetty make on YouTube?

Jay Shetty’s youtube channel

As a famous content creator, Jay Shetty can make money every time an ad runs on his videos and through paid promotions. However, to get an overview of his estimated revenue, we first need to track his channel statistics.

As of 2021, Jay Shetty has over 3.82 million subscribers for his YouTube channel. His channel gets an average of one hundred thousand views per day, while the total accumulated views are over 161 million as of June 2021. With these statistics, he can generate an estimated income of about 500 dollars every day from the different ads display in his videos.

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After YouTube takes its cut, YouTube content creators get paid between 2 to 7 dollars per one thousand monetized views, ranging from 40-percent to 80-percent of the total views. Nevertheless, you should note that several factors can influence the amount of money YouTube will pay to the YouTubers. Some of them include the viewer’s location, types of content, types of ads, number of viewers who skipped the ads, number of clicks an ad receives, the total number of ads on a video, etc. Although auction between advertisers can affect an ad view’s cost, an advertiser should offer at least 0.01 dollars per view.

Jay Shetty family

YouTubers can also make extra income from YouTube Red viewers. These viewers opt to view premium video content without ads by paying a monthly fee. Here, the income and watch time is proportional, which means their income increases as viewers’ watch time increases. Besides, a YouTube program called Google Preferred allows big companies to pay to feature their ads on the top 5-percent most popular content. Here, YouTubers can enjoy higher ad rates.

Additionally, Jay Shetty generates income from his Facebook account through different running ads on his videos. Currently, he has more than 26 million followers on his Facebook account, where he runs more shows.

How His Career Started?

Jay Shetty Career

A turning point in Jay Shetty’s life came about when he met a monk at the age of 18. It was during this time that he decided to become a monk. So at the age of 22, he traveled to India and started living a simple life with the Indian monks.

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Jay Shetty started his career as a social media coach at Accenture. While working here, Shetty’s creative content captured Arianna Huffington’s attention, who then hired him to create videos for Huffington Post. It was during this time that Shetty’s video became the most viewed video of 2018 on Facebook. The video covered several topics, such as mental health, relationship, wellness, and purpose.

Jay Shetty launched his YouTube channel on September 19, 2013, which gained recognition from his viewers after two years. His vision for creating the YouTube channel is to spread his acquired knowledge to his viewers. Since then, he has uploaded more than 300 videos covering a wide range of topics, such as love, wisdom, motivation, and relationship.

As a motivational speaker, Jay Shetty has also gained recognition on other social media platforms, such as Nasdaq, Snapchat, and Facebook. Besides, he has given several motivational talks across different colleges and universities.

Jay Shetty has also earned many achievements and awards. Some of them include Asian Media Awards (2016), Streamy Awards (2018), Outstanding Achievement Online Awards (2019), and others. Besides, he has published a book called “Think like a Monk in 2020.”

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