Stevin John (Blippi) Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Height, Wife – 2021

Blippi Net Worth – $40 million

Blippi is a popular youtuber who is the most liked American kid’s entertainer, his real name is Stevin John. He has an estimated net worth of $40 million in 2021 according to wealthygorilla. He educates the children on the social platforms like youtube and the amazon video. As the advertisers for Blippi is becoming high, From this channel he gets an estimated revenue over dollar 18,000 per day. When the views on youtube reaches 1000, the youtube will take between the range of dollar 2 -5 the more ad videos the viewers watch, the more money the channel gets. 

The videos of blippi are mainly intended to educate the young children with John Blippi’s character which has been portrayed by his childlike, energetic behavior. He is dressed up in a blue and orange beanie cap and a blue shirt suspended with a bow tie.

Blippi in a relationship with Alyssa Ingham, they have been dating for several years!

Stevin John (Blippi), Age, Birthday, Height, Wife

Net Worth $40 million
Real Name Stevin John
Age 32 years old
Birthday May 27, 1988
Tall/Height 5.8 feet / 1.78 m
Live in Las Vegas, United States
Girlfriend/Wife Blippi in a relationship with Alyssa Ingham
Profession Youtuber, Educator, Entertainer
blippi youtuber

The early life of Stevin John was surrounded by the tractors, cows, and horses in Ellensburg, Washington. During his childhood, he wished to be a limousine driver and a pilot.

As his wish, he joined the United States Air Force as a load master for the C-17 globe-master airplane which is located at the 4thairlift squadron, and also he is a military veteran.

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At that time his duty was to perform the calculations and also to plan the cargo placement to keep the aircraft within a center of gravity limits throughout the plane. He has soon reached the most viewed YouTube personality, it is eager for everyone to know how much money does Blippi make.

As he was liked by more and more people, the videos he posts on youtube get more likes and views which helps him become the most famous personality all over the world.

He then decided to take the Blippi character onto the road which helps the children to watch the real Blippi in their hometown.

As his shows get more popular, he decided to reach the children with his show on every available platform like televisions, movies, live shows, and in the new media. 

How Much Money Does Blippi Make on Youtube?

How Much Money Does Blippi Make.

As Blippi became the most searched and the most liked fun educational youtube channel, it became the common question for everyone that how much money does Blippi make? As he started the youtube channel, he got more than 3 million subscribers with 3.5 billion views so far.

This generates a revenue of dollar 22,400 per day and dollar 8.2 million for a single year from the ads that come in-between the videos. His next channel which is known as the Blippi toys has got over 3 million subscribers with 3.2 billion views so far.

Blippi Additional Income

He also gets an additional income from the amazon videos which has been started to stream his videos and has become selling merchandise. The videos of Blippi have always been in a top 100th position in the Amazon. He also releases his videos in a Spanish language on his channel. 

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In youtube, there is a program in which Google will prefer some of the most popular channels are shows that are being published. In that Blippi’s channel has been in the top 5th position which has been credited a more pride and success to him and his team.

He also posts offline videos for the children and does many live shows in his living area which helps in motivating the children to educate more in a very easy manner. As he started doing live shows, children are more likely to visit his live shows as they will have a chance to meet Blippi, the most loveable character.

Despite his achievement, he also went through more criticism when he performed the show “bait and switch” in 2019. In that situation, Blippi character was not played by him and was being played by an impersonator.

In 2013, John developed videos like, “Underwear man” and “turdboy” which became the most liked videos of Blippi. As this character has become more popular among the children, the blippi toys have been started to sell which looks like Blippi and his dress-up playset. These toys were also started selling more than the other toys, as each and every child likes this Blippi character.

Blippi Fun Fact

The idea of becoming Blippi came to Stevin John after he moved back to the Ellensburg and watching his two years old nephew looking over a low-quality video on youtube.

Then Blippi has been portrayed as a mature person who dresses up in dazzling clothes and dances with the soft play toys centers which causes more benefit to the youtube.

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The first video of Blippi was published on January 27th of the year 2014 with the Stevin John playing the role of a Blippi and doing all the filming, editing, and all the graphics by himself for his initial videos. He got inspired by Mr. Rogers who is a child educator and an entertainer, John wished himself to portray Blippi as an educational entertainer for the children but also acting and thinking like a child. 

In 2014, John created a show with a background in brand development, digital content creation, and also in online marketing. The main goal of Blippi is to bring positive emotions and memories in the act of learning. After some days, Stevin John decided to host the show by himself.

As Blippi became the most loveable character with the goofy mannerisms and a friendly demeanor, children from the age group of 2 to 7 loves Blippi’s charismatic character and his innovations in teaching the lessons in a very different and a unique manner.

His shows have been a very hit and was loved by both the children and the parents. He teaches through his youtube channel millions of children how to count, how to identify colors, letters, and much more. As he had become more popular, everyone was eager in knowing how much money Blippi makes.

As of february 2021, Blippi’s has an estimated net worth of $40 million.

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