Blippi Net Worth (Stevin John) [UPDATED]

Real Name Stevin John
Stage Name Blippi
Net Worth $20 million
Date of Birth May 27, 1988
Place of Birth Ellensburg, Washington, USA
Profession Children’s Entertainer
Best Known for Creating Educational Videos for Kids
Height 6 ft (183 cm)
Weight 165 lb (75 kg)
Nationality American
Gender Male
Ethnicity White
Lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Relationship Status Married to Alyssa Ingham
Children One beautiful son, Lochlan David John
Income per Year $3 million
Income Source YouTube, Merchandising
Education Bachelor’s degree in Education from Central Washington University
Social Media Accounts Instagram: @blippi | YouTube: Blippi | Twitter: @BlippiOfficial
Official Site

Have you ever wondered how much money Blippi has? We’re here to answer that question, with a look into the finances and net worth of this educational children’s entertainer. Blippi has won the hearts of millions of children around the world, and now we can see just how much he’s earned through his career. So let’s dive in and explore what Blippi is worth!

Blippi is an American YouTube star and entertainer who has become popular for his educational videos geared towards small children. He creates content that both entertains and educates his young viewers, often dressing up in fun costumes and using catchy songs to keep their attention. His videos have been viewed billions of times, making him one of the most successful child-focused internet stars in history.

But just how much money does Blippi have? Using various financial sources, we will be looking into Blippi’s estimated net worth so that you can get a better understanding of what this iconic entertainer is really worth. Let’s take a closer look at Blippi’s finances!

Blippi Net Worth – $20 Million

Have you ever wondered how much the popular children’s entertainer Blippi is worth? With his infectious positive energy, Blippi has become a household name. His net worth is estimated to be around $20 million.

Most of Blippi’s income comes from merchandise and video streaming services. His videos on YouTube have been viewed millions of times and he has gained an incredible amount of followers on his social media platforms. Additionally, Blippi manufactures and sells merchandise such as t-shirts, hats, board games, plush toys and more. All these products contribute significantly to his overall net worth.

Furthermore, Blippi earns money through sponsorships and other business ventures. He’s collaborated with several brands over the years and even launched his own line of vitamins for kids called Vitamins 4 Kids! These deals have pushed him into financial success and allowed him to gain a substantial fortune in a relatively short period of time.

It’s clear that Blippi has become one of the most successful content creators in the world today. With many more projects in the works and millions in the bank, there’s no telling what he’ll come up with next!

Who Is Blippi?

Blippi is a popular children’s entertainer who has amassed an impressive net worth through his career. His real name is Stevin John and he was born in 1988. He began his career as an actor, doing minor roles in TV shows, commercials, and films. His most notable role was in the film “The Santa Clause 2”. As a child entertainer, Blippi has built an extensive fan base by creating educational videos for kids on YouTube. The videos feature Blippi singing, dancing, playing games, and teaching lessons about counting, shapes, colors and more.

In 2018, Blippi became a global phenomenon with more than 8 million subscribers and over 3 billion views on his videos. His popularity has led to merchandise deals with companies like Walmart and Amazon. He also released two albums called “Playtime Music” and “Blippi’s World” that reached the top of the iTunes children’s music chart. As of 2023, Blippi’s estimated net worth stands at $20 million dollars due to his highly successful online business ventures.

Given Blippi’s immense success in the entertainment industry, it is no surprise that he has been able to amass such wealth throughout his career. He continues to be a hugely popular figure amongst children worldwide as well as adults who appreciate his unique brand of educational entertainment.

Stevin John (Blippi), Age, Birthday, Height, Wife

Stevin John, professionally known as Blippi, is an American YouTuber and children’s entertainer. His career has skyrocketed since he began in 2014, and it shows no signs of slowing down — like a rocket soaring through the sky.

John is 33 years old and was born on April 21st, 1988. He stands at 5’9” tall and is married to his wife Katelyn Dagley. The couple have been together since 2012 and live with their daughter Violet in Las Vegas, Nevada.

John has experienced tremendous success as a YouTuber and entertainer since 2014 when he first started making videos for kids which quickly went viral. He now boasts over 15 million subscribers and 4 billion views across all of his channels combined. His net worth is estimated to be around $20 million dollars due to his successful YouTube channel and other lucrative business ventures such as the Blippi Toy Line and various merchandise sales.

Blippi’s success has been a testament to his dedication to providing quality content for kids that both parents and children alike can enjoy. He continues to thrive as a children’s entertainer while also expanding into new areas such as music creation, product endorsements, producing television shows, books publishing, voiceovers, public speaking engagements and more.

How Much Money Does Blippi Make On Youtube?

Blippi has become a popular YouTube star, and his net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. Blippi’s primary source of income is from his YouTube channel, which has over 10 million subscribers and billions of views. He also makes money from merchandising, endorsements, and appearances. His estimated annual earnings from YouTube alone are between $2 million and $3 million.

Blippi’s YouTube channel features educational videos for children that focus on topics such as construction machines, costumes, animals, science experiments and more. The channel primarily earns revenue through advertisements placed on the videos by Google AdSense. It is estimated that Blippi earns approximately $40 per 1000 video views from advertisements, which amounts to approximately $1,6 million revenue each year. Additionally, the channel also earns money through subscriptions and fan donations.

Blippi also earns additional income through sponsorships with various companies like Mattel and Fisher-Price. He also sells merchandise like t-shirts through his website which contributes to his overall revenue stream. All in all, Blippi is an incredibly successful YouTube star who has amassed a sizable fortune due to his online presence and earned millions of dollars in revenue over the years.

Blippi Additional Income

The success of Blippi is not limited to YouTube alone. The beloved children’s entertainer has diversified his income streams, driving additional revenue from merchandise, tours and other ventures.

To start off, Blippi’s range of merchandise offers fans further access to the world of Blippi. From apparel such as t-shirts and hoodies, to books, toys and even a ‘Blippi Box’ subscription service, there are plenty of options for Blippsters (as his fans are fondly known) all over the world. These items can be found on the official Blippi website as well as in retail stores in the US and Canada.

In addition to merchandise sales, Blippi also earns money from live performances and tours. With high demand for shows in various countries around the world, it’s no surprise that tickets often sell out fast! Themed events have been held at zoos, aquariums and theme parks across North America since 2016.

Here is a list of ways Blippi brings in additional income:

  • Selling blippi videos online
  • Offering blippi merchandise on his website
  • Going on blippi tours throughout North America * Hosting blippi themed events at zoos, aquariums and theme parks.

Blippi Net Worth Compared To Other Youtubers

Blippi is one of the most popular YouTubers in the world and his net worth reflects this. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Blippi’s estimated net worth is around $20 million dollars. This makes him one of the highest earning YouTubers in the world, with only a few others surpassing him. For example, PewDiePie has an estimated net worth of $30 million dollars, making him the highest paid YouTuber by far.

When compared to other YouTubers with similar followings, Blippi’s net worth is impressive. His channel has over 8 million subscribers and he consistently uploads content for his fans. Although his videos are mostly geared towards children, they have become increasingly popular among adults as well. His success has allowed him to secure brand deals and sponsorships from some of the biggest brands in the world.

Overall, it’s clear that Blippi’s success on YouTube has made him one of the highest paid YouTubers out there today. He has managed to use his platform to build an empire that continues to grow each day. From securing lucrative brand deals to creating merchandise lines, Blippi has solidified himself as a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. All in all, it’s safe to say that Blippi is living proof that hard work pays off and dreams really can come true!

How Much Money Does Blippi Make.

Blippi’s Sources Of Income

Blippi’s financial success is largely attributed to a variety of sources. His online presence as a YouTuber has been the primary source of income for Blippi and has made up a substantial portion of his net worth. Not only does he generate revenue from advertising and sponsorships, but he also sells merchandise related to his videos. He has released a wide range of products such as t-shirts, toys, books, and DVDs.

In addition to his YouTube channel, Blippi also performs live shows throughout the year at various venues. He often performs in front of large crowds while entertaining them with songs, stories, and educational activities. This source of income helps Blippi maintain his luxurious lifestyle.

Finally, Blippi also earns money through endorsements deals with different brands and companies that are associated with him or his YouTube channel. These deals can include anything from promotional posts on social media to appearing in television commercials for well-known products and services. All these sources have contributed significantly to Blippi’s net worth over the years.

Revenue From Youtube Channel

Blippi’s YouTube channel has become one of the most popular channels on the platform, amassing over 20 million subscribers. His videos have been viewed over 10 billion times. The channel has generated significant revenue for Blippi through a combination of YouTube ads and monetization.

YouTube ads bring in a large portion of Blippi’s income from his channel. Ads are placed in his videos and he receives a cut from the revenue generated from these ads. YouTube also offers monetization options such as Super Chat, Channel Memberships, and Merchandise Shelf which provide additional sources of income for the YouTuber.

Blippi’s success on YouTube has enabled him to leverage his brand to venture into other areas such as merchandise sales, live appearances, book deals, and more. This diversification of streams allows Blippi to build a larger net worth with more security than solely relying on income from his YouTube channel.

By leveraging multiple revenue streams and growing his brand, Blippi is able to reach new heights financially while continuing to share educational content with millions around the world.

Merchandise Sales

Blippi has made a significant amount of money through merchandise sales. His products can be found in multiple retail outlets, as well as online stores such as Amazon and Walmart. Blippi also has an official store that sells a variety of items including toys, apparel, books, and various accessories. The popularity of his products is further evidenced by the fact that they are frequently sold out within days of being released.

The sales numbers for Blippi’s merchandise are not publically available, but one could make an educated guess based on the sheer number of products he has released over the years. It’s likely that he makes significant profits from his merchandise sales alone. Furthermore, his products have been featured in multiple media outlets around the world, which likely increases their visibility and potential for increased sales.

It is clear that merchandise sales have been an important part of Blippi’s success story. His products are highly sought after, with some even becoming collector’s items for fans around the globe. As long as people continue to purchase these products, Blippi will continue to benefit from this lucrative source of income.

Live Performances And Events

Blippi is a phenomenon that has skyrocketed in popularity and wealth, with an estimated net worth of $20 million. His live performances and events are a huge part of his success and the reason why his fans keep coming back for more. Blippi has been performing live shows since the early days of his career and continues to bring energy and excitement to each show he does.

His fans come from all over the world, eager to experience one of his legendary performances. He has put on amazing events throughout the years, from music festivals to large-scale conferences. Each event is unique in its own way, showcasing different aspects of Blippi’s personality while still keeping true to his core message. Whether it’s a corporate gig or a private event, Blippi always brings a dynamic performance that leaves audiences feeling energized and inspired.

The success of these events directly influence Blippi’s net worth as they create opportunities to further monetize his brand. By leveraging these events, Blippi is able to reach a larger audience which increases engagement with his YouTube channel as well as merchandise sales. This combined with other sources of income like endorsements and sponsorships allows him to continue expanding the reach of his brand while also increasing his net worth significantly.

Other Business Ventures

In addition to live performances and events, Blippi has also been involved in a variety of other business ventures. His success in the entertainment industry has enabled him to expand his reach into different markets. One of these projects is the production of children’s books. He has released several books that are centered around his character, and they range from storybooks to educational material. He also has a toy line that features products based on his character as well as other characters from his videos.

Furthermore, Blippi has also been involved in creating music recordings. His songs have appeared on various streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Prime Music. He also produces music videos for some of his songs which have become very popular on YouTube.

In summary, Blippi’s success in the entertainment industry has allowed him to create multiple additional revenue streams through various business ventures including children’s books, toy lines, and music recordings. This diversification of income sources is likely to further increase Blippi’s net worth going forward.

blippi youtuber

Blippi Fun Fact

Blippi’s career began with his upbringing in a small town in Washington State. His family emphasized education and community involvement, instilling in him an immense respect for hard work and dedication. This foundation proved invaluable as he went on to pursue higher education and professional success.

Blippi received his Bachelor of Business Administration from Washington State University and began working as a financial analyst at Microsoft shortly after graduation. During this time, he developed a strong understanding of analytics, finance, economics, and investments that would later serve him well as an entrepreneur. After five years at Microsoft, Blippi decided to pursue his dream of becoming an entertainer full-time and launched his now famous YouTube channel “Blippi” in 2014.

Since then, Blippi’s accomplishments have been nothing short of remarkable. He has amassed over 6 million subscribers and his videos have been viewed more than 11 billion times across various platforms worldwide. As a result of these successes, Blippi has become one of the most recognizable figures in children’s entertainment today with a net worth estimated to be around $20 million USD.

By taking advantage of the opportunities presented by his upbringing, education, and professional experience, Blippi was able to leverage his unique talents into becoming a global success story with considerable wealth to show for it. We can confidently say that no matter how much Blippi’s net worth is currently valued at – it is only going up from here!


In conclusion, it is clear that Stevin John’s career as Blippi has been incredibly successful. With an estimated net worth of $20 million, he has been able to amass significant wealth in a relatively short time frame. The success of his YouTube channel and live performances have been the driving force behind this financial success. Additionally, merchandise sales and other business ventures have also contributed to his wealth.

One interesting thing to note is how quickly Blippi’s income and net worth have grown over such a short period of time. From humble beginnings on YouTube, he has now become a millionaire with multiple revenue streams at his disposal. His ability to leverage existing opportunities and create new ones for himself has been admirable; it speaks volumes about his foresight and ambition.

Overall, Stevin John’s success as Blippi is an inspiration for those looking to make something out of themselves in the entertainment industry. His story is proof that hard work pays off in the long run and with the right mindset, anything is possible!