Vegas Dave Net Worth and Interesting Facts You May Not Know

Anyone who’s just skimmed through Vegas Dave will be intrigued. How come? As a gambler, Vegas Dave net worth was able to reach $ 29 million dollars.

Vegas Dave spent most of his time online and in casinos. He also wrote about his life, experience and advice for others who were interested in gambling.

This may be hard to imagine because generally gambling is only about luck. But, the fact is that Vegas Dave managed to do just that. You can find out how he did it below by reading more about him.

Summary Table
Stage Name Vegas Dave
Legal name David Nakama Oancea
Date of Birth: December 10, 1976
Gender: Male
Height 1,7 m (5’7″)
Net worth $ 29 million
Sallary / earning / income per year $20,000 – $40,000 per day
Profession Gambler and gambling consulting
Nationality American

Personal Details of Vegas Dave

Before knowing the details of Vegas Dave’s net worth and how he got it, it doesn’t hurt to have a quick read on his brief biography.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name
  • Vegas Dave’s name is very popular in the gambling world. However, that is not his real name. Vegas Dave’s real name is David Nakama Oancea.
  • Date of Birth
  • Dave is currently 44 years old. He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on December 10, 1976.
  • Gender & Height
  • Vegas Dave is a male. His height is 5 feet 7 inches or about 170 cm.
  • Nationality
  • Oancea was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, which is part of the United States. He also lives there with his parents as an American citizen.
  • Best Known for
  • Many people know Vegas Dave because of his work as a professional gambler, particularly in sports.

Story of Life

Gambler with real name David Nakama Oancea was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Furthermore, from Hawaii he moved to Las Vegas, Nevada to continue his studies.

Oancea is the type of person who doesn’t like a job standard as well as school. That’s why he started to try his luck in gambling.

Vegas Dave net worth has been growing exponentially when he borrowed $10,000 from his college. He used the money to gamble and he managed to double it to $ 20,000. He was then able to double it to $40,000.

Moreover, he eventually went on to win $1 million in the game of Blackjack. Starting from this, he finally decided to become a gambler. Vegas Dave is now a millionaire and has started investing in new companies that are still undervalued.

  • Personal Life

Dave is known to have not provided information about his parents. However, he once borrowed money from his parents to gamble.

He is also known to be unmarried and has children. However, he is engaged to Holly Sonder, a host on Fox Sport.

  • Education

From a known educational history, Dave graduated from high school in his hometown. After that, he studied in Las Vegas, precisely at the University of Nevada.


vegas dave carreer to increase vegas dave net worth

After doubling his college loan money, Vegas Dave’s career in gambling began. He had a dream to make the nominal amount of the money bigger.

The abundance of Vegas Dave net worth began when he managed to win $208,000 from a bet of $8000. At that time he bet on the American football team, the Red Ravens for the Super Bowl competition and won it.

Three years later he broke 2 gambling records at once. First he managed to win a bet on the Kansas City Royals team in the World Series competition. In that gamble he got money worth $ 2.5 million.

His second record was set when he won the bet by choosing Holly Holm to beat Ronda Rousey. On that bet he got $240,000. At that time, Vegas Dave net worth has grown fantastically.

For now, Vegas Dave is no longer into gambling. Now he is a gambling consultant with 10,000 clients and teaches people how they can get ahead in the game of poker.

Vegas Dave Net Worth

vegas dave his two luxury cars, a proof that he has fantastic net worth

As previously noted, Vegas Dave is very well known in the world of sports betting in America. Such a profile will certainly invite the curiosity of many people, especially about Vegas Dave net worth.

According to the site, Vegas Dave net worth is $29 million dollars. When it converted into rupiah, his net worth reaches 415 billion rupiah.

Then how can a Vegas Dave be that rich? Where does income come from Vegas Dave’s? Then with that much money, how luxurious is the house and the vehicle?

To find out the answer, read on for the full summary of Dave’s Vegas fortunes that has been written below.

Vegas Dave Income Source

Famous as a sports gambler, of course one of the income Vegas Dave’s comes from gambling. However, unlike gambling for most people, Vegas Dave is willing to bet a fantastic value. So it’s no wonder  if Vegas Dave’s income very abundant.

Despite his reputation as a professional gambler, Vegas Dave net worth doesn’t only come from gambling. Because, now he has retired from gambling but only became a gambling consultant.

In addition, as it viewed from his Instagram account, Vegas Dave actively posts about his investments to increase his wealth.

  • How Much He Makes per Year?

The information of how much salary Vegas Dave earns per year may not be certain. Because he is a gambler whose income is not fixed.

However, in one of his videos it is stated that his salary is around $20,000-$40,000 per day. That means Vegas Dave net worth is around $7.3-$14.6 million dollars per year.

  • Real Estate

When a person has abundant wealth, usually his house or residence will be in the spotlight. How about Vegas Dave?

In this case of course a luxury home is not a difficult thing to own, considering Vegas Dave net worth is in the billions of dollars.

Vegas Dave owns a Villa 7 bedroom in Cabo. In addition, he also owns a 7,000 ft2 home and 2 bedroom condo in Vegas.

  • Vehicles

Apart from luxury homes, luxury vehicles such as sports cars are also the hallmark of the millionaires.

Vegas Dave himself is confirmed to have luxury cars such as a white Rolls-Royce Cullinan and a black Ferrari 488 Spider.

  • Businesses

While currently not actively gambling, Vegas Dave net worth is still increasing as he run Vegas Dave LLC Companies business. The company operates in the field of gambling consulting. The company provides advice and support in areas such as internal operations, legal compliance, marketing and taking part in gaming contests.

How Did Vegas Dave Get Rich?

vegas dave net wort is increasing after won a bet

Vegas Dave was a loser in early his career. At that time he once asked for help from an anonymous gambler. At that moment he began to realize that these anonymous gamblers could actually get rich, unfortunately they are not disciplined in using money.

Departing from that experience, Vegas Dave continued to pursue gambling and slightly changed his perspective. This is where Vegas Dave net worth grew. He sold the stakes and made the business profitable.

Interesting Facts That You May Not Know About Vegas Dave

Despite Vegas Dave net worth spotlight, he is a controversial figure. Vegas Dave makes some crazy claims about its success in the world of gambling. Due to a case, he was also banned from a sportsbook Las Vegas for 3 years.