Urban Meyer Net Worth: The Best Coach for College Football but Not in The NFL

An article about Urban Meyer net worth would tell you about how rich an NFL coach can be. However, with his scandalous tenure and making the team lose regularly, how much is his wealth?


Stage Name Urban Meyer
Legal Name Urban Frank Meyer III
Date of Birth                   10 July 1964
Gender Male
Height unavailable
Net Worth $35 million
Profession American Football Coach, TV Commentators                   
Nationality American

Urban Meyer’s Biography


Urban Meyer, is an American football coach that served several clubs in college football. For instance, one of them was Ohio State Buckeyes.

Further, he decided to retire in 2019. However, Meyer came out of retirement to coach in the NFL for Jacksonville Jaguars.

After 13 games in the NFL, Meyer got fired from the Jaguars.

Furthermore, Urban Mayer retired temporarily in 2011. After that, he worked as an analyst in college football on the sports channel ESPN.

Meanwhile, in 2014, he led Ohio State football to get its first Big Ten Conference title.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: His legal name is Urban Frank Meyer III.
  • Date of Birth: Urban Meyer’s date of birth is 10 July 1964.
  • Gender & Height: He is a male. However, his height is unknown.
  • Nationality: American
  • What Is Urban Meyer Best Known For? Urban Meyer is best known for his tenure as the head coach of NFL club Jacksonville Jaguars. He also led some college football clubs to win national championships.

Formative Years Of Urban Meyer

urban meyer net worth

Urban Frank Mayer III was born in Toledo Ohio. Then, this man has a short career in the MLB. In 1982, he became a shortstop.

Furthermore, Urban Meyer played for two seasons in the minor league. After that, at the University of Cincinnati, he became a defensive back.

  • Education: Urban Meyer attended Saint John High School. Then, his study continued to Cincinnati University and the Ohio State University.
  • Personal Life:
    • While in College, Urban Meyer met his future wife, Shelley Mather. Besides, they met at a philanthropy event.
    • Further, in 1986, they both got married. Then, he had three kids.
    • Two daughters are professional volleyball players. With his family, Urban Meyer lives in Jacksonville, Florida.

Urban Meyer’s Career


If you want to know how high Urban Meyer net worth is, it is important to learn about his career. Likewise, he had twenty years of experience coaching college football.

Urban Meyer was even recognized as the football coach of the year by commentators and sportswriters in 2004.

College Coaching Career

The college coaching career is surely the one that grows Urban Meyer net worth right from the beginning.

In the early days, Meyer played as a defensive back and placeholder for his college. He also spent one season as a coach for defensive back for a high school in Cincinnati.

Additionally, he spent his tenure as an assistant coach for about thirteen years.

Urban Meyer worked in many Universities, such as Colorado State, Notre Dame, and Illinois State. Then, the first time Meyer became a head coach is in 2011.

He coached Bowling Green. Meyer gave a great impact on the club. This man helped the team transform into a winning club.

Moreover, he had a unique style of coaching that bring a positive result to his team.

Meanwhile, in 2005, from the University of Florida, he got a $14 million contract. Therefore, that is definitely part of Urban Meyer net worth as a coach.

However, there are some controversies during his tenure. That is because of the players’ behavior. Subsequently, 31 of them even got arrested.

Then, after his team won the SEC Championship several times, Urban Meyer decided to resign from coaching because of health issues.

Pro Coaching Career

Urban Meyer also briefly worked in the ESPN sports channel. Finally, he came back to be a coach in 2011 after being a commentator.

Furthermore, he joined Ohio State Buckeyes. It helped the team gain success in the competition. He coached the team until 2018 because of health reasons.

In 2021, while coaching the Jacksonville Jaguars, he had several controversies during his tenure in the NFL.

Thus, because of his behavior, this coach was fired after 13 games. It is still part of Urban Meyer net worth.

Urban Meyer Awards

During his time coaching College football, he won a lot of championships for his team. In 2004, he won the coach of the year award from Eddie Robinson.

He also became a winner of the George Munger Award.

Pro Football Weekly and The Sporting News also gave him the National Coach of the Year recognition. He became the Coach of the Decade.

Thereupon, there are some other awards and achievements that really grow Urban Meyer net worth.

Urban Meyer Net Worth


So, how high is Urban Meyer net worth? Well, according to sources, he has reached $35 million this year. Training many college football teams and the NFL really affects his wealth.

  • Restaurant Businesses
    • Besides being a coach, Urban Meyer net worth also comes from some businesses. For instance, one of them is a restaurant.
    • Then, in 2019, he opened a restaurant in Ohio.
  • House and Vehicles
    • With his family, Meyer lives in Jacksonville. Then, the appearance of his house went viral in 2021. Likewise, it is located in the gated Glen Kernan Golf & Country Club.
    • Urban Meyer net worth also comes from some of his vehicles. However, his collection of cars is unknown.
  • How Much Urban Meyer Make?
    • Additionally, according to sources, most of his earnings came from the time he was coaching for the Ohio State Buckeyes.
    • Indeed, he got around 4,5 to 6 million dollars per year.
    • Urban Meyer Contract Worth
    • When he was coaching Jacksonville Jaguars, he made about $9 million per season. However, he only coaches the team for a very short period.
  • How Does Urban Meyer Make Money?
    • Right now, he still made money from his business and his appearances.

What Is Urban Meyer Doing Now?

He came out of retirement in 2021. However, there is no new statement regarding this situation.

Obviously, he would wait for another offer as a coach. Probably, he would still fill up Urban Meyer net worth.