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Toto Wolff Net Worth – The Man Behind The Success Of Mercedes Formula One

For those who are curious about Toto Wolff net worth for this year, read the entire page. We are about to reveal how rich this Austrian motorsport executive could be.

He is a former racing driver who appeared to be super-rich.


Stage Name Toto Wolff
Legal Name Torger Christian Wolff
Date of Birth                       January 12th, 1972
Gender Male
Height 6.5 ft (196 cm)
Net Worth $580 million
Profession CEO, Team Principal F1 team, Investor, Former Racing Driver             
Nationality Austrian

Toto Wolff’s Personal Information

Torger Christian Wolff, also well known as Toto Wolff, was a racing driver.  Now, this man is the CEO of F1.

Firstly, this team Principal of Mercedes-AMG Petronas started to be a racer in the Austrian Formula Ford Championship.

He had a great career as a Formula Ford racer and won his category in 1994. He also competed in several international championships.

Meanwhile, in 1998 and 2004, he founded investment companies. Since then, he specialize in strategic investments to several companies including Williams F1.

Therefore, that is one of the big reasons why Toto Wolff net worth would be high. He mostly got his wealth from his motorsports and investments.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: His legal name is Torger Christian Wolff, whereas people know him as Toto Wolff.
  • Date Of Birth: 12 January 1972
  • Gender & Height: Toto Wolff is a male. His height is 6.5 feet (196 cm), whereas he weighs 165 lbs (75 kg).
  • Nationality: Austrian
  • What Is Toto Wolff Best Known For?
    • Toto Wolff is a motorsport personality. Even though he is a former racing driver, Toto is famous for his profession as the CEO of the F1 team.
    • Besides, he is a well-known investor. Hence, most of Toto Wolf net worth comes from his ventures investments.

Beginnings Of Toto Wolff

toto wolff net worth

Torger Wolff was born in Vienna, on January 12th, 1972. Furthermore, Toto grew up in this city. He was also graduated from a French school in the neighborhood.

Actually, Toto Wolff was not coming from a wealthy family. Likewise, his father died because of brain cancer when Toto was still a teenager.

  • Education: Before Toto Wolff net worth increased well, he got his education from a local French school in Vienna.
  • Personal Life:
    • Toto Wolff’s wife is Susie Wolff who is the CEO of Monaco’s ROKit Venturi Racing. Then, they married in October of 2011. Indeed. It is his second marriage.
    • Thus, they have their first child in 2017. Meanwhile, Toto Wolff has two children from his ex-wife.
    • Moreover, he speaks fluent English, French, Italian, German, and Polish.
    • Further, Cranfield University awarded Wolff an Honorary Doctorate. It is because of his services to Motorsport in 2021.

Toto Wolff’s Career

Wolff’s career is more than just in the world of Motorsport. Indeed, Toto Wolff net worth grows well because of being the CEO of the F1 team.

Therefore, it is sure his highest venture for now.

Toto Wolff Motorsport Career

Firstly, Toto Wolff started his career in motorsport in 1992. He was in the Formula Ford Championship in Austria.

Afterward, he won the 24 hours Nurburgring. Toto Wolff also won several other competitions in the GT Championship both in Austria and Italy.

Meanwhile, he became an instructor at a Racing School in Germany. Additionally, in 2009, he held a lap record on the Nurburgring Nordschleife in a Porsche RSR.

Formula One

In 2009, Toto Wolff enter the Formula One business by purchasing a share of an F1 team, the Williams.

Then, he joined the board of directors for that. Finally, in 2012, he became the executive director. However, Toto left the team in 2013.

After that, he moved to Formula One as executive director. In addition, Wolff also got 30% of the company’s share.

Likewise, he took over the coordination of all the motorsports activities for the brand.

Further, in 2014, Toto sold his entire share in Williams Formula One Team. Hence, he achieved another great success with the Mercedes Grand Prix.

Afterward, the team won its double world championship seven times straight.

Mercedes Team also holds several other records for the Driver and Constructor. Thereupon, Toto Wolff got his recognition at the 2018 Autosport Awards.

Moreover, his achievement was recognized during the presentation of a Hohn BolsterAward. He also received several other awards.

Toto Wolff Investment Career

In 1998, Wolff founded Marchifteen, an investment company. In 2014, he also founded a Marchsixteen.

Indeed, those companies focus on the internet and technology investments. Then, he concentrated on that kind of business since 2003.

Thus, the investment career would surely affect Toto Wolff net worth. Thereupon, he continued to become a successful investor until right now.

Toto Wolff Net Worth

For this year, Toto Wolff net worth is about $580 million. As the CEO of the Mercedes F1 team, he approximately earns about 9 million per year from that position.

Several Businesses

As we know, gaining Toto Wolff net worth is not only from being a CEO. Besides running the team, from Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd, he also owns about a 30% stake.

Hence, Toto Wolff net worth has a lot more from his business. He also owns several investment companies, including some shares in other motorsports teams.

Luxury Properties and Vehicles

As a super-rich personality, Toto Wolf lives a lavish life. Subsequently, he owned several luxurious properties.

At least, there are two properties that appeared in media. For instance, the first property is in Oxfordshire, England, whereas the second one is in Switzerland.

This man has a great collection of cars that becomes a part of Toto Wolff net worth. He is in the motorsport business.

Therefore, having a bunch of cars in the garage is a must. For example, some of his elite cars are, the Mercedes Benz 300 SL, Mercedes Benz GLC, and 1957 Mercedes Benz 300.

Additionally, the other cars are Bugatti Veyron, Maserati Granturismo, and many others.

How Much Does Toto Wolff Make?

From his position in the Mercedes Team only, he achieved about 9 million dollars a year. Further, there are several other sources of Toto Wolff net worth.

Toto Wolff Contract Value

According to Sportskeeda, his contract value reach about 4 million Euros. The value from other sources may vary.

Thus, his contract value might affect Toto Wolff net worth as well.

Toto Wolff ‘s Source to Make Money

Obviously, Toto Wolff makes money by leading his team in Formula One. He is also running investment companies.

Thereupon, that is where Toto Wolff net worth is coming from every day.

Is Toto Wolff Still in Career?

He is still active to fill up Toto Wolff net worth, once again.

He is currently dealing with Lewis Hamilton’s retirement plan. It would hugely affect his Mercedes team in Formula One.

So, he still continues to build up Toto Wolff net worth.