Debbie Rowe Net Worth, Famous Nurse

Debbie Rowe, who was born in 1958, is a nurse married to Michael Jackson. They met when she prescribed him pain medication when one of his concerts went on hold due to bad weather conditions. Although it’s difficult to guess what Debbie Rowe net worth is, there are various details about her wealth.

Summary table
Stage Name Debbie Rowe
Legal name Deborah Jeanne Rowe
Date of Birth December 6, 1958
Gender Female
Height 5′ 6″
Net worth $25 millions
Salary / earning / income per year
Profession Nurse
Nationality American

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Debbie Rowe’s Biography

  • Legal name & stage name: It turns out that Debbie Rowe, the woman from Spokane had the real name Deborah Jeanne Rowe.: Date of Birth
  • Born December 6, 1958 in Spokane, Washington, United States.
  • Gender & Height: This woman has a height of 5’ 6” and weighs about 176 lbs.
  • Nationality: American.
  • What is Debbie Rowe Best Known for? Debbie Row is known as Michael Jackson’s wife. She was a nurse or dermatologist assistant for some time, but now she is better known as the ex-wife of Michael Jackson and horse ranch owner in the California desert.

Journey of Debbie Rowe

early life of debbie rowe

Born in Spokane, Washington and raised by Barbara Chilcott and Gordon Rowe, she’s been through a lot of family strife that would often cause her to feel alone. After her parents’ divorce, she was raised by mostly by her mom, aunts, and her grandmother.

As an adult, Rowe married Richard Edelman in 1982 and divorced six years later in 1988.
She met Michael Jackson when he was doing treatment for his skin disease. They were married and she had two children with him – Paris and Prince. Sadly, they had to go their separate ways and live independently.

  • Education: She attended Hollywood High School and graduated in 1977. After completing her education, she immediately started working as a medical assistant for the famed Los Angeles-based dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein.
  • Personal life:
    • Debbie Rowe lives in Palmdale in California and in 2016 she had to be diagnosed with breast cancer. After her divorce from Michael Jackson, she entered into a relationship with one of his employees, Marc Schaffel. Most of the time she and Marc Schaffel had an overall better understanding than those who surrounded her during this difficult time in her life.
    • Meanwhile, on June 25, 2009, after Jackson’s death, Debbie made a statement through her attorney against reports alleging that she was not the biological mother of Michael Jackson’s children and made an offer of her parents’ rights in exchange for money. In 2010, she filed a lawsuit on a television news program and earned money.

Debbie Rowe’s Career

debbie rowe's career

Debbie Rowe was trained as a nurse in the dermatology office of Dr. Arnold Klein before transitioning into other career paths. Nowadays, she runs her own successful horse farm in California.

Debbie Rowe Net Worth

Debbie Rowe net worth cannot be separated from the influence of pop star Michael Jackson. Despite being a nurse in a dermatological clinic, she also does various jobs to support herself and her child. This brings Debbie Rowe net worth to 25 million US dollars.

Job and Businesses

debbie rowe businesses

For now, Debbie Rowe net worth is mostly from Michael Jackson. But apparently she also has a job that makes her financially free. She is known to have a pretty good income from her job as a nurse at Dr. Dermatology office – A career choice that helps people too!

Michael Jackson had a lot of money before he met Debbie Rowe. However, after their marriage and the birth of their two children, Michael Jackson’s wealth became Debbie Rowe’s.

Debbie left Michael Jackson in the mid ’90s and is said to be living independently today with a Debbie Rowe net worth of $150-million. She runs the Painted Desert Ranch, horse breeding farm, which reports say she’s making $50,000 a year from.

From here, she developed a thriving business and managed to become financially independent. Her struggle with cancer doesn’t seem to hinder him from this task either; Debbie Rowe is able to make significant profits for her life.

House and Cars

From her divorce from Michael Jackson, Rowe received a settlement of $8 million and a house in Beverly Hills, California. Rowe obtained this from court documents showing he’d signed a prenuptial agreement. As part of California law, he’s entitled to a share of her community property equally with her girlfriend.

When viewed from the lifestyle, Debbie Rowe is not a luxurious person. Even though she uses the same brand and model of car as Justin Bieber, she prefers to drive them in her free time, rather than having it as her main form of transportation. She has also been caught on camera driving similar vehicles several times.

Debbie Rowe’s Revenew

Businesswoman Debbie Rowe is well known for the trust, success, and Debbie Rowe net worth she has earned by establishing the Painted Desert Ranch. She hasn’t always been in such a high position, but now that she is, she has officially turned her attention to a new venture: running it as her biggest revenue source. Though it’s uncertain exactly how much in salary or Debbie Rowe net worth she gains per year.

How Debbie Rowe makes money

After what happened to her marriage and her career, Debbie Rowe came into a lot Debbie Rowe net worth and money. Not only that, she has also received compensation for the good work she’s done as an environmentalist. She owns more than just real estate – she also owns art!

Debbie Rowe was once worth over $25 million. Despite her riches, she still put in effort and is still making money. Some reports have Debbie as a horse breeder and that’s one of the reasons why Debbie Rowe net worth is high.

Debbie Rowe’s Activities These Days

Debbie Rowe has never appeared in public. She is also busy with her life and her business. She owns a horse farm. Her independence is not something that the public knows too much about–but she’s living a personal life just like anyone else.

After Michael Jackson died, Debbie Rowe focused more on herself. Today, the mother of 3 children who became superstars is now happy with her life. Debbie Rowe is envied for her income and career. Debbie Rowe net worth is also a result of the work she does but it’s Debbie who actually put that work in herself.

She currently runs the Painted Desert Ranch, a horse ranch in the California desert. It is clear that she has been busy for some time with family and friends. Despite her busy schedule, Debbie occasionally visits him and spends time with Paris.

Debbie Rowe has a lot of assets and investments that are making her have a Debbie Rowe net worth of US $25 million, which is why she doesn’t really have to worry about anything.