Al B Sure Net Worth – How Does A Singer and Record Producer Accumulate His Wealth?

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Summary Table:

Stage Name Al B Sure
Legal Name Albert Joseph Brown III
Gender Male 
Date of Birth 4th June 1968
Height 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)
Net Worth $5 million
Salary/ Earning/ Income per year                   $150.000
Profession Singer, Record Producer, Disk Jockey                   
Nationality American

Biography of Al B Sure

all b sure net worth

Al B Sure is well-known as a songwriter, singer, and record producer. Besides, he works as a radio host.

Additionally, this man is the producer of New Jack Swing. He also wrote many romantic songs.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: His legal name is Albert Joseph Brown III. Besides, his stage name is Al B Sure.
  • Date of Birth: Al B Sure’s date of birth is on the 4th of July 1968.
  • Gender & height: Al Be Sure is a male. This man is 5.7 feet (170 cm) tall, whereas his weight is 169 lbs (77 kg).
  • Nationality: Since Al B Sure was born in Massachusetts, his nationality is American.
  • What is Al B Sure Best Known for?
    • Al B Sure is popular as a singer. He also won the Sony Innovators Talent Search hold by Quincy Jones.
    • Then, Al B Sure worked with Quincy Jones on a lot of projects.
    • Additionally, as a songwriter and producer, his songs are very popular in the hip-hop genre. Hence, his hard work in the music industry increases Al B Sure net worth.

Al B Sure’s Earliest Life

Al B Sure was born in Massachusetts to the couple named Albert Joseph Brown III and Cassandra Brown.

Furthermore, Albert Joseph Brown III became a nuclear medical technician. Meanwhile, Cassandra worked as an accountant.

  • Education:
    • Al B Sure attended Mount Vernon High School. He liked playing football while being a student there. Therefore, his sports talent was quite good.
    • No doubt, The University of Iowa offered him a scholarship. However, Al B Sure rejected this offer since he wanted to pursue his career in music.
  • Personal Life:
    • Al B Sure has not married yet. But, he has three children who have passions in music too. The first son is Albert Brown IV, a singer who is well-known as a Li’l B Sure.
    • Secondly, his son’s name is Devin. He becomes a hip-hop singer and producer. Then, the third son is Quincy who is a musician.

Al B Sure’s Career

Before discovering Al B Sure net worth, you must find out how this record producer built his career in the music industry.

Thus, it is because his music career gives essential contribution to his wealth.

  • Al B Sure Music Career
    • Firstly, Al B Sure started his music career by working with Quincy Jones. He was also involved in several music projects.
    • For instance, one of the projects was Quincy’s song entitled The Secret Garden.
    • Then, Al B Sure released his own album entitled In Effect Mode. After that, this album was so successful that it is sold over three million copies.
    • It also ranked in the Billboard chart for 7 weeks. Therefore, the great sales of his album give a positive impact on Al B Sure net worth.
    • Additionally, in 2009, he released an album entitled Honey, I’m Home. Then, this album is the result of his contract with Hidden Beach Recording.
  • Music Producer and Writer
    • Indeed, Al B Sure’s career as a music producer began when he introduced new artists such as Tevin Campbell and Jodeci.
  • Al B Sure Best Songs
    • Furthermore, the biggest hit single of Al B Sure is entitled Nite and Day. Besides, he has several other best songs.
    • For example, they include Killing Me Softly, Off on Your Own, Right Now, Rescue Me, and No Matter What You Do.
  • Radio Host
    • Al B Sure also performed in several radio stations. Likewise, in 2019, he became a host in the Urban One program.
    • Besides, he became a radio host in several stations such as WZAK, WMMJ, and KHHT.
  • Al B Sure Awards
    • During his music career, Al B Sure received a lot of awards. For instance, he won American Music Award and Soul Train Awards.
    • In addition, he was also nominated for several awards including Grammy Awards in 1989 and 1991 and Soul Train Awards in 1991.
    • Hence, his achievement proves that Al B Sure is a talented artist. No doubt, after receiving many awards, Al B Sure net worth is also increasing.

Al B Sure Net Worth

Working as an RnB recording artist, Al B Sure net worth is estimated at $5 million. Further, he earns a big income from his job as a record producer, singer, and disc jockey.

Meanwhile, the main source of Al B Sure net worth is from the sales of music albums, a record producer, a performance as a singer, TV appearances, and a radio host.

  • Music Industry
    • Al B Sure’s business is still focusing on the music industry. Thus, he becomes a music producer and introduces a lot of new talented artists.
    • Moreover, he wants to dedicate his musical talent to help the new generation.
  • House
    • Considering the amount of Al B Sure net worth, he must afford any house he wants. But, no source reveals Al B Sure property investment.

How Much Al B Sure Make?

Al B Sure can earn about $150.000 per year. So, the fantastic amount of annual salary increases Al B Sure net worth.

Al B Sure net worth is accumulated from his income in the music industry. Subsequently, he is a successful record producer.

Further, he has worked hard for more than three decades. Thus, it is not surprising that Al B Sure can be a wealthy person.

Is Al B Sure Still Working?

Al B Sure does not reveal his retirement. However, now, he is still taking a rest due to several health issues.

Al B Sure still vacuums from the entertainment industry as in the early of 2021, he had a health problem called gallbladder issue.

Therefore, he is still struggling to overcome his health problem now.