Travis Tritt Net Worth as an American Country Singer with Notable Songs

As a superstar, Travis Tritt net worth is always a hot topic to talk about. Furthermore, he is one of the multi-talented artists that not only performed in music, but also became an actor.

So, here is detailed information about him.


Stage Name Travis Tritt
Legal Name James Travis Tritt
Date of Birth 09 February 1963
Gender Male
Height 5  feet and 8 inches (178 cm)
Travis Tritt Net Worth USD 40,000,000
Salary / earning / income per year                  USD 7,000,000
Profession Singer, Actor, and Songwriter                  
Nationality American

Who is Travis Tritt?

A lot of his music is heard around the world. Otherwise, this page is going to reveal other things about Tritt that should be known.

  • His legal name is James Travis Tritt. Further, he is well-known as Travis Tritt.
  • Travis Tritt was born in Marietta, Georgia on February 9, 1963.
  • Tritt’s body measurements as a male are ideal enough since his height is 5feet and 8 inches (178 cm). Meanwhile, his weight is 85 kg.
  • Travis’ nationality is American.
  • Travis Tritt is well-known as a country singer who released and composed his music well. He also joins the Republican Party and National Rifle Association.
  • As a result, Travis Tritt net worth is always interesting to discuss.

Early life of Travis Tritt

travis tritt net worth

Travis Tritt lived with his parents, James and Gwen, and his sister, Sheila. He learned to play the guitar by himself at a young age.

Then, Tritt joined a church band when he was a teenager. He continued his interest in music by forming a bluegrass group with his friends.

After that, he was helped by Danny Davenport who was an executive at Warner Bros. Records to record his demo album titled Proud of the Country.

Moreover, after the album was sent by Davenport, he was finally signed with the Nashville division label.

It is only revealed that Sprayberry was Tritt’s High School. At that time, he firstly composed his own song called Spend a Little Time.

Personal life

Firstly, Tritt married Karen Ryon who was his high school crush in 1982, but ended their marriage in 1984.

Then, he married Jodi Barrett in 1984. However, his relationship did not last forever. They divorced after their 5th year of marriage.

Finally, he found Theresa Nelson and got married on April 12, 1997. Further, they were blessed with a daughter named Tyler and two sons named Tristan and Tarian.

Travis Tritt’s Career

Travis’ music taste is not a joke, so he got his first recognition in a good way. Therefore, no wonder that Travis Tritt net worth is high due to his creativity in music.

Travis Tritt musical career

In 1990, Travis released a debut album called Country Club. Then, this album successfully reached the 3rd position on Billboard for Top Country Albums chart.

It was also certified 2xPlatinum.

Additionally, in 1991, his shining path in music brought his album It’s All About to Change for 3xPlatinum.

Then, there is the T-R-O-U-B-L-E album released in 1992 that received 2xPlatinum.

In the same year, he also released a holiday album called A Travis Tritt Christmas: Loving Time of the Year.

Once again, he received the 2xPlatinum.

During the 1990s, 15 of Tritt’s songs reached the Hot Country Songs chart as Top 10 songs. Then, he continued releasing an album on Columbia Nashville entitled Down the Road I Go.

Moreover, it was released in the 2000s.

There are also some of his songs that became Hot Country Songs. For instance, one of them was like Best of Intentions.

In addition, the other songs included Love of a Woman and It’s a Great Day to Be Alive. Thus, with this success, Travis Tritt net worth reached the top and turned him into a successful musician.

He debuted as an actor in 1993 on a TV film entitled Rio Diablo. Then, he showed his acting skill through a feature film called The Cowboy Way and the movie Following Her Heart.

Furthermore, from the 1990s to the 2000s, Tritt appeared in around 15 movies and TV programs as an actor. That is why Travis Tritt net worth increased due to his hard work that always tried a new skill.

Awards & nominations

Travis Tritt net worth is nothing without his numerous awards and nominations. He has been nominated in Grammy Awards

Afterward, he won Best Country Vocal Collaboration with the song The Whiskey Ain’t Workin in 1993.

Meanwhile, in 1999, he won for his work, Same Old Train as Best Country Collaboration with Vocals. Moreover, he was also nominated in many awards for several categories.

Travis Tritt Net worth

As of the first quarter of 2020, Travis Tritt net worth is estimated at more than USD 40 million. Then, his wealth mostly comes from being a songwriter and a country singer.

Travis Tritt also made a lot of income through his recording. Subsequently, he composed many songs and it became his stable income.

Besides, he received his income from his acting career in films.

  • Real estate. It has not revealed details yet about his house or where he lived with his family. However, considering Travis Tritt net worth, he must live wealthy from his hard and brilliant works in music.
  • How much does Travis Tritt make per concert? The budget for hiring Travis is USD 60,000 to USD 105,000 per concert, so he may receive around this amount for each performance.
  • How much Travis Tritt make per year?. Indeed, for his yearly earnings, he has received around USD 7 million per year. Thereupon, this income might be increased by his additional works or projects in music.

How does Travis Tritt make money?

As one of the top country music artists, Travis Tritt also produced self-composed songs and released multiple albums.

Besides, he succeeded with his acting career.

Travis Tritt net worth of more than USD 40 million is currently the best one.

Moreover, Travis Tritt has not yet retired. Likewise, he is still active as a music singer and composer who performs and releases songs.

He is still active in performing his music even though it was not as much as previously. He continues to release high-quality music and works that contributed to Travis Tritt net worth in general.