The Astounding Amount JJ Abrams Net Worth

Fans of sci-fi films must be familiar with one of the household names in the industry, JJ Abrams. JJ Abrams net worth from years of being involved in some blockbuster movies has reached a fantastic amount by now.

Do you know how much JJ Abrams net worth from his popular works as a moviemaker? Read on to get to know more details about one of the most prolific directors of some major motion pictures.

Summary table
Stage Name JJ Abrams
Legal Name Jeffrey Jacob Abrams
Date of Birth June 27, 1966
Gender Male
Height 5′ 7″ (170 cm)
Net worth $300 million
Salary / earning / income per year $10 million
Profession Director, producer, screenwriter, composer
Nationality American

Biography of JJ Abrams

Before we elaborate more on JJ Abrams net worth and notable works, here are a few basic pieces of information you might want to know.

  • Legal Name & stage name. His famous stage name JJ Abrams is an abbreviation of his first and last name, Jeffrey Jacob.
  • Date of Birth. He was born on June 27 back in 1966.
  • Gender & Height. The 55 years old Newyorker is a 5′ 7″ (170 cm) male.
  • Nationality. JJ Abrams is an American.

What is JJ Abrams Best Known for?

JJ Abrams net worth and popularity come from his famous work of the most celebrated movie franchise, Star Trek and Star Wars. Although these two high-grossing movies have been most associated with his name, there are other actions, drama, and science fiction films that help build his career.


JJ Abrams was born and raised in New York City and Los Angeles by his Jewish parents. His family also came from the industry. His father is Gerald W. Abrams, a television produces, while his mother is Carol Ann Abrams, an executive producer. His sister, Tracy Rosen, also jumped into the same business pool as a screenwriter.

  • Education. JJ Abrams went to Palisades High School. Instead of going to an art school, he chose to go to study film at Sarah Lawrence College.

Personal life

JJ Abrams married her wife Katie McGrath, who is a public relations executive. They had two sons and a daughter together. His children are also inherited the family’s creative spirit and love for art.

His daughter, Gracie Abrams, is a pop singer-songwriter while one of his sons, Henry Abrams, team up with his father to co-write the new Spiderman comics.

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JJ Abrams’s Career

JJ Abrams had kicked started his career in the movie business by the time he was 16 years old. He wrote the music score for the 1982 horror movie Nightbeast. He already produced his first film by the time he was in his senior year at college. Throughout the 1990s, JJ Abrams net worth started building along with his involvement and experimentation with animation technology.

JJ Abrams film career

In the late 1990s, JJ Abrams net worth and career were getting more and more inclining, as he worked on the infamous 1998 film Armageddon as its scriptwriter. He also branched out to television by working on the WB Network’s series Felicity as its co-creator, executive producer, and music composer for the opening theme.

During the 2000s and 2010s, JJ Abrams is keep peaking. He started his own company, Bad Robot Production, in 2001. Together with Damond Lindelof and Jeffrey Lieber, he worked on the famous ABC tv series Alias and Lost. A few movies and TV series he is famously associated with during this period are Mission: Impossible III (2006), Cloverfield (2008), Star Trek (2009, 2013, & 2016), Super 8 (2011), Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2013).

Lately, in 2021, his production company announced that they are going to produce DC Comics films and television series that will explore the characters of the Justice League Dark superhero team. He was also said to produce some reboots of the Superman franchise.

Video game

JJ Abrams net worth also came from work as a video game maker, which is rooted in his love of action and animation. One of the video games that he developed in 2015 is called Spyjinx, which was produced by his production company in collaboration with Chair Entertainment.

Books and comics

Besides producing and directing motion pictures, JJ Abrams is also known to produced books. In 2013, he conceived a novel titled S, which was written by Doug Dorst. He also collaborated with his own son and made a debut as a comic writer for Marvel Comics’  Spiderman.

JJ Abrams awards

As impressive as JJ Abrams net worth, his awards nominations and wins throughout the years are also plentiful. He won two Emmy awards for his work in television series Lost. The Star Trek and Star Wars franchise also among few films of his that gained a few nominations from award institutions.

JJ Abrams Net worth

From his work in the movie industry, JJ Abrams net worth reaches $300 million as of now. There are also other income resources that contributes to the amount of wealth that he possesses.


His most successful business is also still inside the show business. JJ Abrams’ production company, Bad Robot Production, has at least $250 million value and even much more in the future, considering the quality production that they keep working on until now.

Real estate and cars

One of the sources of JJ Abrams net worth is also his property investments. One of the real estate that is known to the public is his Pasific Palisades, Los Angeles house that he listed in 2021 for $22 million.


Although some sources say that he own BMWs and Lexus, the further details regarding his car ownership that contributes to JJ Abrams net worth is unknown.

With the total amount of JJ Abrams net worth, it is estimated that he earns around $10 million per year.

In short, his income and wealth are generated from his work as a filmmaker (producer, director, screenwriter, composer) and writer.

JJ Abrams is still actively involved in the movie industry.

It is rumoured that a new Star Trek film will be starting to be produced in the late 2022.