Pam Grier Net Worth: A Notable Artists since 1970s until Now

As someone who had taken a role in various popular movies and TV series, Pam Grier net worth is indeed huge.


Stage Name Pam Grier
Legal Name Pamela Suzette Grier                       
Date of Birth 26 May 1949
Gender Female
Height 5 ft 7 inch (173 cm)
Pam Grier Net Worth USD 15,000,000
Salary / earning / income per year                 USD 500,000
Profession Actress
Nationality American

About Pam Grier?

pam grier net worth

Pam Grier is a well-known Hollywood actress. Firstly, she started her career in the 1970s and became more popular year by year.

  • Pamela Suzette Grier is her legal name. Meanwhile, the public recognizes her as Pam Grier.
  • Pam Grier was born to Clarence and Gwendolyn Grier on May 26, 1949, in the United States of America.
  • This actress is a female who is 5 feet and 7 inches (173 cm), whereas she weighs around 160 lbs (73 kg).
  • Born in Winston Salem City, North Carolina, Pam Grier is an American.
  • What is Pam Grier Best Known for? Her success in movies is one of the biggest parts of Pam Grier net worth. Subsequently, she is an actress who starred in various movies. For instance, one of her highest hits is Jackie Brown, a crime thriller movie. Pam Grier also has already made up to 100 credited acting roles in TV series as well as movies.

Personal life of Pam Grier

Pam Grier net worth seems to be the promising one. As a young girl, she lived in several places since she and her family should follow her father.

Furthermore, her father worked in the US Air Force. Meanwhile, her mother was known as a nurse.

Moreover, she has a sister named Gina Grier Townsie and a brother named Rodney Grier. Then, they have lived in Denver and England.

However, Pam Grier has a bad experience during her childhood. Likewise, this six-year-old girl was raped by several boys. Thus, it left Grier with a trauma.

Until now, this actress still has never been married. However, she has a long dating history. Further, her most popular relationship is with the stand-up comedian and actor Richard Pryor.

It also had been known that Pram Grier had a relationship with Kareem Abdul Jabbar who is a retired basketball player.

Then, Pam continued her love journey with Freddie Prinze.

After that, she engaged with Kevin L. Evans, a music producer from 1998 to 1999. However, they did not end up tying the knot.

Moreover, her last relationship was from 2000 to 2008 with Peter Hempel, who is known to have worked in the marketing field.


Most of Pamela Suzette Grier’s time was spent in Denver. She graduated from East High School. Then, to continue her studies, Pam started to work to save money.

Subsequently, she attended the State University of Denver.

After that, her education study continued until she received honorary Doctorates from reputable universities, which are the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and Langston University.

Pam Grier’s Career

The high number of Pam Grier net worth is in kind of her struggle. She joined several beauty contests along with her work in multiple stage productions before she attended college.

Moreover, Pam Grier ever became a receptionist while she was 18 years old. Her office was at the American International Pictures.

Pam Grier acting and TV career

When Pram Grier worked at the American International Pictures, one of the movie directors discovered her.

Indeed, that movie’s director is Jack Hill. He also helped Pam Grier to get various roles in her early movies.

For example, The Big Doll House and The Big Bird Cage were her early movie titles. Then, Pam continued her contract and got more popularity through her movies.

Pam Grier continued her work in TV programs as well. Meanwhile, in 2018, she appeared in a drama series called This Is Us.

Hence, Pam Grier net worth also comes from the awards that she got for her dedication to entertainment.

Awards & Nominations

Jackie Brown became Pam Grier’s best moment in her life. Thus, it brought her to receive the best actress in the 2018 Felix Award and the San Diego Film Critics Society Awards.

On top of that, she also won for best female performance in the Golden Slate Award. Besides, Pam Grier got some awards from the RiverRun.

Additionally, Acapulco Black Film Festival Career Achievement Award was another one. Besides, she got “Failure is Impossible” Award.

Pam Grier Net worth

Then, how much is Pam Grier net worth? For her long journey along with her brilliant acting role, it might be high.

Furthermore, from the latest information, it is confirmed that Pam’s net worth in early 2022 is around USD 12 million.


Pam Grier net worth also comes from her business. This actress is part of Melting Pot Designs, a company designing paper products.

Additionally, this actress becomes a co-founder of this company. However, it has not yet been reported how much she got as her income from this business.

  • As a big star, Pam Grier has good taste and sight on investment. Likewise, she has a luxurious ranch in Colorado. Further, her ranch has around 3 hundred square-foot of the main residence including three bedrooms. Moreover, there is an equestrian facility on her ranch.
  • Indeed, Pam Grier earns about USD 500,000 in a week for her role in a movie entitled The Big Doll House.
  • Still, the source of Pam Grier net worth is around USD 10 million to USD 15 million is from her acting.

What Is Pam Grier Doing Now?

Although she is not yet on the ongoing project, she is still an active actress in Hollywood.

Despite Pam Grier net worth being high, she is now living a peaceful life. Then, she is at her ranch and called it home.

While waiting for her next project, she still runs her business diligently.

Moreover, there are numerous movies of Pam Grier that bring her to the top. For example, her most popular movie is Jackie Brown released in 1997.

Before that, she also starred in a movie released in 1973, entitled Coffy.

Finally, in the upcoming year, she came back with another success with Foxy Brown. These movies are some of the big parts of Pam Grier net worth until now.