Hank Green Net Worth as a Famous Video Creator with Millions of Views

Active in various industries, it is not surprising if Hank Green net worth is outstanding. Likewise, as a popular vlogger, entrepreneur, writer, and musician, his wealth is currently over USD10 million.


Stage Name Hank Green
Legal Name William Henry Green II
Date of Birth 5 May 1980
Gender Male
Height 5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
Hank Green Net Worth USD12 million
Income per year             USD 900,000 – 143,800
Profession Vlogger, Entrepreneur, Music Artist, Television Producer, Writer         
Nationality American

About Hank Greenhank green net worth

usatoday.comHank Green is someone behind the well-known YouTube channel called VlogBrothers which he created with his brother John Green.

He receives his popularity thanks to his informative and educational videos uploaded not only on YouTube but also on other video-sharing platforms like TikTok.

  • His parents named him William Henry Green II, but the public knows him as Hank Green.
  • Hank Green was born to Mike Green and Sydney Green on May 5, 1980.
  • This male YouTube star is 5 ft 10 in (178 cm) tall, whereas he weighs around 154 lbs (70 kg).
  • Hank Green is of mixed descent who was born in Birmingham, Alabama. Then, he holds American citizenship.
  • Hank Green net worth is still closely related to how the public recognizes him for. Likewise, people mostly know him for his viral YouTube channel. Furthermore, it showcases videos about his personality, humor, and creativity.

Early life of Hank Green

Although he was born in Alabama, Hank Green spent grew up in Orlando, Florida as his family moved to the city.

Then, as a young boy, he received great support and love from his parents. Thus, it plays a great role in Hank Green net worth nowadays.

Moreover, this supportive environment has a critical part in his improvement in achieving everything right now.

Hence, his parents continuously met what Green needed to pursue his dreams.


Hank Green attended Winter Park High School in 1998. Then, this man continued his study at Eckerd College where he received his bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry.

After that, Green attended the University of Montana to accomplish his master’s degree in Environmental Studies.

Personal life

Indeed, Hank Green has a wife named Katherine whom he married in 2006. Then, you can find her in Green’s social media feeds since he sometimes uploads his togetherness with Kath too.

Additionally, this lovely couple has been married for more than a decade and currently has a son named Orin.

Hank Green’s Career


When it comes to Hank Green net worth, you should not forget about how he grows his fame and career as a content creator.

Subsequently, along with his brother John Green, Hank released VidCon, one of the biggest online video conferences worldwide.

In addition to his activity in the creative industry, Hank Green has also invented 2D glasses in 2011 that allow people to watch a 3D film in 2D.

Hank Green Youtube Career

Hank Green has over 3.36 million subscribers on YouTube and still becoming one of the popular figures in this community.

His channel also gets an average of 99,895 views every day with the most well-known video entitled “Giraffe Love and Other Questions ANSWERED” that hit more than 16 million views.

Firstly, he started his career as a creator on YouTube in 2007 when Hank Green uploaded his first video entitled “Brotherhood 2.0: January 1st”.

After that, Hank Green is active in sharing a variety of informative and educational videos on his channel, receiving huge fame accordingly.

Although Hank Green net worth has been huge enough, he is still unswerving in uploading YouTube videos.

Likewise, in a week, Green uploads three to four videos.

John and Hank Green Podcast

The Green Brothers also have some podcasts including one aired on Apple Podcasts. In addition, John and Hank offer amazing and humorous podcast regarding trivial and serious questions about life.

Hence, people can enjoy podcast episodes of Dear Hank & John on SoundCloud. Then, the Green Brothers joined WNYC Studios as well for Hank and John Green: Shows.

Hank Green other work

With almost 1 million followers on his Instagram account, Hank Green also has some advertisers that are ready to pay a particular amount for every post he uploads.

Further, on Instagram, he charges sponsors between USD 1.9k – 3.2k, allowing Hank Green net worth to boost through this social media as well.

Besides, Hank Green improves his wealth by releasing some albums such as Ellen Hardcastle, This Machine Pwns n00bs, Incongruent, and I’m So Bad at This: Live!.

Additionally, in 2008, his studio album entitled “So Jokes” even reached #22 on the Billboard Top 25. After that, in the same year, Green co-founded DFTBA Records, a music record label located in Montana.

Hank Green Net worth


Moreover, calculating all his income streams, Hank Green net worth must be around USD 12 million. Thus, this great amount shows how much he earned through his career as a famous video creator.

Hank Green Net Worth from Businesses

The source of Hank Green net worth is not only from his work as a vlogger. He also had some shares in a game company called DFTBA Games and a crowdfunding platform named Subbable.

Besides, Hank Green is a co-founder of Pemberley Digital, an online video production company that creates video blog versions of classic literature.

  • Hank Green lived with his family in Missoula, Montana, but there is no further information regarding the price of his house.
  • While his brother has the Chevrolet Volt and he dreams of having the Cadillac ELR, the car model that Hank Green has is still unknown.
  • In addition, considering the daily views and development of his YouTube channel’s subscribers, Green’s annual income is around USD 9,000 to 143,800.

How does Hank Green make money?

Indeed, Hank Green’s primary income comes from his YouTube channel that achieves more viewers and subscribers over the years.

In addition to his own channels, Hank Green also featured in other creators’ channels.

For instance, some creators’ channels are The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, The Brain Scoop, Crash Course, Animals Wonders, Hankschannel, and SciShow.

He also makes money by writing some New York Times best-selling books. For example, “A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor” and “An Absolutely Remarkable Thing” are the titles.


The amount of Hank Green net worth can still grow up since he is still active as a vlogger, entrepreneur, and musician today.