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Tom Morello Net Worth as an Irreplaceable Guitarist with Unique Style

Tom Morello net worth is high enough for a musician. Furthermore, he becomes well-known for his aspiration about social and politics.


Stage Name Tom Morello
Legal Name Thomas Baptiste Morello
Date of Birth 30 May 1964
Gender Male
Height 5 ft 9 inch (180 cm)
Net Worth USD 30,000,000
Income per year            USD 400,000
Profession Musician and Political Activist               
Nationality American

About Tom Morello

tom morello net worth

Tom Morello is the most iconic guitarist that has a unique style. Thus, some people might know him by listening to his music.

  • His legal name is Thomas Baptiste Morello and he is known as a guitarist, Tom Morello.
  • Tom was born in Harlem, New York on May 30, 1964, as an only child from his parents.
  • This male guitarist’s weight is 76 kg (167), whereas his height is 5 feet and 9 inches (180 cm).
  • Tom Morello is American.

What is Tom Morello Best Known for?

Tom Morello is best known as a guitarist with a brilliant playing style. Likewise, he incorporates feedback unconventional tapping, picking, and noise.

Moreover, he is also well known as a political activist and formed the Nightwatchman offering an outlet for his views towards social politics through music.

Additionally, since he has a creative way in the music industry, Tom Morello net worth is stable and tends to increase.

Early life of Tom Morello

Tom Morello was an only child. Then, his father is from Kenya and was the ambassador of the UN.

Meanwhile, his mother was a school teacher. She is an Italian who went to Loyola University. Then, she traveled around the world.

However, his father denied his paternity and went back to Kenya when Morello was 16 months ol

Tom Morello attended Harvard University majoring in Social Studies.

Morello married his long girlfriend, Denise Lusion in 2009. Afterward, they have two children, Rhoads Morello and Roman Morello.

Tom Morello’s Career

Music brings Tom Morello net worth to the top. He started his band at 13 years old. Meanwhile, in 1984, he formed a band named Electric Ship with Adam Jones as his bandmate.

Hence, his music work is mostly influenced by Jam Master Jay and Run-D. Then, he formed a band called Rage Against The Machine in 2000.

After La Rocha’s departure, Tom’s band started a collaboration with Chris Cornell. Also, with the same members, he called his new band Audioslave with Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk.

Tom Morello singer career

Audioslave released the first album in 2002 following the second album called Out of Exile. Then, this second album successfully reached the position of number 1 on the Billboard chart.

A year later, Morello created a solo band. Further, it was called Nightwatchman which mostly played folk music.

In addition, with this journey of music, Tom Morello net worth has increased but not that significantly.

Music composer career

Tom Morello net worth also comes from his music composing. For the Coup’s 2006, this musician launched Pick a Bigger Weapon.

Besides, Tom Morello collaborated with Riley on a project named Street Sweeper. Meanwhile, he even appeared as a guitar boss in Guitar Hero III: Legend of Rock.

There is also his original composition with his iconic guitar effects in songs like Cochise and Doesn’t Remind Me of Audioslave.

Furthermore, Tom Morello composed a song like Sleep Now in the Fire and Bulls on Parade by Rage Against the Machine.

Tom Morello greatest hits

Meanwhile, there are numerous greatest hits which are part of Tom Morello net worth. With his unique skills, he got some contracts for music production.

In 1992, Killing In The Name by Rage Against The Machine became a hit. Likewise, it has huge riffed modern classics developing the cultural momentum on its own.

Moreover, this song has grown as the song approaches 30 years old.

Tom Morello best performance

In addition, Tom Morello has had tremendous performances along his career in the music industry. Then, the most unforgettable performance is The Ghost of Tom Joad collaborated with Bruce Springsteen.

It also became the best one since he added a stunning solo to the live version.

Meanwhile, his solo part in Bulls on Parade by Rage Against the Machine has a DJ like rhythm that is stuck in your head too.

Awards & nominations

Indeed, on Rolling Stone, Tom is the 26th of 100 top guitarists of all time. He also won a Humanitarian Award.

Firstly, his initial Grammy was in 1996. Hence, he won Best Hard Rock Performance for the song Tire Me. In 2000, this song also won a Grammy award for Guerilla Radio.

Tom Morello Net worth

Tom Morello net worth is estimated at around USD 35 million. Then, he earned around USD 390 for his album High Hopes.

The tour also successfully sold 554,032 tickets. Thereupon, he earned around USD 64,930,000 from this tour.

Real estate

Indeed, Marcello purchased a house in the hills above Los Angeles in 1997. Then, at that time, he paid around USD 950,000.

Otherwise, it is estimated that his house is worth more than USD 5 million.

How much Tom Morello make per year?

Meanwhile, considering Tom Morello net worth, it is not surprising if his salary in a month is around USD 32,000. Therefore, it is approximately that he got around USD 400 thousand in a year.

Still, his income is mostly through his career as a musician. Also, he had been on a music tour for a long time with multiple performances as well.

Besides, Tom Morello net worth also comes from the album sales from his bands.

Is Tom Morello Retired?

Indeed, Tom Morello has not yet retired. He still expressed his creativity through the music in his own style. Therefore, a lot of people like music and style in playing guitar.

Additionally, his latest work is The Atlas Underground Fire which was released as his second album. In September 2021, he also launched a song called Let’s Get The Party Started.

Finally, taking Tom Morello net worth into account, it shows that his current activity is stable enough as a musician.