Tony Parker Net Worth: A Legend NBA Basketball Player

Are you wondering how much is Tony Parker net worth? Hence, with his long journey in sports, he deserves his achievements as one of the big three players in the NBA team.


Stage Name Tony Parker
Legal Name William Anthony Parker, Jr.                         
Date of Birth 17 May 1982
Gender Male
Height 6 ft 2 in (188 cm)
Tony Parker Net Worth USD 100,000,000
Salary / earning / income per year                 USD 12,000,000
Profession Basketball Player
Nationality French-American

Who is Tony Parker?

As a popular basketball player and one of the legend players in the NBA, Tony Parker’s name is always on the top.

  • He was born as William Anthony Parker Jr., whereas the public knows him as Tony Parker.
  • On 27 May 1982, Tony Parker was born to his parents who was a professional basketball player (father) and a model (mother).
  • Tony Parker is a male who is 6 feet 2 inches, whereas he weighs 176 lbs (80 kg).
  • Although he was born in Bruges, Belgium and raised in French, Tony Parker’s nationality is French-American.
  • What is Tony Parker Best Known for? Parker is one of the big three in San Antonio Spurs along with Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili. Likewise, he was popular as a loyal player in the NBA with high skill. Thereupon, his amazing basketball career even made Tony Parker net worth increase after his retirement.

Early life of Tony Parker

tony parker net worth

Tony’s inspiration was Michael Jordan. Then, he started his skills by playing basketball with his brothers and father afterward.

After that, in 1991, Tony Parker successfully turned into a professional player after playing two seasons in the French amateur league with Paris Basket Racing.

Thus, his epic performance at the Nike Hoop Summit in 2000 got more attention.

Additionally, there was a heated recruiting war among several colleges that asked him to join. However, Tony chose to remain in Paris Basket Racing.

The recent education of Tony Parker is INSEP. It stands for the National Institute of Sport, Expertise, and Performance in French.

Personal life

After heated speculation, Tony Parker finally announced his relationship with Eva Longaria in 2005. Further, she is an actress who is a Texas native in Corpus Christi.

In November 2006, Tony and Longaria engaged and they married in July 2007. Their wedding was held in Paris.

Otherwise, Longaria filed for divorce on November 17, 2010, in Los Angeles followed by Tony filing the same in Texas.

Then, two months later, they officially divorced.

After that, three years later, Tony married Axelle Francine who was a French journalist. Both of them have two sons named Josh Parker and Liam Parker.

Nevertheless, at the end of 2020, he officially ended his marriage after 9 years together with Francine.

Tony Parker’s Career

The source of Tony Parker net worth was mostly from his role in the basketball team. However, he never lost his income even after his retirement.

Additionally, in 2001, Tony Parker was a starting point guard and the only third French player who played in the NBA game of November 2001.

Hence, by joining NBA, Tony Parker net worth predictably increased along with his popularity.

Tony Parker NBA career stats

Firstly, Tony became a winner of NBA Championship ring in the post-season finals defeated New Jersey Nets.

Afterward, he got multiple winners with Spurs for 4 NBA Championships in 2003, 2005, 2007, and also 2014.

Meanwhile, in 2014, Tony extended his contract with the San Antonio Spurs for three years with a worth of USD 43.3 million.

Additionally, in the same year, Tony faced his fallout due to his injury.

Consequently, the Spurs lost against Los Angeles Clippers for seven games. They also lost against Oklahoma City Thunder in 2016.

Tony Parker career highlights

Furthermore, after losing multiple games, Tony was found with a serious injury that required him to take surgery.

Subsequently, he got a ruptured left quadriceps tendon.

Moreover, with his final work in the Spurs, Tony played 55 games. His average is 7.7 points per game. Then, he joined Charlotte Hornets in the last quarter of 2018.

However, on June 10, 2019, Tony retires from the NBA. Hence, his No. 9 jersey was retired.

France’s National Basketball Team

Tony Parker also had experience in FIBA Europe Championships. Likewise, he played for France’s Junior Team in 1998, 2000, and 2002 and was selected as MVP in 2000.

Besides, this man played with the French Senior National Team in FIBA EuroBasket seven times. Then, while defeating the Spanish national team, they got the bronze medal.

Meanwhile, in 2012, he also played on that team in the Summer Olympics. Afterward, with his team, he successfully won the 2013 Eurobasket.

Tony Parker music work

Moreover, after deciding his retirement as a professional basketball player, Tony Parker unexpectedly released a rap album consisting of 11 tracks.

However, this did not contribute much to Tony Parker net worth.

Tony Parker Net worth

Indeed, Tony Parker net worth in 2022 is approximately USD 100 million. Then, his wealth has increased by more than 172 percent.

Tony Parker Net Worth from Businesses

Although he has retired from the NBA, the steady amount of Tony Parker net worth is not stopping. Afterward, he joined Northrock Partner.

Likewise, it is an advisory firm in San Antonia and leads the sports, arts, and entertainment division at that newest office along with his team consisting of 20 staff.

Thus, his team will help the athletes, artists, and entertainers to manage their finances and future. They will also provide investment strategy services.

Real estate

Furthermore, considering Tony Parker net worth, it is not surprising if he ever had a property that was around 53-acre and worth USD 19.5 million.

Furthermore, this house has a wine cellar, fruit orchards, tennis courts, a guest house, and even a gym that is 6 thousand square feet.

There is also a water park with tremendous facilities, such as the diving platforms, slides, grotto, and a lazy river.

How much Tony Parker make per year?

Indeed, from a certain source, Tony Parker has an annual income of around USD 12 million.

Additionally, his highest salary was when he was a pro player in the NBA from a season of 2010 to 2011. Hence, at that time, Tony got approximately USD 13 million.

How does Tony Parker make money?

As reported, Tony Parker net worth is increased significantly. Thus, his main income is from endorsements as he was not active as a basketball player anymore.

Is Tony Parker Retired?

Finally, he has retired as a professional basketball player after the Summer Olympics of 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.

However, Tony is still active in some other activities and businesses.

Although he is not in the NBA anymore, his star is always shining. Tony Parker net worth has increased by years since he still has some endorsement activities.

For instance, one of his activities is becoming the ambassador of Make-A-Wish.