Tommy Mottola Net Worth – The Story behind His Long-lasting Marriage

Talking about the American entertainment industry is endless. So, let us talk about Tommy Mottola net worth and other information related to him.


Stage Name Tommy Mottola
Legal Name Thomas Daniel Mottola
Date of Birth July 14th, 1949
Gender Male
Height Male, 5 ft  (173 cm)
Tommy Mottola Net Worth           $340 million 
Profession producer, music executive, and author           
Nationality American

Tommy Mottola Individual Data

tommy mottola net worth

Tommy Mottola is an American producer and author. In addition, he has been named as one of the most influential music executives in America.

  • Legal Name: Thomas Daniel Mottola
  • Stage Name: Tommy Mottola
  • Date of Birth: July 14th, 1949
  • Gender & Height: Male, 5feet (173 cm)
  • Nationality: Tommy Mottola is American

What is Tommy Mottola Best Known for?

As we know, Tommy Mottola has become one of the most influential music executives throughout the history of the music industry.

Likewise, he presently manages the Mottola Media Group.

Hence, this group is an international media and entertainment organization in the NY metropolis.

Also, it incorporates live theater and TV manufacturing.

In addition, Tommy Mottola turned into being able to build new and profitable business models.

For instance, one of them is amphitheaters in a co-task with tempo concerts.

Meanwhile, the other business is creating the arena’s biggest rock merchandising organization, Sony Signatures, which today is all part of Live Nation Entertainment.

Also, he became instrumental in the inception and boom of SONY WONDER, kids’ label, counterfeit partnerships with Sesame Workshop and Nickelodeon.

Previous Years of Tommy Mottola

Tommy Mottola was born on July 14th, 1949 in a traditional Italian circle of relatives, in the Bronx vicinity of New York.

When Tommy Mottola was a child, he and his father decided to move to the center-class suburb of New Rochelle.

Also, his father was a New York customs officer at that time.

At first, at an early age, he developed his musical skill and became accustomed to playing the trumpet.

However, in his early teens, Tommy then switched to guitar.

  • Education

In 1962, Tommy Mottola attended Iona Grammar School and Iona Prepin in 1966.

Since he joined a military school (Admiral Farragut Academy) a few times, he frequently skipped the lessons at school.

Moreover, he left Hofstra University and chose to pursue his music career as a singer and guitarist.

  • Personal Life

Tommy Mottola married Lisa Clark (daughter of ABC records owner Sam Clark) in 1971.

They got two children named Michael and Sarah. Unfortunately, in 1990, this couple divorced.

After that, he married Mariah Carey (20 years younger) who had a high-profile marriage published in 1993.

However, Tommy Mottola and Mariah Carey later got separated in 1997 due to their age gap.

Moreover, on December 2nd, 2000, he married Thalia, a Mexican artist, and star.

The flowing years, they officially revealed their two children, Sabrina Sakae Mottola and Matthew Alejandro Mottola.

However, before undergoing the ark of the household, Thalia’s relationship with Tommy Mottola was once a trending topic.

It is because Tommy Mottola is 23 years older than Thalia.

According to the news, Thalia was just 18 years old when married Tommy. However, they were both at St. Cathedral’s Church, New York.

Age is just a number, and so are they. Though their ages are far apart, their marriages remain lasting up to this point.

“I love you so much today and I am always grateful that we have children during this life,” Thalia told her husband as a wedding anniversary greeting.

  • How Much Money did Mariah Carey Get from Tommy Mottola?

When Carey split from her ex-husband after their marriage, she reportedly received from him as follow:

  • She got $15000 per month as child aid payments for their youngsters.
  • 5% ownership in Sony/ATV publishing enterprise well worth around $30 million.
  • A mansion in New York and numerous vehicles.

Therefore, Tommy Mottola is quite rich. No wonder, Tommy Mottola net worth is still enough to support his ex-wife and children.

Tommy Mottola’s Career

Firstly, Tommy Mottola started his music career as a singer for the R&B band under the stage name of T.D. Valentine.

Additionally, in 1987, Tommy Mottola was elected by CBS records as the President of Columbia and the Sony Records subsidiary.

Then, he transformed the corporation, expanding it to over 60 international locations, making it one of the most profitable music agencies around the world.

Next, Tommy was a successful and developed artist who then became a star in the industrial music world.

For example, they are Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony, Gloria Estefan, and Dixie Chicks.

In addition, he left Sony in 2003 and started out constructing his own amusement company which covered the entirety from fashion and theatre to song and television.

Again, in February 2016, he created the Chazz Palminteri’s musical version which was held on the Paper Mill Playhouse.

Furthermore, the show was lasted a month and was closed in March 2016. Also, he did a partnership for live theatre with the Miramax chief Harvey Weinstein.

Meanwhile, his TV production arm is actively concerned with growing and producing much television indicates.

For this reason, he presently co-owns Casablanca facts. Thus, Tommy Mottola net worth would grow well.

Tommy Mottola Net Worth

Indeed, Tommy Mottola net worth is around $340 million.

  • Tommy Mottola Net Worth from Businesses

Ever since he left his post as the musical Sony head, it has been known that Mottola has built his new company.

Therefore, it is why Tommy Mottola net worth becomes the finest thing.

Further, it is completed with recorded music, television manufacturing, theater, and style, along with a branding and control business company that had currently launched.

  • Real Estate

According to The Wall Street Journal, the first time Mottola registered property in April 2017 for $19.95 million.

Currently, he has sold his Greenwich, CT, estate for $14.8 million. Thereupon, it automatically becomes a part of Tommy Mottola net worth.

  • Vehicles

Indeed, there is no valid information that mentions Tommy Mottola’s collection of cars. Otherwise, it was found on a website that he once had driven an electric Tesla car.

  • Income Detail
    • Tommy Mottola Net worth: $340 million
    • Salary: we will update you soon
    • Source of Income: producer, music executive, and author


  • How does Tommy Mottola Make Money?

Tommy Mottola net worth is around $340 million. Also, he has made fortune through his work.

Additionally, both Mottola Media Group and Sony Music Entertainment belong to his work.

Moreover, he has made some money from other ventures that he has been concerned about at diverse degrees of his career.

Thus, Tommy Mottola net worth increases drastically.

Is Tommy Mottola Still On?

Tommy Mottola might have been retired to be a producer but he has planned and launched a new music venture in partnership with Sony Music Entertainment.

  • What Is Tommy Mottola Doing Now?

Since he is no longer the authority and SEO of Sony Music Entertainment for nearly 15 years, Mottola now holds and becomes the head of Mottola Media Group.

Then, could you imagine how rich he is and how much Tommy Mottola net worth is?