Linda Evans Net Worth, Famous Actress From The Big Valley

The Big Valley is one of the most legendary drama series in the 60s. It is no surprise that Linda Evans net worth is counted to be $35 million, considering she is also the main actress on the series.

Summary Table
Stage Name Linda Evans
Legal Name Linda Evans
Date of Birth November 18, 1942
Gender Female
Height 5’6’’ (1.72 m)
Net Worth $35 million
Salary/earning/income per year Around $5 million
Profession Actress
Nationality American

For more details about the legendary actress, continue to read this article to figure out Linda Evans net worth and her journey since the glamorous era of Hollywood in the 60s.

About Linda Evans
  • Legal Name & Stage Name:
    • The legendary star is known by Linda Evans for both stage name and legal name.
    • However, she was Linda Evenstad by birth and alter her last name to “Evans” when she began her career as an actress.
  • Date of Birth:
    • The Scorpio lady was born in Connecticut, United States of America, in 1942.
    • Linda Evans age is 79 years old and she celebrated her birthday every year on November 18.
  • Gender & Height:
    • Linda Evans eye color is blue and it is such a great combination for the charming blue eyes.
    • As a female actress, she is rather tall with a height of 1.72 m.
  • Nationality: Linda Evans is a Citizen of the USA.
  • What is Linda Evans Best Known For?
    • After discussing Linda Evans bio, we can conclude that she is best known as a television star.
    • Her first breakthrough credit was when she played her role in The Big Valley, a four-season drama series in the 1960s.
    • Moving to another decade, she became more notable with the series Dynasty in the 1980s.

Previous Years of Linda Evans

There is not much to discuss Linda Evans’s early life. Her story began in 1942 when Linda was born to dancers named Alba and Arlene Evenstad. She is a middle child and has two sisters. Later on, Linda and her family moved from Connecticut to Hollywood when she was only six.

  • Education:
    • Linda attended Hollywood High School and learn about drama class for the first time.
    • It was a turning point for the teenage Linda because at the beginning she thought of drama class as a treatment for her timidity.
    • Nevertheless, there are no details regarding Linda Evan’s higher education afterward.
  • Personal life:
    • As a frequently asked question, the answer of Linda Evans’s marital status in this day and age is single without any children from previous marriages. Decades ago, she has been experiencing marriage for twice to two different men.
    • The first one is John Derek, which lasted for six years since 1974 because the man was having infidelity with the 17-year-old Bo Derek. The last marriage is with Stan Herman, which lasted for a shorter period until 1979. Besides them, Linda also had a fling with Yanni, Dennis Stein, and Lee Majors.

Linda Evans’s Career

Linda Evans’s first work and credit as an actress was for a series titled Bachelor Father, in which she became a guest star in 1960. Two years later, she shows up in Outlaws, Buttons and Her Beaus, The Untouchables. Afterward, the rest is history.

  • Linda Evans Movies

Linda Evans might be known as the gorgeous blond on television for more than half-century. Despite that, she is also starring in many movies such as Twilight of Honor, Childish Things, Mitchell, Avalance Express, Beach Blanket Bingo, Tom Horn, The Klansman, and others. In 2021, she played a character named Rita Parker Sloan in a movie titled Swan Song.

  • Linda Evans TV Shows

As one of the greatest legendary TV stars, Linda Evans has countless credits of TV shows during her entire career. Although her first prominent works are The Big Valley and Outlaw, she also shows up for several episodes on Hunter, North & South: Book 2, Love & War, The Love Boat, Dynasty, and many more.

  • Awards & Nominations

The most prestigious and distinguished award Linda Evans ever received is the Golden Globe, which she won for her performance in Dynasty, 1981. After winning her first and only one, she became the nominee for the same category in Golden Globe for the next four consecutive years until 1986. During the 1980s, Linda received other nominations from Bravo Otto Germany, Primetime Emmy, and Soap Opera Awards.

One of the accomplishments Linda ever received was when she got nominated for the People’s Choice Awards in five consecutive years and managed to win all of them, from 1982 up to 1986. Later, she won two awards of the four nominations from the Soap Opera Digest Award. In 1987, it was another milestone during Linda Evans’s career because she was honored with Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, category television.

Linda Evans Net Worth

Linda Evans net worth or wealth is accumulated from her work since the early 60s and it was counted for $35 million.

  • Businesses

One of the main actresses of The Big Valley is reported to own a fitness business back in the day. However, there is no official information about Linda Evans net worth or income from the fitness business or another one she plausibly owns.

  • Real estate

Linda Evans net worth from real estate is reported to be approximately $2.7 million from her house in Beverly Hills which was sold in 2011, in which she moved out of the place and presently lives in the state of Washington.

  • Sport cars / yacht / vehicles

The Hollywood legend is a car enthusiast. She was reported to own Black Jeep and bought a lavish car from her salary during the Dynasty era. Regardless, we could not provide the exact number of Linda Evans net worth from cars or vehicles she owns.

  • Income Detail

Linda Evans net worth or salary per year is approximately $5 million more or less.

  • How does Linda Evans make money?

The glorious era during her television career is the major source of Linda Evans net worth. Her wealth moderately increased when she played Dynasty. On top of that, the classy blue eye lady has made money from endorsement with brands like Forever Krystle Fragrance perfume, Crystal Light Diet soft drink, and Clairol’s Ultress Hair Color.

Does Linda Evans Stop Working?

The amount of Linda Evans net worth or wealth did not stop her to keep continuing their passion for acting. Although she may not be working that much in the early 2000s, Linda is not retired and she is lastly known to play a movie in 2021.

  • What is Linda Evans doing now?

Linda Evans is enjoying her life graciously in Washington while still keeping updating her presence in social media and filling her feeds with daily activities, house interiors, beautiful sceneries, friends, and throwback pictures.