Andre 3000 Net Worth: Is He Richer Than Outkast’s Big Boi?

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Stage Name Andre 3000
Legal Name Andre Lauren Benjamin
Date of Birth May 27, 1975
Gender Male
Height 5,1 ft (178 cm)
Andre 3000 Net Worth           $35 million
Profession Rapper, Record producer, actor, musician, Songwriter, Singer          
Nationality American

Andre 3000 Personal Data

Andre Lauren Benjamin is best known as Andre 3000. This famous man is a rapper and songwriter from America.

Also, he becomes a singer and record producer. Then, most of his fans knew him because of the duo Outkast.

He was a member of that rap duo alongside Big Boi.

Furthermore, Andre 3000 becomes one of the top 10 rappers as listed by Billboard, Showbiz Chet Shett, and some others.

Besides being a musician, he took a role in some films and series on television.

Likewise, he is currently a part of the cast in TV Series on the AMC channel “Dispatches from Elsewhere”.

Meanwhile, outside the entertainment industry, Andre is an entrepreneur and advocate for animal rights.

Initially, in 2008, he released a clothing line.

  • Legal Name: Andre Lauren Benjamin
  • Stage Name: Andre 3000
  • Date Of Birth: May 27, 1975
  • Gender & Height: Male, 5,1 feet (178 cm)
  • Nationality: American
  • What Is Andre 3000 Best Known For?
    • Andre 3000 is also best known for his works alongside Big Boi in the Outkast rap duo. Otherwise, many people know him for his appearances in many films and TV series.
    • For instance, the series are The Shield, Be Cool, Four Brothers, All I By My Side, and many others.

Previous Days Of Andre 3000

andre 3000 net worth

Andre Lauren Benjamin was born on May 27, 1975. He was born to Sharon Benjamin and Lawrence Harvey Walker in Atlanta, Georgia.

Moreover, Andre was the only child in the family and he lived with a single mother.

  • Education

Andre attended Sarah Smith Elementary School. Meanwhile, for the middle level, he studied in Sutton Middle School.

Then, he continued his education in several high schools. Subsequently, this rapper went to Tri-Cities, McClarin Success Academy, and Northside High School.

  • Personal Life

Andre Benjamin dated Erykah Badu, an American Singer, for 3 years (1996 -1999). After that, they both have a son together, Seven Sirius Benjamin.

Further, in 2004, Andre became the “World’s Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity”.

Additionally, the name is from PETA that stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Likewise, he had become a hardcore vegan for about 15 years.

Finally, in 2014, he stated it was horrible and that is not good anymore.

Moreover, Andre took part in a campaign “Declare Yourself” to encourage young people to vote for US presidential election in 2008.

Andre 3000’s Career

He began his job as a member of Outkast. Then, this rapper started his solo career. However, Andre 3000 net worth has been growing since his first career in the show business.

  • Andre 3000 Band

Andre Lauren Benjamin met Antwan Patton (Big Boi) in high school. They teamed up to form a rap duo called “Outkast”.

Thus, the duo released an album after graduating from high school in 1994. Then, the single “Player’s Ball” became a huge success.

Indeed, the album itself went platinum in 1994. Afterward, they became the Best New rap Group of the Year.

Moreover, the group continued to dominate the rap music industry by releasing the second and third albums.

In 2000, Outkast released the fourth album. Also, this is the point where Andre added 3000 after his name.

Finally, the album became more famous. The single “Ms. Jackson” was the first list on the Billboard chart.

Long story short both of them continued releasing new albums until the 6th one in 2006. Otherwise, both musicians went to pursue a solo career.

Eventually, Outkast reunited in 2014 to celebrate its 20th anniversary by appearing in concerts and musical events.

The rap duo‘s projects affect Andre 3000 net worth consistently.

  • Andre 3000 Solo Career

After Outkast’s 6th album, Benjamin appeared on various remixes and collaborate with many singers. For example, they are Jay-Z, John Legend, Kesha, Beyonce, and many others.

Thereupon, during his career, Andre has produced so many tracks for other singers.

He also made a lot of guest appearances in songs until now. Andre released an EP on the Soundcloud platform in 2018.

Likewise, this free-downloaded song was entitled “Look Ma No Hands”. Thus, it really plays a big part in Andre 3000 net worth.

  • Andre 3000 Best Songs

Ms. Jackson is considered the biggest hit song from Andre 3000. That is the song he made with his rap partner, Big Boi.

Besides, this song becomes one of the best songs of the Outkast duo. Moreover, because of the song, they received an award from MTV Video Music Award.

  • Awards & Nominations

Andre 3000 has received a lot of awards and nominations for his works and performance. Subsequently, he won Grammy awards 7 times.

The latest trophy he received was in 2020. Further, he won the Best R&B performance in a single “Come Home” with Anderson Paak.

Andre 3000 Net Worth

According to sources, Andre 3000 net worth has reached $35 million this year. Hence, the amount is pretty high.

That is probably because of his business.

  • Andre 3000 Net Worth from Businesses:
    • Besides being a musician, Andre has been running several big businesses. Then, the biggest one is “Benjamin Bixby”.
    • He launched his clothing line in 2008 and it was inspired by 1935’s college football circa.
  • Mansion;
    • Andre 3000 has a mansion in Atlanta worth $1 million. According to reports, that is where Andre 3000 lives.
    • Besides, in Stone Mountain, Georgia, he owns a house. It is worth $500,000. Moreover, the property features 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and a nice swimming pool.
    • Otherwise, he owns several other properties somewhere.
  • Cars:
    • For those who are wondering what Andre 3000 is driving, he has a big black Cadillac Escalade SUV.
    • Furthermore, there are still some more luxurious cars in the garage.
  • Income Detial:
    • Still, there is no record or information about the exact amount that he received per year. According to sources, Andre 3000 net worth this year is lower than the previous one.
    • Otherwise, last year, Andre 3000 net worth was $45 million.
  • How Does Andre 3000 Make Money?
    • Indeed, Andre 3000 makes money through music royalties, guest appearances, and businesses.
    • Likewise, his albums with Big Boi, Remixes, and Clothing line would definitely help grow Andre 3000 net worth.

Is Andre 3000 Still Around?

Andre 3000 is still an active musician today. In early 2022, he was compared to several other younger rappers.

  • What Is Andre 3000 Doing Now?

Right now, Andre is still working on his music, appearing on shows, and running his business. Apparently, filling up Andre 3000 net worth.