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James Earl Jones Net Worth: How Rich is The Voice of Darth Vader?

Most people might be curious about James Earl Jones net worth. This actor definitely has a high amount of earnings every year.

Thus, you are about to know how much.


Stage Name James Earl Jones
Legal Name James Earl Jones
Date of Birth January 17, 1931
Gender Male
Height 6,1 ft (187 cm)
James Earl Jones Net Worth           $40 million
Profession Voice-Actor and actor          
Nationality American

Personal Data of James Earl Jones

james earl jones net worth

For those who do not know, James Earl Jones is famous among Star Wars fans. Therefore, he becomes a legendary actor.

Of course, James is the voice of Darth Vader. Besides, he has a long and illustrious career as an actor in movies and stages.

However, the Star Wars trilogy is the reason why he became so popular.

Further, James Earl Jones has won many awards throughout his seven-decade career in the business. Those include Grammy and Emmy awards.

Also, his stirring basso profondo voice makes him the best choice for voice acting and commercial voice-overs.

Before pursuing an acting career, he served in the US Army.

Then, he debuted in 1957 for a Broadway performance. That is definitely part of James Earl Jones net worth.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: James Earl Jones
  • Date Of Birth: January 17, 1931
  • Gender & Height: Male, 6.1 feet (187 cm)
  • Nationality: James Earl Jones is American
  • What Is James Earl Jones Best Known For?
    • James Earl Jones becomes famous for his voice acting in Star Wars Trilogy. Then, he takes a role as Darth Vader.
    • Even though he has joined in the show business for 7 decades, James appeared in many other successful films.

James Earl Jones Previous Years

James Earl Jones was born on January 17, 1931. It was in Arkabutla, Mississippi. Primarily, he was raised on a farm in Michigan by his grandparents.

Likewise, James came to Michigan because his father left him to pursue an acting career.

Right after that, Jones suffered speech impediments. He remained fully mute until the time he entered high school.

Otherwise, his teacher helped him handle the stutter. Then, he studied at a University which majored in Medical.

However, he was forced to join the Reserve Officer Training Corps. Furthermore, he was interested in Drama and attended a Theatre school at Michigan University.

Additionally, during Korean War, he went to Korea as part of his service.

  • Education;
    • For High School, Jones attended the Browning School for Boys. After graduation, he attended a pre-med major at the University of Michigan.
    • Then, he changed it to School of Music, Theatre & Dance. Likewise, he wanted something to enjoy before serving in Korean War.
  • Personal Life:
    • James Earl Jones married Julienne Marie, an actress, and singer, in 1968. However, they both got divorced in 1972 with no children.
    • Then, he married an actress Cecilia Hart in 1982. Also, James had one child with her. Unfortunately, their kid died because of Ovarian Cancer in 2016.
    • Additionally, in 2016, he announced that he suffered from type 2 diabetes since the 1990s.

James Earl Jones’s Career

In 1955, James Earl Jones started his acting career in Michigan. Initially, he took part in a production called “Othello” with theatre work.

Then, his debut was outstanding and it made him involved with Shakespeare productions. Moreover, in the 60s, he became so prominent Shakespearean actor.

  • Acting Career

His acting career in film began in the 60s by appearing in movies such as “The Comedians” and “Dr. Strangelove”.

Even so, his popularity was growing faster since he played in a theatre and movie version of “The Great White Hope”.

He still often appeared in many successful films in the 80s. For instance, the movies are “Coming to America”, “Filed of Dreams”, and “Conan the Barbarian”.

Also, in the 90s, he appeared in more and more films. Throughout the years, James Earl Jones took part in several TV shows and movies as a cameo.

  • Voice Acting Career

Initially, in 1977, this actor started his voice acting career in “Star Wars: A New Hope”. Further, his debut has the biggest impact on his life, popularity, and James Earl Jones net worth.

Then, he continued to be Darth Vader’s voice for two more movies for Star Wars Trilogy, “The Empire Strikes Back” and ‘Return of the Jedi”.

Along with his acting career, James starred in “The Lion King”. He acted as Mufasa. Also, during that period, he was starring in several TV series.

  • James Earl Jones Uncredited

The first time he played a role as a Darth Vader’s voice in 1977’s Star Wars movie, he requested the director to uncredited him.

It was for the second Star Wars film too. That is because he thought that he was just a special effect, nothing more.

However, James Earl Jones was credited for the third movie. He said it was because he became so identified at that time.

So, he agreed to get credited in the movie, “Return of the Jedi”.

  • Awards & Nominations

Indeed, James Earl Jones has received a lot of awards & nominations throughout his career. Subsequently, he won several major awards, including Emmy, Grammy, Tony, and Oscar.

Moreover, in 2011, he became the Honorary Academy Award recipient.

Lately, he became the honorary member of a Disney Legend. Meanwhile, outside the entertainment industry, Harvard University gave him an honorary Doctor of Arts.

James Earl Jones Net Worth

According to some sources, James Earl Jones net worth is about $40 million. Hence, his decades of career are the biggest reason why he has that amount of wealth this year.

  • James Earl Jones Net Worth from Businesses:
    • In the show businesses, James Earl Jones is one of the most popular voices. It is his main business until today.
    • Therefore, it is the one that fills up James Earl Jones net worth.
  • Real Estate:
    • The house or property located in Pawling, New York, is also part of James Earl Jones net worth. He lives in this Upstate home.
    • Still, there are several other houses surrounding the location. James owns all of the houses.
  • Vehicles:
    • Another part of James Earl Jones net worth is the vehicles.
    • There are several car brands that used his voice for the commercials.
    • He likely owns all of them.
  • Income Detail:
    • There is no record of this exact information.
    • Right now, the James Earl Jones net worth mostly comes from royalties, voice-overs, speakers, and guest appearances.
  • How Much Does James Earl Jones Net Worth From Star Wars?
    • At the time he played as Darth Vader’s voice, James Earl Jones only got paid $7.000. He revealed it in an interview, he was dead broke at that time.
    • Until now, he probably still got paid for the royalties.
  • How Much Did James Earl Jones Make For Lion King?
    • For the movie, he got paid about $45 million, according to wikilivre.
  • How Does James Earl Jones Make Money?
    • James made money by appearing in films and movies and speaking in conventions or seminars.
  • James Earl Jones Autograph Value
    • The price of his signature on some memorabilia is worth about $200 – $500 apiece.

Is James Earl Jones Still Around?

He is still active since 1948.

  • What Is James Earl Jones Doing Now?

He is open to booking for guest appearances in shows, events, and several others. It is probably the reason why James Earl Jones net worth is still high.