Tim Kendall Net Worth – Career of CEO of Moment

Tim Kendall has been a part of the tech industry for many years such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Moment. Tim Kendall net worth is estimated at $35 million. This figure is quite fantastic when you think about how he has been a part of one of the technology pioneers in the United States.

Summary tabel
Stage name Tim Kendall
Legal name Tim Kendall
Date of birth 1978
Gender Male
Tim Kendall net worth $10 million
Salary/earning/income per year
Profession Entrepreneur
Nationality American

Tim Kendall’s Wiki

tim kendall net worth

Tim Kendall is a popular person at US technology companies. He is currently the CEO of Moment, a company that provides effective mobile phone management software. He has built a fortune over his long career and Tim Kendall net worth is comparable to the other tech geniuses in Palo Alto.

  • Legal name & stage name: Just like many technologists in the US, Tim Kendall is also his real name.
  • Date of birth: Tim Kendall was born in 1978, but official records haven’t been able to find a date and month.
  • Gender & height: We can’t find out anything about Tim Kendall’s height online, but that doesn’t stop this technology celebrity from being good at his work.
  • Nationality: Tim Kendall was born in the United States and is an American national. Tim Kendall net worth makes him one of America’s richest startups.
  • Best known for: Since Netflix created a documentary called ‘The Social Dilemma’ about Tim Kendall, his name and fame have skyrocketed. After that, pop culture lovers have come to know him.

Very Beginnings

tim kendall net worth

Information about his life journey is, unfortunately, hard to find. This information is discussed in some points below.

  • Tim Kendall’s Personal Life

Tim Kendall doesn’t like to talk about his personal life, but he is an expert on social media. He has a wide variety of TV appearances and publications that feature him, so feel free to try those resources out if you’re looking for more information.

  • Tim Kendall’s Education

So far, Tim Kendall has only shared his study journey up until he was enrolled at Stanford. He discusses the moment where he became a student at Stanford, and then shares about how he graduated with an MBA after taking courses in technology.

The Career

Tim Kendall net worth cannot be separated from his long career journey and always working with big companies. He earned his postgraduate degree at Stanford University, landed a job as a Product Manager at Amazon, and climbed the corporate ladder quickly.

We don’t know exactly what his first salary was, but we predict it is high. Furthermore, he works as a contributor for Forbes Magazine too. A side job that he did for a magazine has led to some profitable income.

Tim Kendall is also a private equity associate at J.P. Morgan where he received a top salary & benefits to invest in various projects that align with his interests as a businessman.

As Tim Kendall net worth continues to increase and his career is on the rise, he has been able to work with some of the best companies in the world. His last company was Facebook, where his job is to ensure that their products can be monetized.

After 5 years at Facebook, Tim Kendall chose to join Pinterest as the Head of Product. He also served as the company’s president. With his investment savings, he decided to start Moment and serve as the chief executive officer.

Tim Kendall Net Worth

tim kendall

How much is Tim Kendall net worth?

Tim Kendall net worth is $10 million according to some sources, while others say he has a net worth of $35 million!

  • How did Tim Kendall earn his money?

Tim Kendall has made his wealth from being an employee at Amazon, Facebook, Pinterest and from his own company, “Moment.” Tim also invests by backing several emerging startups and even contributes to 24 other companies.

  • Businesses

Tim Kendall is the founder of Moment, an app that helps you manage your screen time.

  • Real estate

Although Tim Kendall net worth is skyrocketing, the property investments owned by Tim Kendall are unknown.

  • Cars

Tim Kendall’s collection of vehicles is also not accessible to the general public so information on this is not available.

The collection of vehicles by Tim Kendall are unavailable for the general public to see or learn about.

  • How much Tim Kendall makes per year? (Salary/earnings/income)

It’s just that, there haven’t been any real statistics on income and salary while still working. Tim Kendall net worth is estimated at around $10 million by 2020.

Some Interesting Facts About Tim Kendall

Aside from Tim Kendall net worth, there are a few facts about him that the public needs to know. One of them is the fact that he is already one of the most famous tech millionaires, there is no Wikipedia page about him. When searching Wikipedia for “Tim Kendall”, you will only find a poet, editor and critic.

Tim has been called a genius of the US software industry. He’s had his name widely known after he met with Netflix as part of a documentary called The Social Dilemma. Now, his name is known across the country and beyond!

Even though he’s been in the industry for a long time & has published numerous findings about social media, Tim Kendall has actually not encouraged people to log on too often. His own company, Moment, is an app that helps reduce mobile phone use. Tim Kendall wants you to stop spending so much time on cell phones.

Although Tim may have gotten his start as a successful businessman, he actually got his education through Stanford University. He continued there with an MBA degree in Industrial Technology and leads a very successful life now.

Her biggest accomplishment is when he’s on Pinterest. Although Tim initially worked to ensure the company’s products were accepted in the market, he later rose through the ranks to become president of the company. This success is not separate from its success in increasing the company’s valuation, reaching $500 million.

Tim Kendall’s Social Media

Tim Kendall, known as a technology expert. He only has one account (tweeting under the handle @tkendall).

Tim Kendall’s last engagement with social media was in 2012. This means he’s not used it in 10 years, which makes sense given that he doesn’t use any other form of social media either.

Tim Kendall does not share much personal information on his social media profiles. His LinkedIn profile also looks as if it were without any photos or any personal information about himself.