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John Boehner Net Worth and All You Need to Know About Him

John Boehner, a Republican from Ohio, became the Chairman of the United States House of Representatives by age 62. This made him only the 61st chairman on record. John Boehner had a lot of political experiences before he decided to become a politician.

As he left his post from the chair of the House of Representatives, it did not eliminate his enthusiasm to continue with other work. It is interesting to know about the path of life until John Boehner net worth reaches a fantastic figure, which is $6,000,000.

What was John Boehner net worth and career path?

Summary tabel
Stage name John Boehner
Legal name John Andrew Boehner
Date of birth November 17, 1949
Gender Male
Height 5’ 9” (175 cm)
Net worth $$6 million
Salary/earning/income per year $400 thousand
Profession American politician
Nationality American

Get To Know John Boehner

john boehner

John Boehner is an American politician with a lot of experience. His personal life story is also very interesting with many details to know. It’s a real privilege to get insights into his personal life and the intricacies of his career and John Boehner net worth through this article.

  • Legal name & stage name:
    • John Boehner was given the name John Andrew Boehner, but he continued to use his given name for a professional world.
    • He is also known as John Boehner in the public realm.
  • Date of birth:
    • Born on November 17, 1949, John Boehner is a politician who was born in Ohio.
  • Gender & height:
    • On September 14, 1973, John Boehner married his lover, Deborah Boehner, in Hamilton County, Ohio.
    • From this marriage they have 2 children. The figure of John Boehner himself has a height of about 5’ 9” (175 cm) inches and a weight of 143 lbs (65 kg).
  • Nationality:
    • John Boehner is of mixed heritage with roots in both the Irish & Germany, but he chose to start his career in the country where he was born, namely the United States.
  • Best known for:
    • John Boehner started his career in politics by working as a Member of Congress in 1990.
    • Since then, he has been building and developing his political career to become Chairman of the United States House of Representatives from 2011 to 2015.
    • His career is helping John Boehner net worth, which is true.

Very Beginnings

john boehner net worth

John Boehner was born on November 17, 1949 and grew up in a difficult time with 11 siblings in a house with one bathroom.

Despite living in difficult conditions, was still determined to complete his degrees up to university level. He earned a Business Administration degree from Xavier University in 1977. It took him 7 years to complete the study. He had regular jobs in the meantime to make ends meet.

The man who came from a simple family and became a professional adult, John Boehner, has an impressive career. From his political career, what is the John Boehner net worth of John Boehner?

  • John Boehner’s Personal Life

John Boehner ended his year-long relationship with his lover and decided to marry in 1973. They went on to raise two children, before moving into West Chester.

  • John Boehner’s Educational Background

After graduating from football academy in 1968, he was involved in the ongoing Vietnam War and took on a role in the United States navy. Eight weeks later, he suffered a back injury and was honorably discharged.

John Boehner’s enthusiasm for studying continued even in the face of adversity. The only child in his family, he managed to attend college and graduate from Xavier University in 1977.


As a board of trustees for the city in the Union and representative of the state of Ohio from 1981 to 1984 and then from 1985 to 1990, his first political career was as an elected official. He was successful in his efforts, with an approval rating of 49%.

From 2001 to 2006, he served as a member of the Ноuѕе Еduсаtіоn & Wоrkfоrсе Соmmіttее and worked with George Bush. He then rose to the position as chairman of the United States House of Representatives as well as a spokesman for the period 2011 to 2015.

John Boehner has spent his career in the business sector and recently joined the board of the tobacco company Reynolds American in 2016. In 2018, then he went on a board of Acreage Holdings which is a cannabis company that campaigns or promotes the medical use of cannabis.

John Boehner’s Political Positions

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John Boehner may be considered a hard-line conservative but he doesn’t rule out the possibility that there are parties who disagreed with him.

John Boehner is a politician who takes an anti-LGBT position, which he has also shown with his support in 2004 and 2006 for the federal marriage amendment in the United States. This kind of conservative lifestyle is important to him as it’s seen as an important building block of America.

As a politician, John Boehner became an advocate of taxpayer protection reform. John Boehner net worth has gone up a lot over time and he continues to enjoy professional opportunities.

He has also expressed anger at Edward Snowden and expressed support the Saudi-led intervention in Yemen in 2015.

John Boehner Net Worth

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John Boehner started out as a worker, but then decided to go into politics & reach success. He enjoys figure of high lever and is continuing his career by investing. The following is information about the John Boehner net worth.

  • Source of wealth

The John Boehner net worth and result of years of work, politician, consultant and orator John Boehner has a lot to show for this career. With earnings from sources we obtained at the time he was an orator, he reportedly made up to $15,000 per speaking engagement.

If anyone’s salary revolves around a number, then the House Speaker John Boehner net worth would be in the millions.

  • Businesses

After finishing his career on the United States political board, he started his own business on the board of the tobacco company Reynolds American in 2016.

It is possible this will make John Boehner net worth continue to grow. Seeing the change in career, John Boehner became a successful businessman.

  • Real estate

John Boehner net worth is growing and he has amassed a fortune thanks to his career. He owns a condo in the Marco Islands that costs $835,000.

  • Luxury vehicles

Talking about John Boehner’s car from 2016, he has only been seen buying vehicles such as the Chevrolet Tahoe that are priced from $50,000 to $63,000.

He has a net worth of millions, but his hobby is not collecting luxury cars.

  • How much does John Boehner make per year?

He earns a salary of up to $400,000 per year for his current business. Sources say that by November 2021, John Boehner net worth rose to $6 million.

John Boehner’s Recent Activities

Currently, he is no longer politically involved in the United States. However, his work on other fields has not stopped.

  • What Is John Boehner Doing Now?

As United States House Speaker, John Boehner completed his political career. He is currently serving on the board of Acreage Holdings which is a cannabis and medical use company.

With John Boehner net worth of $6,000,000 which is sure to be growing as his career & business continue to develop.