Get to Know Clay Travis Net Worth, Fame, and Fortune

Clay Travis net worth is considered huge for a 42 years old man. However, it is also come as no surprise, considering his many jobs and works during his almost 17 years career.

Let’s take a look at the stories and facts behind Clay Travis net worth, fame, and fortune.

Summary table
Stage Name Clay Travis
Legal Name Richard Clay Travis
Date of Birth April 6, 1979
Gender Male
Height 6′ (183 cm)
Net worth $10 million
Salary / earning / income per year $2.4 million
Profession Lawyer, sports journalist, writer, American political commentator, media personality.
Nationality American

Get to Know Clay Travis

Before we discuss Clay Travis net worth, here is some background information about the Tennessee-born ex-lawyer.

  • Legal Name & stage name: Clay Travis was born as Richard Clay Travis, although he only goes by his second and last name throughout his entire career.
  • Date of Birth: His date of birth is April 6, 1979. He is currently 42 years old.
  • Gender & Height: Clay Travis is a 6′ (183 cm) male.
  • Nationality: Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Clay Travis is a U.S. citizen.
  • What is Clay Travis Best Known for?
    • Out of many professions that Clay Travis possesses, he is known best as a sports personality and multimedia journalist.
    • His most recent works that still contribute to Clay Travis net worth is probably his conservative talk show The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show.
    • He co-hosted the show with Buck Sexton and got the program played on many radio stations.

Apart from his works, Clay Travis is also known for some of his controversies. The latest one that people might still remember is his commentary regarding COVID-19. He made several statements that underrate the virus spread.

Very Beginnings

Let’s take a look at the brief history of Clay Travis, before going any further to discuss Clay Travis net worth.

  • Education

Clay Travis attended Martin Luther King Magnet at Pearl High School in his hometown, Nashville. Upon his graduation from high school, he enrolled to George Washington University, in the U.S. capital. He then continued his study at Vanderbilt University Law school, back in his hometown, to study Law.

  • Personal life

In 2004, Clay Travis married Lara Travis and moved to the Virgin Island soon after they wedded. Lara Travis used to be a Tennessee Titans cheerleader before they married. The couple share three sons together and they will be celebrating their 18th anniversary next August.



Clay Travis’ career is stretched over almost two decades. His works and contract with reputable channels contributed a lot to Clay Travis net worth.

Initially, upon his graduation from college, he worked as a lawyer based in Tennessee and the U.S. Virgin Islands. He started to get attention after his infamous ‘pudding strike’ that he initiated in his personal blog. His intention with it was to force the tv station to bring the satellite TV package so he can watch the NFL games while he was in the Virgin Islands.

His famous blog then was attracting attention from the media. He was then hired without salary for a year to write online for CBS Sports in late 2005. A year later, he stopped practicing as a lawyer altogether.

Clay Travis then wrote a book, while writing for CBS at the same time, called Dixieland Delight.  His first book told the story of the 12 then-Southeastern Conference members’ football stadiums that he visited. After that, his path as a sports writer and columnist was getting more established by joining Deadspin and Fanhouse. He also made his own college football site called Outkick the Coverage.

After establishing a career as an online sports journalist, he then started venturing to other media. He signed a contract with Fox Sports to host a pre-game show. Clay Travis also signed a deal to conjoined Outkick the Show to Fox Sports’ website and start a nationwide radio show with Fox Sports Radio.

On May 21, Clay Travis left the national radio show on Fox Sport and then start a new one on Premiere Networks. The show that he hosted with Buck Sexton was premiered on June 2021.

Clay Travis Net worth

Compared to another conservative media personality, Clay Travis net worth is considered huge. The amount of Clay Travis net worth is predicted to reach $10 million as of now. Although most of Clay Travis net worth comes from his work as a multimedia journalist, there might be other sources of income that he owns.

  • Businesses

Part of Clay Travis net worth probably came from his sports website, especially after its acquisition with Fox Sports. However, it is unknown how much his website business contributes to his wealth.

  • Real estate

One of the real estate investments that contribute to Clay Travis net worth is a building at 411 Broadway, that he purchased in a group led by investor Bert Mathews. Together, the investor group paid $27 million for the four-story building.

  • Vehicles

It is unclear what vehicles are now still added up to Clay Travis net worth. Although, in 2018, he tweeted in his account that he just bought a white Range Rover Sports with black rims.

  • How much Clay Travis make per year?

Based on the amount of Clay Travis net worth, his annual salary is approximately around $2.4 million.

  • How does Clay Travis make money?

In summary, Clay Travis net worth is generated from various work contract and assets. Although it has been long since he practiced as a lawyer, he found more opportunities in other areas, especially in sports media and journalism.

Clay Travis’s Recent Activities

As of this year, Clay Travis is still actively broadcasting in radio show. He also often made commentary on many issues, including politic and especially sports, in his Twitter account.

For the past few years, Clay Travis started to get seriously involved in politics. In 2017, he stated his interest to run for U.S. Senator of Tennessee as a non-partisan for the following year’s election. However, he didn’t follow through with his plan at the 2018 election.

In 2020, he endorsed Donald Trump in the United States Presidential Election.