Curtis Sliwa Net Worth – The Devoted Guardian Angels Leader

You might recognize Curtis Sliwa from his red beret and jacket. The founder of the Guardians Angel is a native New Yorker who last year run for mayor of the city.

Do you know how much Curtis Sliwa net worth currently is? Read this article to know more about his wealth, salary, and other facts of the Brooklyn-born Republican.

Summary table
Stage Name
Legal Name Curtis Sliwa
Date of Birth March 26, 1954
Gender Male
Height 6′  (1.84 m)
Net worth $500,000
Salary / earning / income per year $40,000
Profession activist, radio person, non-profit organization leader.
Nationality American

Get To Know Curtis Sliwa

Before jumping to the information about Curtis Sliwa net worth, get to know his basic information first.

  • Legal Name & stage name:
    • The media person was born with the name Curtis Sliwa and remains known as Curtis Sliwa as he grew up. He also uses the same name for his public persona.
  • Date of Birth:
    • Curtis Sliwa was born in Canarsie, Brooklyn, New York. His date of birth is March 26, 1954. His age is currently 67 years old.
  • Gender & Height:
    • Curtis Sliwa is a 6′ (1.84 m) male.
  • Nationality:
    • Curtis Sliwa is an American of Italian and Polish descent.
  • What is Curtis Sliwa Best Known for?
    • The Republican public figure is a well-known New Yorker figure. He started to gain recognition after he founded the Guardian Angels at the age of  24. There are a few controversies that raised Guardian Angels and his name to public fame.
    • After being an activist, he also started his career in radio as a program broadcaster. In 201os, he carved his political career path. All these careers that he has are probably the source of Curtis Sliwa net worth.

Very Beginnings

Curtis Sliwa came from a Roman Catholic family in Brooklyn, born to Francesca and Chester Curtis. He grew up with his two sisters.

As a youngster, he worked for the New York Daily News as a newspaper boy. Once on his work duty, he saw a burning building and managed to help save several people. For his heroic action, he earned the “Newsboy of the Year” award that year and won a trip to the White House.

  • Education

He went to Brooklyn Prep but later was expelled from the high school. Curtis Sliwa the enrolled to Canarsie High School and graduated from there.

  • Personal life

Curtis Sliwa is currently married to Nancy Regula. Their wedding was in 2018 at the Howe Caverns.

Before he wed his current wife, he already married three times. His first wife was Koren Drayton, a Virgin Islands native who he said resembles the image of his black activist idol, Angela Davis. After their divorce in 1977, he married Lisa Evers, the Guardian Angels’ former national director. After being married for 13 years, Curtis Sliwa and Lisa Evers divorced in 1994.

Then in 2000, Curtis Sliwa married Mary Galda, the former executive director of Guardian Angels. Mary Galda gave birth to their son Anthony, but then they divorced in 2012. Before and after marrying his then third wife, Curtis Sliwa had an intermittent relationship with is Melinda Katz. Together, they shared two children.

With a few children that he needed to take care, some sources said that Curtis Sliwa net worth is spent mostly to pay for child support.



Long before Curtis Sliwa net worth get to the current amount, he worked several jobs including as a paperboy and McDonald’s manager.

What are the other sources of income that contribute to Curtis Sliwa net worth currently?

Curtis Sliwa Media Career

Curtis Sliwa net worth biggest contributor might come from his work as a radio broadcaster. He started in 1990, mostly broadcasting for WABC-AM, hosting conservative radio talk shows. He then joined WNYC in 1994 after his contract was terminated by WABC.

For three decades, Curtis Sliwa hosted various radio shows, both on his own and with partners. One of his broadcast partners was Ron Kuby, a lawyer who for a long time hosted Curtis & Kurby show together with him.

Curtis Sliwa also began his nationally recognized radio program in December, 2008, called The Curtis Sliwa LIVE. Since his former mayoral candidacy announcement, his program is on hiatus.

Politic Career

Curtis Sliwa net worth might also come from his work as a politician. It began in September 2016, when he took over the Reform Party of New York State. A few years later, after Donald Trump left the white house, Curtis Sliwa then changed to the Republican Party.

As a Republican, he then announced his candidacy for the mayor of New York City. He was endorsed by John Catsimatidis, a billionaire businessman who formerly was his employer. One of Curtis Sliwa’s platforms for his campaign was to oppose the idea of defunding police and to hire thousands more police officers instead.

However, in November 2021, Curtis Sliwa lost the election to Eric Adams, the Brooklyn Borough President.

Curtis Sliwa Net worth

Does Curtis Sliwa net worth and wealth come from other investments besides his radio and political career?

  • Curtis Sliwa Net Worth from Real estate

Curtis Sliwa’s wealth might come from his real estate ownership. One of the properties he sold back in 2018 was his childhood home in Canarsie.

Right now, he currently lived with his wife in a 320-square-foot studio apartment in Upper West Side, along with 15 cats that they rescue from the street.

  • How much Curtis Sliwa make per year?

From Curtis Sliwa net worth, it is assumed that he makes roughly $40,000 per year.

  • How does Curtis Sliwa make money?

In summary, Curtis Sliwa’s income comes from his contract as a radio program host and his work in the non-profit organization also as a politician.

Curtis Sliwa’s Recent Activities

Curtis Sliwa is still actively involved in Guardian Angels even now.


After he lost New York mayoral candidacy, Curtis Sliwa still takes his role as an activist besides hosting radio programs. He often uses his social media to voice his opinion.