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Terence Crawford Net Worth – The Champion of WBO Welterweight

Regarded as one of the greatest welterweight boxers of his generation, it definitely affect Terence Crawford net worth for this year.

Therefore, we are about to know that.


Stage Name Terence Crawford
Legal Name Terence Allan Crawford
Date of Birth           28 September 1987
Gender Male
Height 5,8 ft (173 cm)
Terence Crawford Net Worth           $8 million
Profession Professional Boxer
Nationality United States of America           

Getting to Know Terence Crawford

First of all, let us get to know about him. For those who do not really know, Terence Crawford is a famous professional boxer.

Likewise, this boxer is the champion of WBO Welterweight champion. He hold the title since 2018. Crawford has gotten multiple championships in the world.

Then, in three weight divisions, he has won a lot of other championships.

In 2005, Terence became the first male boxer that ever hold all the biggest titles in boxing. They are WBA, WBC, IBF, and WBO.

Furthermore, only six men can ever do that in history. Because of his performance in boxing, Crawford received a lot of awards and achievements.

Many boxing fans know him as the boxer with speedy hand, punching power, ring IQ, great defensive skills, and a lot more.

  • Legal Name: Terence Allan Crawford
  • Stage Name: Terence Crawford / Bud
  • Date of Birth: 28 September 1987
  • Gender & Height: Male, 5.8 feet (173 cm)
  • Nationality: United States of America
  • What is Terence Crawford Best Known for?
    • Terence Crawford is a famous boxer. Subsequently, he is a world champion in the Welterweight class. Also, as a professional fighter, he has not lost a match yet.
    • Besides, Crawford became the “Fighter of the Year” in 2014. This name came from the Boxing Writers Association of America.

Terence Crawford Previous Life

Terence Allan Crawford was born in 1987. He lived in Omaha, Nebraska. His father is Terry Crawford, whereas his mother is Debbie Crawford.

Further, Terence’s sisters are Shawntay and Latisha. He put interested in the boxing world since he was so young.

Even so, Terence started training at 7 years old. Then, he began to take part in boxing competitions or tournaments for the amateur.

Thus, he got a triple win and ranked as the highest in the lightweight division.

  • Education:
    • There is no reference to Terence Crawford Education. He began training to be a boxer when he was 7 years old.
    • Hence, he took up boxing while still in school.
  • Personal Life: His wife is Alindra Person. Meanwhile, Terence Crawford III is his son.

Terence Crawford’s Career

terence crawford net worth

Crawford began his career in amateur boxings. He has 70 official bouts while in the league with 12 times of losing.

Besides, as an amateur boxer, Terence Crawford has achieved three gold medals from a different national championship.

Further, in 2008, Crawford debuted as a professional boxer. This boxer knocked out his opponent in round one.

Additionally, he fought in the lightweight class with a record of 19-0 with 15 TKO wins. While in this division, he was named by ESPN as the 2014’s Fighter of the Year.

After that, Terence Crawford moved to light-welterweight in 2015. He won the WBO title in his debut fight after defeating Thomas Dulorme via TKO.

Also, Terence won another championship in the light welterweight division.

Terence Crawford moved up to the higher division, the welterweight, on October 26, 2017. Then, he became a champion.

According to data, his professional boxing record until now is 38 wins and zero losses. Thus, he managed to TKO his opponents 29 times.

Terence Crawford Net worth

According to some trusted sources, Terence Crawford net worth is estimated to be $8 million this year.

Likewise, he managed to achieve that wealth from his bouts, sponsorship, and other businesses.

Businesses, Properties and Cars

  • Busisness

Besides being a professional boxer and obviously a celebrity, Crawford is also a businessman. Likewise, he owned several businesses like a flagship store selling sports gear and merchandise.

So, it is something that affects Terence Crawford net worth besides his boxing bouts.

  • Real Estate

Terence Crawford does not live lavishly. The well-known house in Omaha is still his home. However, we believe he has several mansions and houses as part of his investments.

Meanwhile, this boxer trains in Colorado Springs. Crawford calls it his second home. Those also have effects on Terence Crawford net worth.

  • Vehicles

There is an incident related to Crawford’s car. He faced some legal issues because of an incident. It happened at a local auto shop in Omaha.

Therefore, in September 2016, he was found guilty.

It seems that he has a bunch of cars in his garage. Otherwise, the type of vehicles is unknown. Well, this is still part of Terence Crawford net worth.

Terence Crawford Income Detail

According to some data, his salary and earnings are mostly based on his bouts in a year. Likewise, in 2019, Terence received $4 million from the bout vs Kavaliauskas and $5.5 million vs Amir Khan.

Meanwhile, in the previous year, he received a total of $6.6 million from a bout against Jose Benavidez and Jeff Horn.

Further, in 2017, Crawford went one on one with Julius Indongo ad Felix Diaz. He received at least $2 million for each bout.

More importantly, he never loses the fights.

Hence, those bouts’ money really explains how much Terence Crawford net worth per year. His income mostly comes from the boxing business.

Additionally, last year, he received $6 million from the bout against Porter.

  • How Does Terence Crawford Make Money?

Indeed, Crawford makes money by fighting and beating his opponents in the boxing ring. Besides, he gets money from businesses, merchandise, and sponsorship.

Therefore, Terence Crawford net worth is high.

What Is Terence Crawford Concern Now?

No, he is not retired. Still, Terence Crawford becomes a professional boxer. His last bout was against Shawn Porter on July 31st, 2021.

Moreover, this boxer won the match via TKO. He will continue to grow Terence Crawford net worth.

After winning the fight against Shawn Porter, the WBO Welterweight champ does not decide his next opponent yet.

Then, there are some boxers ready to get in the ring with Crawford. However, The future match for the champion is still unclear.

Probably, Terence is still focusing on his family and personal life. He will also be going to Colorado Springs to train with his team.

More importantly, Terence Crawford net worth would still be growing.