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Johnny Bananas Net Worth – Multitasking Actor with Affable Character

In addition to his growing popularity, Johnny Bananas net worth is one of the hottest conversations among American celebrities.

He has a reputation as a multitasking person who can do many things.

Likewise, the actor used to be a contestant on television reality game shows, such as The Real World and The Challenge.

In the program, he managed to complete the challenges in multiple seasons. The failure will lead to elimination.

Therefore, apart from Johnny Bananas net worth, his personal life and career are also interesting to know.

His likable character brought him to fame.

Furthermore, are you curious about Johnny Bananas net worth, career, investment, and private life?

Check out the full story below!


1 Stage Name: Johnny Bananas
2 Legal Name: Johnny Amadio Devenanzio
3 Date of Birth: June 22th, 1982
4 Gender: Male
5 Height: 5 ft 9 in (177 cm)
6 Net Worth: $1 million
7 Salary/earning/income per year: Approximately $100,000
8 Profession: American actor, host, and TV personality
9 Nationality: United States of America

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Johnny Bananas Basic Data

Johnny Bananas is a public figure from Orange County, California, who first appeared on television in the 2006 competitive game show The Real World: Key West season 17.

Since then, he has been participating in many game shows on television until 2020 and earned a lot of income.

Besides, he has been a host and actor on several occasions.

Since his school days, he is indeed a fun and ‘crazy’ person. Thereupon, he bore the name ‘Bananas’ and survived until now.

Further, he has dated Camila Nakagawa, Case Cooper, and Hannah Teter.

Then, in 2018 he met another contestant named Morgan Willet and got into a relationship. However, in September 2021, they said that the relationship had ended.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: John Amadeus Devenanzio is then popular with the stage name Johnny Bananas.
  • Date of Birth: June 22th, 1982
  • Gender & Height: A male of about 5 feet 9 inches (177 cm)
  • Johnny Bananas Nationality: United States of America

What is Johnny Bananas Best Known for?

Since 2006, Johnny Bananas has been remarkable as a contestant on television game shows who are competitive and fun at heart.

This man has followed more than 25 game show seasons with wins and losses. After that, he has a reputation for being a character contestant and being an idol of the audience.

His fame on the television led him to be a host on several shows and an actor in the films Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (2019), The Head Thieves (2018), and Scream: Killer Party (2015).

Moreover, with game show competitions and a hosting career, he is increasingly famous. It makes Johnny Bananas net worth skyrocket and achieves fantastic wealth figures.

Early Days of Johnny Bananas

Before Johnny Bananas net worth discussion, it is prominent to know his life was before famous.

He was born in Fullerton, California, on June 22, 1982.

This American-blooded man changed his name to Johnny Bananas Devenanzio because of the nickname from his friends in college.

He got the nickname ‘Bananas’ because he always has a crazy and fun mind. This man also has a work-hard and competitive nature throughout his life.

Further, through his career as a public figure, he has managed to get a lot of money which will be an investment in his old age.

  • Education

He attended Pennsylvania State University to study Bachelors’s in Economics.

  • Personal Life

Johnny Bananas and Morgan Willett’s romantic relationship dates back to 2018’s The Challenge: War of The Worlds.

Then, in 2019 Willett admitted to his relationship with Johnny Bananas and began to share their happy moments on his social media accounts.

Both of them upload moments celebrating Valentine’s Day, holidays, birthdays, and other moments of their togetherness.

After that, in September 2021, the two announced their separation. A week later, Willet said that the reason for the breakup was that Johnny Bananas cheated on him.

Johnny Bananas’s Career

Career Johnny Bananas was successful as a public figure through the films Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (2019), The Head Thieves (2018), and Scream: Killer Party (2015).

Much earlier than that, he was a participant in a television game show and contracted for many years.

Thus, he gained fame through that game show competition event.

Popularity, many wins, and prizes brought Johnny Bananas net worth to numbers of approximately $1 million.

Still, he continues to work in the entertainment industry. The last time he became the host of Celebrity Sleepover was in 2021, with as many as four episodes.

Johnny Bananas Net Worth

Johnny Bananas net worth is $1 million in the estimation.

Businesses and Assets

This actor is mostly busy in the entertainment industry. Otherwise, he also runs a business to boost Johnny Bananas net worth.

Apart from being busy as a public figure, Johnny Bananas has a kids clothing line called Johnny Banana Co.

Furthermore, he manufactures and sells children’s apparel online and worldwide.

  • Real Estate

In a video on YouTube, Johnny Bananas leads a home tour. He shows every part and corner of his unique house.

There are many strange objects that he got during the game show competition. For instance, they are cow horns, skulls, and so on.

  • Vehicles

Johnny Bananas has a Bentley Motors car that he shows off on his Instagram account.

Johnny Bananas Earning Detail

When he won the “Final Challenge”, he received a salary of $31,670 and an additional $21,300 from his bank account.

Hence, the total amount is $52,970.

Johnny Bananas net worth in early 2022 is $1 million. He is a public figure who has participated in many reality shows and acted in several films.

  • How does Johnny Bananas Make Money?

Most of Johnny Bananas net worth does come from the entertainment industry. He earns money from his career as a TV personality, actor, and presenter.

Besides, this man from California is a podcast presenter and has a YouTube Channel with regular content uploads.

Apart from that, he also runs his business in a kids’ clothing line.

Is Johnny Bananas Still Productive?

johnny bananas net worth

Johnny Bananas has announced his retirement from his routine as a contestant on the game show he has been participating in for years.

However, he is still active and exists as a public figure. Johnny Bananas still participates in various television shows.

The last time, he hosted Celebrity Sleepover was in 2021.

  • What is Johnny Bananas Doing Now?

Johnny Bananas hosts podcasts, creates content for his YouTube account, and owns a kids’ clothing line.

Occasionally he appears on television shows. Therefore, it makes Johnny Bananas net worth still big even though he is no longer in the game.