Derek Fisher Net Worth – From NBA Star to Entrepreneur

According to some sources, Derek Fisher net worth is estimated at 50 million dollars. Derek Fisher net worth, of course, we know for sure that his main income comes from salary as a professional basketball player.

But what is the net that reaches tens of millions of dollars, he gets from a job as a basketball player ? Or is there some other business or investment? To find out the answer, let’s look at the complete information about the biography, career, and source of Derek Fisher net worth.

Summary Table
Stage Name Derek Fisher or D’Fish
Legal name Derek Lamar Fisher
Date of Birth: August 9, 1974
Gender: Male
Height 185 cm
Net worth $50 million
Salary / earning / income per day
Profession Athlete
Nationality American

Getting To Know Derek Fisher

Derek Fisher is a former basketball player who often competed in the NBA. He currently has a job as a coach and manager of the basketball team.

Derek Fisher, who played for the Los Angeles Lakers, played basketball professionally for 18 years. He was in the NBA Championship in 2004 with the Lakers, in 2010 with the Golden State Warriors, in 2012 with the Oklahoma City Thunder, in 2013 with the Los Angeles Clippers and in 2016 with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Derek Fisher is currently a coach and manager of The Memphis Grizzlies.

Now, he is a retired American professional basketball player who played for the Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors, Utah Jazz and New York Knicks. He has won 5 NBA championships in his career. Looking back on his successful career, Derek Fisher net worth is $18 million.

  • Legal Name & stage name: The real name of this former basketball player is Derek Lamar Fisher. But he is better known as Derek Fisher or D’Fish.
  • Date of Birth: Derek Fisher was born in Little Rock, Arkansas on August 9, 1974.
  • Gender & Height: Derek Fisher is male and has a height of 185 cm and a weight of 95 kg.
  • Nationality: Derek Fisher is an American citizen.

What is Derek Fisher Famous for?

Derek Fisher is one of the most respected players in the NBA. He has had the privilege of playing for several teams, but, by far, his time with the LA Lakers has been his most celebrated.

Besides the LA Lakers, Derek Fisher has also received contracts with the Golden State Thunder and Oklahoma City Thunder. The contracts have made Derek Fisher net worth was gaining gradually.

During his career in basketball, he won five NBA championships in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2009 and 2010. In addition, he was awarded the Sun Belt Player of the Year and All Sun Belt.

Derek Fisher has now been appointed as the manager and coach of the Los Angeles Sparks Women’s Basketball Team. Besides being a retired NBA player, the source of Derek Fisher net worth is also come from his profession as an actor and a sports analyst.

Personal Life

Derek Fisher, a former NBA player himself, was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas. He is the younger brother of the late Duane Washington, a former college player for UCLA and a top 10 selection in the 1988 NBA Draft.

He attended Parkview Arts & Science Magnet High School, where he was able to showcase his immense basketball skills. Though he was only starting out, within a few months he had already become one of the most impressive players on the team.

After graduating high school, he felt the need to continue his studies at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He majored in communications there and continued to play basketball while pursuing his degree.

His efforts were rewarded by being named to the National Association of Basketball Coaches All-American team his senior year. Since then, Derek Fisher net worth has increased year by year as he has become more popular.

  • Family
derek fisher personal life

Although Derek Fisher net worth is quite fantastic, his personal life is controversial. Derek Fisher married Candace Fisher in 2005, but they divorced in 2016. This couple, Derek and Candace Fisher, were married for over ten years.

During the marriage, Derek and Candace had four children named Tatum Fisher, Marshall Fisher, Drew Fisher, and Chloe Fisher.

Currently Derek Fisher has a girlfriend named Gloria Govan.

Derek Fisher Net Worth

derek fisher net worth, income and salary

Derek Fisher is a retired basketball player who has been playing for the New York Knicks and other teams. He was a small forward and played the shooting guard position. Derek Fisher net worth is estimated to be $50 million, which he made from his basketball contract earnings.

Derek has played in the NBA by defending various teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers, Oklahoma City Thunder, Dallas Maverick, Houston Rockets, and Golden State Warriors. The contract value he got was also fantastic.

In 2004, Derek Fisher net worth was on the rise after signing a contract with the Golden State Warriors for $37 million. With the salary and bonuses he got while playing in the NBA, Derek Fisher net worth has grown.

After retiring from playing basketball, Derek Fisher net worth came from his job as a coach and manager of the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Sparks basketball teams.

The income and salary he got when he was a manager and coach of course also contributed to increasing Derek Fisher net worth.

Derek Fisher’s Salary

The following is a list of Derek Fisher’s salary and income earned as a basketball player and basketball coach.

  • 2014: 5 year contract with New York Knicks as head coach worth 25 million dollars.

  • 2013: one year contract with Oklahoma City Thunder for $1.4 million.

  • 2012: $1 million contract with Dallas Mavericks, $400,000 salary from Oklahoma City Thunder.

  • 2011: Los Angeles Lakers salary of $3.4 million.

  • 2010: 3 year contract with Los Angeles Lakers worth $10.5 million.

Unfortunately there are no sources that say how much income and the value of Derek Fisher’s contract with the Los Angeles Sparks both as a coach and manager.

  • Real Estate

Derek Fisher net worth includes the property investment of a luxury Mediterranean home in California. Unfortunately, the investment home has sold for $2.3 million.

  • Derek Fisher Earnings

The annual income of Derek Fisher varies greatly. He earns money as a basketball player, coach, and team manager. The actual amount of money that he earns each year is determined by the contract that he has with his current team, the salary he is receiving for his services, and any bonuses that are added on to his contract.

The value of the contract he received as a basketball player and coach was quite large. This is what makes Derek Fisher net worth a fantastic sum.

Professional career

derek fisher profesional career in basketball

The following is Derek Fisher’s career in basketball.

  • Los Angeles Lakers:
    • Derek Fisher first joined the Los Angeles Lakers in 1996.
    • He defended this team until 2004. Derek Fisher net worth began to increase since his performance while playing for the Los Angeles Lakers was quite impressive.
  • Golden State Warriors and Utah Jazz:
    • In 2004, Derek Fisher was awarded a contract from the Golden State Warriors for 37 million dollars.
    • This contract with a large value also makes Derek Fisher net worth increase. In 2006, Fisher played for the Utah Jazz for a year.
  • Return to the Lakers;
    • Back in in 2007, Derek Fisher signed a $14 million deal with the LOS ANGLES Lakers.
    • The value of this contract has helped significantly boost Derek Fisher net worth.
  • Rockets, Thunder, and Mavericks:
    • In 2012, Derek Fisher transferred to the Houston Rockets. But he never played at all.
    • In March 2012, he signed for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Then in November he was signed by the Dallas Mavericks.
  • Coaching Career:
    • Derek Fisher’s career as a basketball coach began in 2014. He was signed to the New York Knicks for $25 million for five years. A pretty fantastic value to add to Derek Fisher net worth.
    • From 2019 until now, Derek Fisher has been the coach of the Los Angeles Sparks team. Derek Fisher net worth is still growing as he was also promoted to manager of the team.

Derek Fisher Retirement

Derek Fisher has retired from basketball. He no longer plays basketball. However, to add Derek Fisher net worth, he still has a job related to the world of basketball, namely as a coach and manager of the basketball team.

  • What is he doing now?

Currently, Derek Fisher has a job as coach and manager of the Los Angeles Sparks team. He has been the coach of the team from 2019 until now. He has led them to their best season in franchise history with a 34-7 record and their first ever playoff championship. Derek Fisher also made them the first team to win three consecutive championships since 2014.