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CC Sabathia Net Worth and How He Made His Fortune

Currently, CC Sabathia net worth stands at $80 million. This makes CC Sabathia one of the most successful and richest baseball players in America.

Of the total net worth of CC Sabathia which reaches tens of millions of dollars, does he only have a job as a basketball player? Or is there any income, salary or other investment that makes him a billionaire?

We have summarized all of these answers below in the form of a biography and CC Sabathia’s career path.

Summary Table
Stage Name CC Sabathia
Legal name Carsten Charless Sabathia
Date of Birth: July 21, 1980
Gender: Male
Height 198 cm
Net worth $80 million
Salary / earning / income per day $1 milliion
Profession Athlete
Nationality American

Getting To Know CC Sabathia

CC Sabathia is a professional baseball player for the New York Yankees. The 6’7″ lefty signed a 7-year, $161 million contract in 2008, eclipsing the record set by Alex Rodriguez for the highest amount. Since then, CC Sabathia net worth has grown dramatically as he became the most expensive baseball player in the history of Major League Baseball.

CC Sabathia has been a huge player for the Yankees over his 13 seasons there, winning World Series’ in 2009 & 2017. He’s now played five All-Stars and won two Silver Sluggers.

CC Sabathia has signed contracts with several baseball teams. He got a contract with a great value. Therefore, many people are interested in CC Sabathia net worth

  • Legal Name & stage name: The full name of this baseball player is Carsten Charless Sabathia. In his career in baseball, he was known as CC Sabathia.
  • Date of Birth: CC Sabathia was born in Vallejo, California on July 21, 1980. This means that she is currently 41 years old.
  • Gender & Height: CC Sabathia is male and has a height of about 198 cm.
  • Nationality: Sabathia is an American citizen.

Famous Known For

CC Sabathia is a professional baseball player and has played the positions of pitcher. CC Sabathia also happens to be the highest paid baseball player. He’s been in MLB for more than ten years, and was an extremely popular player for that long. That’s one reason many people are curious about CC Sabathia net worth.

CC Sabathia is currently plays for the New York Yankees. Previously, he also played for the Cleveland Indians baseball team and the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team. His career started in 1997 with the Cleveland Indians. He pitched for them until 2003, when he was traded to the Milwaukee Brewers.

Beginning of CC Sabathia

Carsten Charles Sabathia was born to Carsten Sr and Margie. Before CC Sabathia net worth, career, and popularity progressed like this, his father was obsessed with sports. Therefore, he encouraged his son to have a career in the world of sports.

“I always had my dad pushing me to be a baseball player. It’s all he ever wanted,” CC Sabathia said in a recent interview with CBS Sports. Growing up, Sabathia’s father would take him to parks and fields in East Oakland, CA and they would play catch for hours on end.

Several years later, Carsten Charles Sabathia Jr. is an American professional baseball player who played seventeen seasons in Major League Baseball for the Cleveland Indians, Milwaukee Brewers, New York Yankees, and the Philadelphia Phillies. The career has led CC Sabathia net worth increasing year by year.

The nickname CC was given by his grandmother. Until now, Sabathia uses the nickname CC. Sabathia’s father died in 1992. Since then her mother has struggled alone to raise her. Her mother was also very supportive of Sabathia’s career in baseball.

  • Personal life
cc sabathia family

CC Sabathia married Amber Sabathia in 2003. In their marriage, they have four children. The first child named Carsten Charles III was born in 2003 while the second child is a daughter named Jaeden Arie. The third and fourth children are named Cia and Carter.

  • Education

CC Sabathia attended Vallejo High School. He started playing in the Major League Baseball Youth Program while still in school. After graduating from high school, he received a scholarship to attend the University of Hawaii. He also played baseball and football during college, which later became the source of CC Sabathia net worth.

  • MLB Career

CC Sabathia net worth has grown fantastically since his career in Major League Baseball began in 2001. At that time, he became the youngest player. In 2002, he signed a $9.5 million contract with the Cleveland Indians.

In 2005, he secured a two-year contract extension worth 17.75 million dollars.

In 2008, Sabathia transferred to the Milwaukee Brewers. Then in 2009, Sabathia signed a 7 year contract with the New York Yankees worth 161 million dollars. This is the contract with the largest value in MLB history.

With such a fantastic contract value, it is not surprising that CC Sabathia net worth is so large.

In 2014 CC Sabathia was involved in the toughest year of his career, playing for a team with a lot of talent and – even though he himself contributed to this – couldn’t get them the results they were longing for. This is because he suffered a knee injury.

As a result, CC Sabathia net worth decreased as he couldn’t play for a year and didn’t do any work. After that, in 2015, he helped the New York Yankees compete in the American League Wild Card Game.

However, during his career in baseball, CC Sabathia received various awards. Among them is that he won the All Star Selection six times in 2003, 2004, 2007, 2010, 2011, and 2012. He also won the World Series Champion in 2009.

In 2007, he won the AL Cy Young Award. In addition, he also won the title of MLB Wins Leader and AL Shutouts Leader.

CC Sabathia Net Worth

cc sabathia net worth, business and endorsement

CC Sabathia net worth is $80 million. Most of this income came from his salary and contracts as a baseball player. As is well known, Sabathia was signed to the Cleveland Indians, Milwaukee Brewers, and New York Yankees.

In fact, he became the highest-paid baseball player when he was signed to the New York Yankees. By having a job as the most expensive baseball player, it is not surprising that CC Sabathia net worth can reach 80 million dollars.

The source of CC Sabathia net worth isn’t just from playing baseball, but he also earns money from sponsorships. In one year, he can get a salary from sponsors worth 1 million dollars. CC Sabathia is sponsored by various well-known brands such as Pepsi, Subway, Nike Jordan and EA Sports.

The income from this sponsorship also contributes to CC Sabathia net worth which reaches tens of millions of dollars. Additionally, in 2017, CC Sabathia started a podcast with Ryan Ruocco.

With CC Sabathia net worth of 80 million dollars, he is on the list of the 20 richest baseball players in history.

CC Sabathia’s Salary

The salary or income that CC Sabathia receives in one year from her job can reach 25 million dollars. The income comes from contracts, bonuses, and sponsors. With a fairly large amount of annual income, it’s no wonder CC Sabathia net worth is also very large.

  • Source of Wealth

CC Sabathia is a pitcher who has played for 3 different teams, but now plays for the Cleveland Indians. He currently has a contract worth $25 million per year. Along with his contract, CC Sabathia has a net worth that also comes from his endorsements and sponsorships

What Is He Up To Now?

cc sabathia net worth, career and personal life

Currently CC Sabathia manages a social institution called PitCCh In Foundation. The institute has renovated three baseball fields. In addition, this institution also donated more than 50 thousand school bags for students in Vallejo.

Even though he has decided to retire from baseball, CC Sabathia net worth is still growing. Currently, he is still receiving several sponsors and endorsements. It is known that he has long been endorsed by Nike and Jordan.

  • Is he retired?

CC Sabathia decided to retire from her job as a baseball player in 2019. She had to undergo rehabilitation due to alcoholism. Currently he is focused on maintaining his health.

CC Sabathia lives with her family in Alpine, New Jersey. He now spends his time doing social activities. He is involved in the PitCCh in Foundation and Crutches 4 Kids.

Currently CC Sabathia net worth is earned by accepting work for sponsorship and endorsement. So, even though he is no longer active in baseball, he still has a sizable income.