Charley Pride Net Worth and Life As a Groundbreaking Country Singer

As one of the most legendary country singers of all time, Charley Pride net worth reached a quite fantastic amount during his career.

His extensive career and remarkable works in the music industry made the world lose one of its best country singers when he passed away due to Covid-19 in 2020.

Do you want to know how much Charley Pride net worth and his other exceptional achievements throughout his life? Find out the answer by reading this article thoroughly.

Summary table
Stage Name Charley Pride
Legal Name Charley Frank Pride
Date of Birth March 18, 1934
Gender Male
Height 6′ (1.85 m)
Net worth $40 million
Salary / earning / income per year $400,000 – $900,000
Profession Singer, guitarist
Nationality American

Getting To Know Charley Pride

Before we got to the discussion about Charley Pride net worth, let’s first take a quick look at his profile and basic information.

  • Legal Name & Stage name:
    • Born Charley Frank Pride eighty-eight years ago, the artist known better as Charley Pride on stage.
    • Initially, his father was eager to give his name Charl Frank Pride.
    • Due to an error made by the cleric, his name on the birth certificate turned into Charley Frank Pride.
  • Date of Birth: Charley Pride was born on March 18 in 1934 in Sledge, Mississippi.
  • Gender & Height: The African-American singer was 6′ (1.85 m) male.
  • Nationality: Charley Pride was a U.S. citizen.
  • What is Charley Pride Best Known for?
    • Charley Pride was almost the U.S. best country singer, second only to the great Elvis Presley. What also made him remarkable was that he was the first African-American who made it into the top chart in the music industry during his golden period.
    • His success in country and gospel music was probably the main source of Charley Pride net worth.

Charley Pride Beginning of Life

Long before Charley Pride net worth got into the staggering amount, he grew up in a big and not too prosperous family. His parents, Mack and Tessie B. Stewart Pride, are sharecroppers and cotton pickers who owned eleven children, eight boys, and three girls. Charley Pride was their fourth son, while the eldest was Mack Pride, who entered the ministry after previously had done join the African-American league baseball.

Although he came from a poor condition, Charley Pride was always reminded by his mother to be grateful despite their economic limitations. He was not really fond of his father growing up, because he was kind of a tough and strict father. His father also wasn’t really keen on his children to be anything else other than a cotton picker.

  • Education:
    • Charley Pride went to a segregated school because at that time when he was a kid, it was still a pre-civil rights era.
    • However, he only attended the school until he was in eleventh grade, in 1953, since was allowed by his parents to drop out and pursue a career as a baseball player.
  • Personal life:
    • Charley Pride married his wife in 1956. They first met in Memphis, Tennessee, when he was still playing baseball. Together with Rozene Pride, they had two sons and a daughter, Kraig, Dion, and Angela. From their three children, they have so far two great-grandchildren from five grandchildren.
    • Their long marriage was once disturbed by an infidelity issue in the late 1970s, however, they remained married till the end of his life.

Charley Pride’s Career

Although it seems unlikely, Charley Pride began his career as a baseball player. He signed his contract with Boise Yankees in 1953 and played for the New York Yankees’ Class C farm team. He played for several other teams until he was drafted into the Army in 1956 for two years.

After he was discharged from the Army, he tried to continue his career in baseball. However, due to his former arm injury, he lost his chances as a basketball player and ended up working in a smelter. While he worked in the smelter, his singing ability was noticed by the company and soon he was offered to sing in some company events.

This vast array of various jobs later led up to his break as a singer that later boost Charley Pride net worth.

Charley Pride Music Career

His singing career really took off when he signed a contract with Chet Atkins at RCA Victor. Although his first and third single with the recording label was not really quite successful, he continued to sing in clubs and made other connections in the industry. Later, when he released his third single, he finally made it into the country music charts.

The single that brought him into the spotlight is Just Between You and Me, which also earned him a Grammy Award in 1966. He later performed for large audiences in Detroit’s Olympia Stadium for the first time, which was attended by no less than 10,000 country music fans. After that, he was booked for hundreds of shows, despite his race which initially became a problem for a few people.

After his career started to reach its peak, he and his family moved to Texas in 1969. He kept actively producing quality music for his fans until the end of his life. His latest album was released in July 2017, which was titled Music in My Heart. His success earned him a great deal of success that became the source of Charley Pride net worth.


Charley Pride songs

Charley Pride songs that had been made into music videos were including:

  • Ev’ry Heart Should Have One (1984)
  • Where Was I (1988)
  • The More I Do (1989)
  • White Houses (1989)
  • Amy’s Eyes (1989)
  • Moody Woman (1990)
  • Whole Lotta Love on the Line (1990)
  • Just for the Love for It (1993)
  • For Today (1994)
  • Forever Country (2016)
  • Standing in My Way (2017)

Awards & Achievements

The abundance of Charley Pride net worth is also in line with the numerous achievements and awards that he received during his life and also posthumously. His most notable awards are from Academy of Country Music Awards, American Music Awards, Country Music Association, and Grammy Awards.

Charley Pride Net worth

Not far from a fellow senior country singer, Charley Pride net worth is estimated to reach around $40 million. Besides generated from his career as a musician, he also earned some profit from his business and investments.

  • Businesses

Charley Pride net worth also came from his entrepreneurial endeavors. In the 1980s, he had a few business activities, including banking and broadcasting. He is the biggest shareholder in a minority-owned bank that was the biggest in Texas. He also owned a music production and distribution company.

  • Real estate

Charley Pride net worth also came from his successful business ventures in real estate. He owned real estate holdings across the country since the 1980s.

  • Income Detail

With the total amount of Charley Pride net worth, it is estimated that his annual income was between $400,000 to $900,000.

In summary, Charley Pride net worth was generated from his log-life career as a musician and businessman.

Charley Pride Death

Regrettably, Charley Pride was one of the many people who passed away due to covid-19 in 2020.