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Jared Fogle Net Worth – The Former Subway Guy, Is He Still in Prison?

If you are curious about Jared Fogle net worth for this year, we are going to reveal it to you. So, how rich is the former Subway spokesperson right now?


Stage Name Jared Fogle
Legal Name Jared Scott Fogle
Date of Birth August 23, 1977
Gender Male
Height 6,2 ft (188 cm)
Jared Fogle Net Worth           $4 million
Profession Former Subway’s Brand Ambassador, Federal Prisoner          
Nationality United States of America

Jared Fogle Personal Data

Indeed, Jared Scott Fogle is a former spokesman. He works for Subway restaurants.

Then, he became famous because of his job as a person who represent the Subway chain in the public, including entertainment and news.

Thus, Fogle joined the advertising campaigns of the company in 2000 until 2015.

Further, Jared Fogle’s career as Subway’s brand ambassador was quite impressive. He began to be part of the company since losing significant weight after eating Subway products.

Therefore, the restaurant chain wanted Fogle to be their front guy.

However, Jared Fogle’s tenure got an abrupt end. FBI investigation found him guilty of CST (Child Sexual Tourism) which force him to live in Federal Prison for many years.

Hence, how does that affect Jared Fogle net worth?

  • Legal Name: Jared Scott Fogle
  • Stage Name: Jared Fogle
  • Date Of Birth: August 23, 1977
  • Gender & Height: Male, 6,2 feet (188 cm)
  • Nationality: United States of America
  • What Is Jared Fogle Best Known For?
    • Obviously, people know Jared Fogle for Subway’s advertising campaigns. Also, he became a big part of that popular Sandwich restaurant from 2000 to 2015 (15 years).
    • After that, due to convicting of a felony, that would really affect Jared Fogle net worth.

Beginning Of Jared Fogle

jared fogle net worth

Jared was born in Indianapolis on August 23rd, 1977. His parents are Adrienne and Norman Fogle. Besides, he grew up in a Jewish home.

Initially, Fogle worked at American Trans Air. However, he worked as part of the revenue management department for a short time.

He pretty much lived a normal life before Subway’s viral sensation.

  • Education:
    • In 1995, Jared Fogle finished his study in North Central, Indiana. Then, he continued to Indiana University Bloomington.
    • Finally, Fogle graduated from college in 2000.
  • Personal Life:
    • Jared Fogle married Elizabeth Christie in 2001. She was a pediatric nurse. However, they divorced in 2007.
    • After that, Fogle had an engagement with Katleen McLaughlin in 2009. Eventually, they both married in 2010.
    • Furthermore, from the marriage, Fogle had two children. After convicting of a sexual crime, Katleen wanted a divorce. The final was in 2015.

Jared Fogle’s Career

Initially, the first time people recognize Jared Fogle was from an article in a student-run newspaper.

Likewise, the article told about a story of a man who was losing 245 lb (111 kg) because of eating Subway Sandwiches.

Jared Fogle loses that weight because of exercising and eating Subway’s meals. Thus, that is a perfect diet method for him.

After that, he was featured in the popular health magazine, Men’s Health. That media cover made Subway contact him personally.

Moreover, on January 1st, 2000, Subway ran a test TV advertising campaign that covers Jared Fogle’s diet story.

It was a success. The company decided to let Fogle appear in many more TV ads and in-store appearances across the country.

He also became a speaker who talked about the importance of fitness and healthy eating.

Fogle took part in many of Subway’s campaigns. That includes “Tour de Pants” where he retired his own big pants.

Subsequently, he appeared in many popular shows including WWE, SNL, and several movies.

Additionally, in 2004, the Jared Foundation was born. It is a nonprofit organization that builds awareness about obesity in children.

The organization runs some educational programs and tools for the schools, parents, and community.

After running the foundation for years, the director, Russel Taylor was arrested.

Eventually, The Secretary of State of Indiana dissolved the foundation. There are some issues related to taxes and child exploitation.

The legal issues that Jared Fogle faced made his career look bad. Hence, the golden year was only going for about 15 years.

Therefore, Jared’s career is over.

Jared Fogle Net Worth

According to data, Jared Fogle net worth was so high in 2013. It is about $15 million. However, 2022 is a different story.

Still, he is currently in federal prison right now. So, it would definitely affect Jared Fogle net worth. This former Subway guy only has $4 million this year.

  • Businesses

There is no record about Jared Fogle’s businesses. Apparently, he does not have any running business anymore.

While being with Subway Company, Jared Fogle net worth mostly comes from it. He earns money from appearing in commercials, advertising campaigns, and TV shows.

  • Real Estate

Jared has a home in Indiana which was revealed to be worth $536,000. Besides, he has two other houses.

Meanwhile, the second one is in Austin Oaks that is worth $570,000. The third house in Zionsville Indianapolis has a value of $600,000.

Thus, those houses belong to Jared Fogle net worth.

  • Cars

There is no information regarding Jared Fogle’s cars. We believed he has some cars in his garage. Some of them might be quite pricy.

  • How Much Jared Fogle Make Per Year?

When he was still working with Subway, Jared Fogle earned a lot of money. For a year as a speaker of the company, his income was $2 million.

After the incident, he does not get that earning anymore. Finally, all of his life is inside the prison.

  • How Does Jared Fogle Make Money?

Indeed, at the peak of his career, Jared Fogle made money by taking part in Subway’s advertising campaigns.

Appearing on TV shows and guest-starring movies also grew Jared Fogle net worth every year. That was how he made money.

However, today is a different story. He does not make any money from the prison. Jared Fogle net worth comes from his properties and business, probably.

Jared Fogle Controversy

Fogle got several allegations about him having inappropriate relations with minors. That actually began in 2007. However, It did not gain traction.

Eventually, the FBI uncovered the case and found Jared guilty. In addition, he was pleaded guilty to the CST and possessing child pornography.

Is Jared Fogle Still Productive?

Apparently, he has retired as a Subway’s spokesperson since 2015. There is no chance of getting back to that job anymore.

Likewise, the type of crime is unforgivable.

  • What Is Jared Fogle Doing Now?

Still, Jared Fogle is in Federal prison in Englewood. Then, in December 2015, he had to serve 15 years and 8 months of the sentence.

Indeed, the investigation began in 2008.

Furthermore, Jared Fogle would be out of prison on July 2029. He is living a comfortable life in prison, the report says.

Thereupon, it makes Jared Fogle net worth go down low.