Tanya Roberts Net Worth – Success Story of Charlie’s Angel Actress

The public may only recognize Victoria Leigh Blum as an actress who starred in Charlie’s Angels. However, they do not know Tanya Roberts net worth and her career journey.

Thus, this page is going to present the life story of this actress and producer.

Summary Table:

Stage Name Tanya Roberts
Legal Name Victoria Leigh Blum 
Gender Female
Date of Birth 15th October 1949
Height 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm)                         
Tanya Roberts Net Worth $12 million
Income per year                                $500.000
Profession Actress, Model
Nationality American

Who is Tanya Roberts?

tanya roberts net worth

Tanya Roberts was an actress who was very popular in the 80s and 90s. Likewise, she played many roles in a lot of movies and TV series.

Besides, she worked as a producer.

  • The real name of this actress was Victoria Leigh Blum. However, the public calls her Tanya Roberts.
  • Tanya Roberts was born in 1955. Then, she celebrated her birthday every 15th October.
  • Tanya Roberts was a female and she was 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm). Meanwhile, her weight was 125,6 lbs (57 kg).
  • Since she was born in New York City, Tanya Roberts was an American.

Tanya Roberts Best Known For

Tanya Roberts was widely known as a model and actress. She became famous due to her acting in Charlie’s Angels and That 70s Show.

Furthermore, this actress had accomplished more than 40 movies and TV series production.

Then, due to her amazing contribution to films, the public is curious about Tanya Roberts net worth and the story behind her success.

Early Life of Tanya Roberts


Tanya Robert was the youngest daughter in her family. She only had one sister named Barbara. Then, her father worked as a salesman.

Additionally, Tanya Roberts was raised in New York. But, when she was a teenager, she moved to Toronto with her mother to pursue her modeling career.

When she was 15 years old, she quit high school and shifted to New York. Afterward, Tanya Roberts became a cover model.


Nonetheless, there is not much information about Tanya Roberts’ educational background. Otherwise, she went to the Actors Studio to learn modeling.

Personal Life

When Tanya was 15 years old, she had a boyfriend. He was a bohemian guy. Then, they lived together.

However, her mother did not like her boyfriend.

Finally, in 1974, she got married to Barry Roberts. Even they did not have children, their married life was very happy.

Sadly, Barry passed away in 2006.

Tanya Robert’s Career


Tanya Roberts started her career as a model. Hence, she worked as a fashion and cover model in New York.

Then, this woman signed a contract to be a model for various brands. For instance, she worked for Cool Ray sunglasses, Ultra Brite, and Clairol.

Furthermore, before being involved in films and T series production, she appeared in a lot of Off-Broadway productions.

For example, she was involved in Picnic and Antigone.

Although the salary she earned from modeling may not be as big as the earning from movies, her income as a model could contribute to Tanya Roberts net worth.

Tanya Roberts Acting Career

In 1977, Tanya and her husband moved to Hollywood to search for a better opportunity in an acting career.

Moreover, after struggling hard, she signed a contract to act on Charlie’s Angels. Likewise, she appeared in this series from 1980 to 1981.

Meanwhile, in 1985, she joined James Bond movie. The title of this film was A View to a Kill.

Then, she got an offer to appear in a TV program, That 70s Show. Further, in this sitcom, Tanya Roberts acted as Midge Pinciotti.

After that, she received a lot of praise for her appearance in this show.

In addition, Tanya Roberts has starred in a lot of films. For instance, she took a role in Body Slam, Sins of Desire, Night Eyes, and Inner Sanctum.

Besides, Tanya Roberts appeared in various TV movies and series.

For example, she appeared in Waikiki, Fantasy Island, Murder Me Murder You, Silk Stalkings, High Tide, Eve, and Barbershop.

Moreover, since she has starred in a lot of films, sitcoms, and TV shows, Tanya Roberts net worth might be fantastic.

During her acting career, Tanya Roberts received several nominations. In 1985, she got a nomination as the best actress in Bravo Otto Awards.

Tanya Roberts Net Worth


Tanya Roberts was able to build a solid career in the entertainment industry. Therefore, her hard work rewards her with fame and wealth.

Hence, no doubt, Tanya Roberts net worth was estimated at $12 million.

Indeed, Tanya Roberts built her modeling and acting career from zero. Firstly, she started to be a model for several brands.

Then, Tanya Roberts also played a small role in various films. Thereupon, due to her consistency, she could get an offer to star in big movies.

Additionally, her salary from acting might be the primary source of Tanya Roberts net worth.

  • Businesses. Tanya Roberts only focused on her acting career. So, this actress did not have any business ventures.
  • Real Estate. Considering the amount of Tanya Roberts net worth, she was able to afford any mansion she likes. Subsequently, Tanya Roberts had a house in the Hollywood Hills. After her death, this house was listed for $3 million.
  • Tanya Roberts net worth was accumulated from the modeling and acting earning. Thereupon, she could earn $10.000 up to $500.000 per year from the showbiz industry.
  • Indeed, Tanya Roberts earned her wealth from acting and modeling. Besides, her career started when she was a teen. No doubt, Tanya Roberts could be very rich.
  • Tanya Roberts net worth when she died was estimated at $10 million. Additionally, she had a lot of assets such as property investment.

Tanya Roberts quit her acting career in 2001. Likewise, she did not continue the TV series she starred in because her husband was sick.

However, Tanya Roberts completely retired from her acting career in 2005.

Tanya Roberts Cause of Death

Tanya Roberts passed away in January 2021 because of a health issue. In December, when she went hiking, she got difficulty in breathing.

Then, she was carried to Cedar-Sinai Hospital.

Furthermore, the doctor stated that she suffered from urinary tract infection and sepsis. Her condition was getting worse because she had hepatitis C.

Finally, she died due to multi-organ failure.