Patricia Richardson Net Worth – Success Story of Home Improvement Actress

In this article, you can discover Patricia Richardson net worth and how she establishes her career.

Therefore, you will know her success and personal life story.

Summary Table:

Stage Name Patricia Richardson
Legal Name Patricia Castle Richardson                     
Gender Female
Date of Birth 23rd February 1953
Height 5 Feet 7 inches (170 cm)
Patricia Richardson Net Worth $30 million
Income per year                                   $200.000 – $1 million
Profession Actress
Nationality American

About Patricia Richardson

patricia richardson net worth

Patricia Richardson is a senior actress who appeared in various films and TV programs. Also, her acting career is so marvelous.

  • Her legal name is Patricia Castle Richardson. However, she is widely known as Patricia Richardson.
  • Patricia was born in 1953. Then, she celebrates her birthday every 23rd February.
  • Patricia Richardson is a female. She is 5 feet 7 inches (170cm) tall, whereas she weighs 138 lbs (63kg).
  • As she was born in Maryland, Patricia is an American.

Patricia Richardson Best Known for

Patricia received huge recognition after appearing in a sitcom entitled Home Improvement. Jill Taylor was her character. Besides, she appeared in various TV programs. For instance, they were Sidney, The Equalizer, Strong medicine, Double Trouble, and Christmas Evil. In addition, as she has appeared in a lot of television shows, the public is curious about Patricia Richardson net worth and achievement.

Early Life of Patricia Richardson

Patricia Richardson is the daughter of Mary Elizabeth Howard and Lawrence Baxter Richardson. Furthermore, her father was a retired naval and a corporate executive.

Sadly, her father passed away in 2005 because of PSP.

Additionally, Patricia Richardson has three siblings. They are Ann Richardson, Lynn Richardson, and Cathy Richardson.

Patricia Richardson studied at Holton Arms School. Then, she participated in the Prestigious Hockaday.

Furthermore, it was a school for girls. After that, she enrolled in Southern Methodist University.

Personal Life of Patricia Richardson

Patricia Richardson married an actor named Ray Baker in 1982. Then, they have three children: Joseph Castle Baker, Roxanne Elizabeth Baker, and Henry Richardson Baker.

However, in 1995, Patricia and Baker decided to divorce.

Afterward, Patricia Richardson moved on by having a special relationship with a retired psychologist, Mark Cline.

Further, this woman met Mark Cline when she studied at Southern Methodist University.

Moreover, Patricia Richardson and Mark live together in Los Angeles. For your information, this woman is the mother of an actress named Betty Gilpin.

Patricia Richardson’s Career

When she was at college, Patricia has started his acting career. Likewise, this woman joined Angela Lansbury Broadway production.

Additionally, Patricia Richardson spent 10 years working and appearing in Broadway production.

She struggled hard to establish her acting career from zero. Then, she got an opportunity to appear in various TV shows and movies.

Thereupon, since she has performed very well in many TV programs and movies, the public is curious about Patricia Richardson net worth.

Patricia Richardson Acting Career

Patricia appeared in many TV programs. For instance, they were You Better Watch Out, The Equalizer, Spencer for Hire, and Quantum Leap.

She also appeared in C.H.U.D and Law: Special Victim Unit. Then, she got a contract to play in Bringing Ashley Home.

Besides, Patricia Richardson featured in a lot of film and TV projects. For example, she starred in The West Wing, Beautiful Wave Lost Angels, and In Country.

Moreover, Patricia Richardson received several nominations from Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Awards.

Besides, this actress was nominated for the Favorite Female TV performer in People’s Choice Award. Unfortunately, she never won the awards.

Patricia Richardson Movies

During her career in the entertainment industry, Patricia has starred in a lot of films. For example, she appeared in C.H.U.D, You Better Watch Out, Lost Angels, In Country, and Blonde.

Patricia Richardson also starred in Viva Las Nowhere, Lost Dream, Country Hall, A Christmas in Tennessee, and A Very Vintage Christmas.

Besides, she featured in a lot of TV movies such as Hands of a Stranger, Parent Trap III, The Jensen Project, and Smart Cookies.

Hence, considering the number of films she has starred in, Patricia Richardson net worth must be fantastic.

Patricia Richardson TV Shows

Patricia Richardson also hosted and appeared in enormous TV shows. For example, she appeared in The Doctors, The Cosby Show, and FM.

Indeed, the most popular show she starred in is Home Improvement. She featured in this show from 1991 up to 1999.

Likewise, her performance in this show was so impressive that she got a lot of nominations for Golden Globe Award and Emmy Awards.

Furthermore, since she starred in Home Improvement for more than 200 episodes, she must receive a big earning.

As the result, the salary from this show provides a significant contribution to Patricia Richardson net worth.

In addition, she also appeared in several episodes of Last Man Standing, The West Wings, Blindspot, and NCIS.

Patricia Richardson Net Worth

Receiving an incredible income from films, TV movies, and TV shows, Patricia Richardson net worth is estimated at $30 million.

Thus, her success in the entertainment industry is the result of her hard work.

Besides, the public recognizes Patricia Richardson as one of the most successful TV and movie actresses.

Subsequently, her acting performance is really marvelous. This way, she receives a lot of offers to appear in films and TV shows.

Therefore, the achievement, fame, and hard work give a positive impact on Patricia Richardson net worth.

  • Businesses. Nonetheless, there is not any trusted source revealing what kind of business Patricia Richardson owns. Further, it seems that this actress is only focusing on her acting career.
  • Real Estate. Patricia Richardson stays in Los Angeles, California. However, we cannot find the information about the price of this luxurious house.
  • Cars. Nevertheless, we do not find any source which tells about any luxurious vehicles owned by Patricia Richardson.

How Much Patricia Richardson Make per Year?

Indeed, Patricia Richardson can earn $200.000 up to $1 million per year. Additionally, she got this salary from TV series or TV show appearances.

Also, the biggest earning she received was the salary from Home Improvement.

Otherwise, the ABC executives offered her a $30 million contract for starring the 9th season of Home Improvement, but she rejected this offer and the series had to end.

Further, she got a big salary from Home Improvement and other shows. Therefore, Patricia Richardson net worth is fantastic.

Patricia Richardson net worth is accumulated from the movie contracts and the salary of TV series and shows.

Then, most of her programs are successful. Therefore, no doubt, Patricia can receive a huge income.

Moreover, Patricia Richardson decided to withdraw herself from the acting business. However, she still appears in several TV shows.

Considering the amount of Patricia Richardson net worth, she still can enjoy her retirement very well.

Finally, Patricia spends most of her time living with her family.