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Mr T Net Worth – A Multitalented Actor and Bodyguard

Do you want to discover Mr T net worth and his success story? Hence, in this article, you will be able to find out detailed information about this actor and TV personality.

For instance, you can discover Mr T biography, personal life, source of wealth, and many more.

Summary Table:

Stage Name Mr T
Legal Name Lawrence Tureaud
Gender Male 
Date of Birth 21st of May 1952
Height 5 feet 10 inches (180 cm)
Mr T Net Worth $2 million
Income per year                                 $250.000
Profession Actor, TV personality, wrestler, bodyguard                     
Nationality American

Who is Mr T?

mr t net worth

Mr T is a TV personality and actor. He is a former professional wrestler too. Indeed, his style is so unique that everyone can notice him easily.

Likewise, Mr T has Mohawk hair and always wears gold chains.

  • The real name of this actor is Laurence Tureud. However, the public recognizes him as Mr T.
  • Laurence Tureaud was born in 1952. Then, he celebrates his birthday every 21st March.
  • Mr T is a male. He is 5 feet 11 inches (180cm). meanwhile, his weight is 231 lbs (105 kg).
  • Since his birthplace is in Illinois, the nationality of Mr T is American.

Mr T Best Known for

Mr T gained fame after starring in a TV series entitled The A-Team in the 1980s. He also starred in a movie entitled Rocky III.

Meanwhile, this actor ever worked as a bodyguard of several celebrities. For example, they were Steve McQueen, Diana Ross, as well as Muhammad Ali.

Furthermore, this TV personality was a professional wrestler. Due to his popularity, the public is curious about Mr T net worth and his source of wealth.

Early Life of Mr T

Lawrence Tureaud is the youngest child in his family. Further, he has eleven siblings. Meanwhile, his father is Nathaniel Tureaud who worked as a minister.

However, his father left him and his family when he is at 5 years old.

Mr T has had a close relationship with her mother since she raised him very well. Therefore, this young boy changed his name to be Lawrence Tero.

After that, he used T as his last name legally.

Education & Personal Life

Mr T studied in Dunbar Vocational High School. In this educational institution, he was very active in participating in various activities.

For instance, he took part in wrestling, football, and other martial arts.

In addition, since this student did a great performance in football, he received a football scholarship to study at Prairie View A&M University.

Indeed, he studied mathematics at that time. However, he dropped out of this college because of an unknown reason.

In 1971, Mr T got married to Phyllis Clark. Then, from this marriage, they are blessed with a son and two daughters named Laurence, Erika, and Lesa.

However, Mr T and Phyllis decided to divorce.

Mr T’s Career

Mr T did a lot of jobs before he established his career in the entertainment industry. Likewise, he worked as a military policeman, bodyguard, and also professional wrestler.

Then, he got an opportunity to appear in several TV series and films. Thereupon, the income he earned from the entertainment industry gave a positive impact on Mr T net worth.

Mr T Acting Career

Mr T debut on television was when he appeared in Sunday Games. Afterward, he took part in a similar program entitled Games People Play.

Finally, this man got a contract to star in a movie entitled Rocky III. Further, he got other offers to appear in Penitentiary 2 and a comedy series entitled Bizzarre.

Meanwhile, he played the role of B.A Baracus in a TV series The A-Team. His performance in this TV series was so amazing.

Hence, this actor could earn $80.000 a week. This TV series makes Mr T net worth and fame skyrocket.

Then, he starred in a comedy film entitled DC Cab.

Moreover, this actor took a role in a lot of movies. For instance, they included Judgement, Not Another Teen Movie, Freaked, Inspector Gadget, and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Additionally, he appeared in a lot of TV shows. For example, he was involved in Out of This World, Straight Line, and Martin.

Besides, the others were Blossom, The Simpsons, Saturday Night Live, Dancing with the Stars, and many more.

He earned a big income from his appearance on various TV shows. As the result, Mr T net worth is growing bigger.

After dropping out of the University, he enrolled in the United States Army. However, his career as a policeman was so short.

Mr T Wrestling Career

Meanwhile, in 1985, Mr T took part in a professional wrestling championship. Then, he was the partner of Hulk Hogan in WrestleMania I.

Furthermore, he performed in various events. For example, one of them was World Class Championship Wrestling.

Additionally, the other events were the World Champion Wrestling and the World Wrestling Federation.

Mr T Football Career

After being expelled from US Army, Mr T tried to join an NFL team named Green Bay Packer. However, he was failed.

Then, he worked as a club bouncer. After that, he became a bodyguard for a lot of celebrities.

In 2014, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Nonetheless, he does not receive any award yet.

Mr T Net Worth

Since he worked for various jobs, Mr T net worth is estimated at $2 million. Besides, this actor has gone through many difficult phases in life.

Subsequently, he worked as a policeman, celebrity bodyguard, club bouncer, wrestler, and many other professions.

Finally, his hard work is successful. The amount of Mr T net worth is amazing since this actor never gives up whatever his condition is.

Thus, he never stops searching for a better opportunity for his career.

  • Businesses. Nevertheless, Mr T does not have any business. Mr T net worth is accumulated purely from his work as an entertainer.
  • Mr T Net Worth from Real Estate. Considering the amount of Mr T net worth, he will be able to purchase the mansion or house he wants. Furthermore, in 2021, he sold a mansion for $5 million.

How Much Mr T Make per Year?

Mr T can earn $250.000 per year from his acting performance. Therefore, since his salary was so big, it is not surprising that Mr T net worth is big.

Mr T accumulates his wealth from TV series and movies salary. Besides, he often appeared on many TV shows.

This actor also gets income from endorsement. A lot of popular brands endorse Mr T. For instance, he got endorsements from Fuze Ice Tea and Snickers.

Indeed, Mr T decided to retire from his acting career due to a health reason. Likewise, he is suffering from cancer and has to take some treatments.

Mr T still takes a rest from the entertainment industry. He does not explain what his future project is.