Matt Barnes Net Worth – From an NBA Player to a Cannabis Businessman

You may only recognize this athlete as a professional basketball player. However, you do not know Matt Barnes net worth and the story of his successful career.

Therefore, you should keep reading this article to find out more about this NBA player.

Summary Table:

Stage Name Matt Barnes
Legal Name Matt Kelly Barnes
Gender Male
Date of Birth 9th March 1980
Height 6 feet 7 inches (201 cm)                                  
Matt Barnes Net Worth $15 million
Salary/ Earning/ Income per year                           $6 million
Profession Basketball player
Nationality American

Who is Matt Barnes?

matt barnes net worth

Matt Barnes is a basketball athlete who played in NBA for 14 seasons. Additionally, he played for various basketball teams. For instance, he played in New York Knicks.

In addition, the other teams were Los Angeles Clippers and Sacramento Kings.

  • The real name of this basketball player is Matt Kelly Barnes. However, the public recognizes him as Matt Barnes.
  • Matt was born in 1980. Then, he celebrates his birthday every 9th of March.
  • Matt Barnes is a male. He is 6 feet 7 inches (201 cm), whereas he weighs 227 lbs (103 kg).
  • Since he was born in California, Matt Barnes’s nationality is American.

Matt Barnes Best Known For

Matt Barnes is widely known as one of the most successful NBA players. His career in NBA is so bright.

Besides, he is also popular as a squat of Sacramento Kings.

Because of his impressive NBA career, the public is curious about Matt Barnes net worth and how he accumulates his wealth.

Hence, you should keep scrolling down this page to find out more about Matt Barnes’ personal life.

Early Life of Matt Barnes

Matt Barnes’ mother is a Caucasian. Besides, his father is an African American. Matt was passionate about sport since he was a child.

While studying in high school, Matt started to reach a lot of achievements in sports. Moreover, Matt also has a brother, Jason, who is also interested in sports.

Matt Barnes was a student of Del Campo High School. Then, he played football and basketball during the school’s life.

Besides, he received honors of All-State, All-American, All-City, All-CIF, as well as All-League.

After graduating, Matt attended California University. Moreover, he also played basketball during his college life.

Personal Life

Matt Barnes married Gloria Govan, a TV personality who appeared in the Basketball Wives TV program.

Then, this couple has twins. One of their kids is Isaiah Michael Barnes. Meanwhile, the other one is Carter Kelly Barnes.

However, Matt and Gloria separated in 2014. Besides, in 2012, Matt Barnes was arrested because of domestic violence.

Matt Barnes’s Career

Matt Barnes’s professional basketball career was started in 2001. He could involve in All-Pacific-10 Honorable Mention.

Then, a year later, he could join NBA.

Moreover, Matt Barnes’ NBA career journey was so amazing. It is because he can get contracts from various basketballs.

Since the amount of contract is so big, Matt Barnes net worth can skyrocket.

Mat Barnes started playing basketball when he was in high school. In addition, he also played college basketball for the University of California.

Professional Basketball Career

Matt Barnes received his first contract from Memphis Grizzlies in 2002. Afterward, he was traded to Cleveland Cavaliers.

Then, since Matt Barnes only played one season, he signed a contract with Long beach Jam.

Surprisingly, his team could win ABA Championship. Therefore, due to this achievement, he can get a new contract from Los Angeles Clippers.

Meanwhile, he signed a contract with Sacramento Kings in 2004. After that, Sacramento traded him to the Philadelphia 76ers.

Unfortunately, he got an injury on his knee and he could not play.

Furthermore, after signing a free agent of the New York Knicks, he could present an impressive game. Then, the Philadelphia 76ers asked him to come back to the team.

Because of his amazing skill in playing basketball, Matt Barnes can earn a big income from the contract and bonus.

As the result, Matt Barnes net worth can grow bigger.

Matt Barnes totally played 14 seasons in NBA. Moreover, he could win the NBA championship when he played with Golden State Warrior in 2017.

Additionally, Matt Barnes has played in a lot of NBA teams. For instance, he played for Golden State Warrior, Phoenix Suns, Orlando Magic, Memphis Grizzlies, and Sacramento Kings.

Matt Barnes achieved 36 points in NBA regular season and also the Playoffs.

Matt Barnes Net Worth

Because of his incredible basketball career, Matt Barnes net worth is estimated at $15 million. Moreover, he accumulates his wealth from the NBA contract and bonus.

He has finished 14 seasons in NBA. Furthermore, he was signed by many popular basketball teams.

Indeed, he could earn a big salary from his basketball career. Thereupon, Matt Barnes net worth is fantastic.


After retiring from NBA, Matt Barnes involves in the cannabis business. Likewise, he becomes an investor of a company named Seven Leaves.

In addition, he also becomes the advisor of the cannabis marketplace in California.

Apart from his earning from basketball, the income from his cannabis business also increases Matt Barnes net worth.

Real Estate

Considering the amount of Matt Barnes net worth, it is easy for him to purchase the mansion. However, there is only limited information about Matt Barnes’s house.

Moreover, some sources only tell that he has a house in California. Matt Barnes does not reveal about the price.

It is not shocking that Matt Barnes net worth can achieve at $15 million. It is because he can earn a $6,125 million salary per year.

How Much Did Matt Barnes Make in NBA?

When he played in NBA, Matt Barnes could earn $41,6 million. The highest salary that he received is from Sacramento Kings.

Furthermore, he could earn $6,4 million per year.

Matt Barnes net worth is accumulated from the salary when he played in NBA. Besides, he received many endorsements.

Additionally, Matt Barnes can earn a big income from his cannabis business.

In 2017, Matt Barnes announced that he wanted to quit his NBA career. Hence, he retired after playing for 9 teams for more than 14 years.

At present, Matt Barnes focuses on managing his cannabis business. Besides, he serves as an advisor of cannabis marketplace.