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Phaedra Parks Net Worth – Check the Wealth of Real Housewives of Atlanta Cast

Do you want to find out about Phaedra Parks net worth and her career journey? However, the public may only know her brief biography as an entertainment attorney.

Therefore, you should scroll down this site to discover detailed information about this TV personality.

Summary Table:

Stage Name Phaedra Parks
Legal Name Phaedra Parks 
Gender Female
Date of Birth 26th October 1973
Height 4 feet 11 inches (152 cm)
Phaedra Parks Net Worth $4 million
 Income per year                         $300.000
Profession TV personality, attorney, businesswoman                 
Nationality American

About Phaedra Parks?

Phaedra Parks is a TV personality who stars in The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Moreover, she works as an entertainment attorney.

In addition, she is active in other activities. For example, she is a motivational speaker, an author, a businesswoman, also a social activist.

  • The real name of this TV personality is Phaedra Parks. Still, she uses it as her stage name.
  • Phaedra was born in 1973. Besides, she celebrates her birthday every 26th October.
  • Phaedra Parks is female with 4 feet 11 inches (152 cm) tall. Meanwhile, she weighs 127, 8 lbs (58 kg).
  • Since she was born in Georgia, the nationality of Phaedra Parks is American.

What is Phaedra Parks Best Known For?

Phaedra Parks is widely known as a cast of the reality show Real Housewives of Atlanta. Further, this actress is a brilliant woman since she can do a lot of jobs.

For example, she is a lawyer who owns a law firm, The Parks Group. She helps many clients ranging from a lot of backgrounds.

Likewise, she assists celebrities and athletes in their cases. Furthermore, Phaedra Parks is also a businesswoman, author, and motivational speaker.

Therefore, the public is curious about Phaedra Parks net worth and her career journey.

Early Life of Phaedra Parks

phaedra parks net worth

Phaedra Parks is the daughter of Henry Parks and Regina Bell. Then, her father was a pastor. Meanwhile, her mother was a housewife.

Additionally, Phaedra Parks has three siblings. However, there is not much information about her brother and sister.


Phaedra Parks studied at Clarke Central High School in Athens, Georgia. Then, she continued to Wesleyan College to obtain a Bachelor of Arts.

After that, the University of Georgia awarded her a Juris Doctorate. Furthermore, she earned a mortuary science degree from Jefferson State College.

Personal Life

After having a relationship for more than 14 years, Phaedra Parks married Apollo Nida. Finally, their marriage was in 2009.

In addition, Phaedra and Apollo were blessed with two sons. They are Ayden Adonis Nida and Dylan.

Unfortunately, Apollo Nida was accused of doing fraud and theft. Thereupon, soon after he was arrested, Phaedra Parks filed for divorce.

Phaedra Parks’s Career

After accomplishing her law school, Phaedra worked in a law firm named Ordmand & Faeza. Then, she can finish a lot of cases.

Subsequently, she gained much recognition as a lawyer. Then, many celebrities hired her. For instance, Bobby Brown, Michael Jackson, and Ludacris needed her help.

Since Phaedra has helped a lot of high profiles in their law cases, she must earn a big income for her job.

Thus, Phaedra Parks net worth is growing bigger.

Currently, Phaedra works in The Parks Group. Her specialization is civil and criminal litigation, intellectual property, and entertainment.

In addition, this woman was the legal analyst of several TV channels. For instance, she worked for NBC, Fox News, and Couty TV.

Phaedra Parks TV Career

Firstly, Phaedra’s career in the entertainment industry was begun when she appeared in reality series entitled Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Furthermore, she became the main cast on this high-rated show.

She appeared in RHOA in season three for the first time. However, Bravo TV fired her at the end of season 9.

Since this reality series was so popular, she must earn a big salary. So, her income from RHOA can give a positive impact on Phaedra Parks net worth.

Phaedra Parks Acting Career

Phaedra’ acting debut was in Covenant. Besides, these series consist of 8 episodes. In addition, she appeared in Bethenny, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Doctors, and Home & Family.

Her salary from becoming a guest star also contributes to Phaedra Parks net worth.

Moreover, Phaedra Parks serves as a funeral director. Then, her company has planned to open a funeral home located in Atlanta.

Phaedra Parks Net Worth

Due to her hard work in the entertainment industry and law firm, Phaedra Parks net worth can achieve $4 million.

Hence, as an entertainment attorney, she has helped a lot of celebrity clients. No doubt, her earning is so fantastic.

Besides, her appearance in the reality series RHOA is successful. She can also be famous nationwide.

Furthermore, other sources of Phaedra Parks net worth are her income as an author, funeral director, and motivational speaker.

Funeral company

Phaedra Parks has a funeral company in Atlanta. In addition, she owns a beauty company named My Healthy Peach.

House & Car

As Phaedra parks net worth grows high, it is easy for her to own a mansion. Therefore, at present, she lives in a luxurious house in Buckhead Suburb, Atlanta.

Phaedra Parks owns a Mercedes-Benz car. However, on June 2021, 2 strangers broke into her car parked on Miami Circle.

How Does Phaedra Parks Make Money?

Phaedra Parks accumulates her wealth from her appearance in Real House Wives of Atlanta. Besides, she earns a big salary as an attorney and businesswoman.

Indeed, Phaedra Parks can earn a $300.000 salary per year. With a huge amount of earning, it is not surprising that Phaedra Parks net worth can be so big.

Phaedra Parks may not continue her career after being fired from RHOA. Still, she does not tell what her next project.

At present, Phaedra still focuses on managing her business. Likewise, she develops a funeral company, beauty company, and law firm.