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Tanner Fox Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Height, Girlfriend – 2021

How Tanner Fox Career Started

Tanner Fox Net Worth – $7 million

TannerFox is a famous YouTube blogger, stunt scooter rider, and actor. As of 2021, Tanner Fox has an estimated net worth of $7 million. He makes money from YouTube views, sponsorship, different brands, and endorsements. He started making his videos when he was only 10 years old and earned money from his acting abilities and from videos as well. He posts videos on YouTube daily. His channel is getting around 2 million views daily.

He gets paid $2-$7 Per 1000 monetized views after YouTube takes it cut. The monetized views range from 40% to 80% of the total views. And his channel has over 2.1 billion views by 2021.

He earned money from ads. He also generated money from YouTube to read viewers. These viewers have to pass a monthly fee to view premium content on YouTube and watch videos without and is.

And when they watch videos for a long time, Tanner makes more money. He also makes extra money from merchandise sale of cabs, shirts, pocket sockets, etc. He sponsors videos from companies like best friends; volt pre-scooters etc.he has acted in films and TV series.

We also Earn money from the sale of his merchandise. On July 15, 2020, he was tested positive for COVID-19 after 14 days of quarantine; he was tested negative. On July 15, 2020, he was tested positive for COVID-19 after 14 days of quarantine; he was tested negative.

Tanner Fox Real Name, Age, Birthday, Height, Girlfriend, Sister, Parents

Net Worth$7 million
Real NameTanner Fox
Birthday22 Dec, 1999
Height5.8 feet / 173 cm
Place of birthCalifornia, US
Live InSan Diego, California
GirlfriendAvalon Nadfalusi
ParentsFather: Billy
Mom: Ronda
OccupationActor, Youtuber

Who is the Tanner fox?

Tanner Fox Additional Income

TannerFox was born in San Diego, California. His father‘s name is Billy, and his mother‘s name is Randa Fox. He has one sister named Lindsay. When he was nine years old, his parents got divorced. He had a dog named Kirby, and the dog has his own Instagram account. But his dog, unfortunately, died in 2018.

How old is Tanner Fox?

He was born on December 22, 1999. This tells us that he is 21 years old, as of 2021.

How tall is Tanner Fox in feet?

This famous YouTuber is 5.8 feet. His weight is around 60 kgs. He has blonde hair and blue eyes.

How is Tanner Fox rich?

Tanner is a businessman. He holds the position of CEO of the TFOX brand, He also makes money from YouTube views, sponsorship, different brands, and endorsements. As of 2021, Tanner Fox has an estimated net worth of $7 million.

Education-After completing his elementary schooling, he attended sacred heart school in San Diego for 1 1/2 years. But he was expelled by the school authority as he was making videos of his classmates. His father admitted him to a charter school.

But at that time, he became so popular that he was unable to squeeze out Time for his studies. In this situation, he had to leave the school after two years; Tanner took the GED test in 2015.

How His Career Started?

When Tanner fox was five years old; he used to do skateboarding. His hobby become his profession. He began shooting and uploading these videos on YouTube. In the initial stage of his profession, he posted videos of himself doing random stuff, but he started posting stunt videos of himself after some time.

Tanner Fox Personal Info

TannerFox is currently one of the most famous online freestyle scooter riders. On YouTube, he has millions of subscribers. He started empty films named channel on YouTube in September 2011.

The channel is called now Tanner Fox. It has developed into one of the most popular YouTube channels. The channel got another feather in his cap by winning the fastest growing Channel on YouTube in 2016.

There are various reasons for the popularity officer. But the main reason is the diversified content of his stunt videos, challenge videos, pranks, and most blogs; mostly, his videos feature thrilling skateboard and scooter stunts with fairs as his famous and favorite scooter Trick.

He also posted videos of tutorials of scooter ring at the local Tanner. He collaborates with many leading brands like the grind shop, root industries, Lucy scooters, etc. He got earnings from most of the collaborations. In 2017, he released this video of distract rice gum. It has been the most popular video. He has four other video albums:

  • We do it best
  • Lil fox-noise complaints
  • Hold-up
  • Rice gum roasts me
How Much money Does Tanner Fox make

With his innovative style of video, he became successful. He continues to do log style videos. He also collaborated with many other YouTubers is like Raman at Wood, faze rug, Honduras, tanner braungrardt, etc., The list is endless.

His success is also due to collaborations too. He has made a steady income and has been living a very glamorous lifestyle. He has been travelling, visiting exotic destinations like Australia, Spain, and the USA. On June 30, 2018, Tanner Ace family charity basketball event with the other YouTube celebrities like J C caylenKomal London, Ryan Swayze, Austin from the ace family.

Interesting Fact

TannerFox is also an actor. In 2016 he played the character of Wyatt in the TV series title “charmed.” He also acted in the mini TV series, XE trick starter stunt scooter commercial. In 2019 he played the role of DJ Foxx in the horror film called “be our guests.”

Dating partners-in 2017, Tanner confirmed his relationship with Taylor Alicia. But they broke up. In 2019 Evalyn nad falusi became his girlfriend. But their relationship ended in 2020.

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Additional Income

Tanner Fox Net Worth

Tanner is also a businessman. He holds the position of CEO of the TFOX brand. TFOX churns out various items ranging from clothing items to water bottles, telephone accessories, and many more things.

Social media – there are millions of fan followers of this popular YouTuber. On YouTube, he has more than 10.3 million subscribers. We go to billion views in 2020. He has 4.4 million followers on Instagram. His Facebook page has four lakh followers. He has earned 577.2 K followers on his page @tannerfox.

As of 2021, Tanner Fox has an estimated net worth of $7 million.