How Much Money Northernlion Make From Youtube & Twitch? Net Worth

Northernlion is a well-known Canadian YouTuber and a Twitch Streamer. He plays games that are created by Edmund McMillen. Northernlion rose to fame and prominence via his “Let’s Plays.”

The majority of his video content is of gameplay walkthroughs while offering amusing and fun live commentary to his audience. At the moment, he carries an impressive net worth of $2 Million, which is expanding each day with consistent uploads and other deals.

Northernlion is a popular figure in the gaming community with legions of fans behind him. A fun fact would be that he is a Director for Machinima and has created a ton of series like “Let’s Look At,” “Only in Korea,” “Let’s Hate,” “Indie Game of the Week,” “Don’t Play This” etc.

on NLSS and also Machinima. With indulgence in many new projects and top-quality uploads, his net worth will increase without question.

Northernlion Personal Info

Northernlion Personal Info

Northernlion was originally born as Ryan Gary Letourneau on November 28th of 1988, back in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. This 31-Year old Canadian is a professional gamer who does gameplay walkthroughs and matches on YouTube and Twitch.

His personality is highly charismatic and is easily known due to his sharp wit and distinctive voice. Northernlion also uses an array of idioms, puns, and vague references to today’s pop culture.

He pursued his studies at Queen’s University. For a year, he worked as an English Teacher in Daegu of South Korea for children. He came back home to Canada on December 1st of 2011, and remained unemployed.

However, he started getting on to YouTube, which he gladly refers to as the “Dream Job.” He started earning from there and even referred to himself as the “Funemployed.” Joining YouTube and creating gaming content helped in building his career.

More Information About Northernlion’s YouTube Channel & Twitch

More Information About Northernlion’s YouTube Channel & Twitch

Northernlion joined YouTube back on May 30th of 2006, which is way back during YouTube. His main channel possesses about 829K subscribers with insane 14K videos available on his channel.

You can tell that Northernlion is an avid gamer, and he tends to upload 3-4 videos every day for his viewers. The highest viewing video on his channel would be “The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth – Let’s Play – Episode 1 [Reborn]” with over 2.2 Million views.

Some of his aliases include NL, Champion Northern, Ryab, Esports, Isek Baby, Ryan Gary, Cash Cab, and TheDurstofTimes.

Northernlion doesn’t have any additional YouTube channels, but instead, he has a successful Twitch account with impressive 368,000 followers.He is consistent with his streaming on Twitch, too, and he receives a good amount of views with a growing audience.

How Much Money Does Northernlion Make on YouTube & Twitch?

How Much Additional Money Does Northernlion Make

There is no denying that Northernlion is making a lot of money on both YouTube and Twitch. All thanks to his massive and loyal following on both platforms. His YouTube channel has over 829,000 subscribers and his videos totaling up to 14K today.

He has garnered over a crazy 900 Million total views on his channel. Northernlion receives about 300,000 views in a day on an average from several different sources.

So, with that many views in a day, the estimated revenue should come up to $1500 every single day. It will amount to a hefty $500,000 in a single year from all the video advertisements.

Generally, the YouTubers receive a $2-$7 for every monetized view only after YouTube takes its fair share. The monetized views tend to range between 40%-80% of the combined views. Also, the advertisers need to bid a minimum of $0.01 per view.

Numerous factors influence these in the likes of the played-on device, the audience’s location, number of ads in a video, ad inventory, number of people skipping the ads, advertisement type, content type, and ad engagement.

So, considering all these factors, you can tell how much he earns daily. Also, in Twitch, Northernlion has gotten about 233.573K views in the last 30 days. The price plan differs for the payment, but you can tell he is doing just fine here.

How Much Additional Money Does Northernlion Make?

Northernlion Net Worth

Northernlion is bagging thousands of dollars now and then through his primary channel. He is also enjoying income from his Twitch streaming of different gameplay walkthroughs and matches for his fans.

He has his website, where you will receive links to all of his channels and socials. Northernlion also has a merch line, where he puts out clothing for his fanbase and the general public. So, there is also an income coming from there. It always depends on the ad type and money accompanied by the different price plans of Twitch.

The income will vary from time and place, but the money is good. The advertisements that come and go during the streams help earn. All of Northernlion’s subscribers pay a fee every month, and there are also donations available for his channel.

Also, as a public figure, he is open to many online opportunities and deals. Plus, he also partakes in public speaking engagements that help generate extra income. So, Northernlion should be just fine.

Northernlion Net Worth

By amassing over 862K subscribers on YouTube and just 100 Million views away from a Billion, Northernlion currently possesses a net worth of over $2 Million today. With frequent uploads and streaming on gaming commentary, walkthroughs, and matches, his net worth is only believed to increase over time.

His followers’ statistics on both YouTube and Twitch are increasing every day, so we expect him to go beyond his current net worth. Plus, his old videos are still getting massive views.

Read More About Northernlion

Northernlion goes by the name tag of “ItsOppositeDayHere” back in Reddit. He is also married, and his wife has her very own YouTube channel called “Kate LovelyMomo.” Northernlion stands at 5” 9 and has a bad case of the YouTuber sickness.

He is also a Unity Developer who is certified and reliable. This 31-Year old boasts a Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Biology and also an Associate’s Degree in the area of Software Development.

Northernlion cites that the game “Hello Neighbour” is easily one of the silliest and funniest games from all games. Markplier, who is a famous YouTuber, remembers and credits Northernlion for where he is today.

Plus, Northernlion is afraid of deep-sea creatures or anything with tentacles on them, such as Jellyfish. Northernlion’s future endeavors as a gaming buff are positivity based on what and how he is doing right now.