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How Much Money Does The Film Theorists Make From Youtube? Net Worth

Matt Pat Personal Info

The Film Theorists Net worth – $18 million

Patricks total worth is $18 million, mainly on from his two popular channels. He is also earning extra income by selling merchandise and endorsement deals.

He has been sponsored by audible Cap corn, Ubisoft, Telltale Games, nature box, squares space etc. he also has two popular YouTube channels named GT live and the film tourists.

The Film Theorists work is done by Matthew Robert Patrick, known as Matt Pat. He is an American internet personality. He has created as well as narrated the YouTube web series The game theorists, known as game theory.

In his series, he comments on the topics like scientific accuracy, logic, and lore of different video games and the gaming industry. He is a spin-off between food theorists and film tourists based on similar food and internet and cinema filmography.

It is a group of quality scholarly approaches within the boundaries of cinema studies or film’s academic discipline. It provides conceptual frameworks of understanding the relationship between reality and film, the other various arts, views of individuals, And society at large.

It should not be confused with general criticism of the firm or the history of film. Despite the individuality is these three discipline blends into related to each other.

Matthew Patrick Profile

Matthew Robert Patrick Net Worth
  • Born-15 November 1986 Medina, Ohio USA
  • Age-33
  • Nationality-American
  • Education – Madina high school
  • Alma mater-Duke University
  • Occupation-internet celebrity and digital analytics, strategists and consultant
  • Spouse- Stephanie Cordats
  • Children-one
  • Years active – from 2009 till at present
  • Channels–the game theorist, the food theorists, GT live
  • Subscribers-26.65 million
  • Network-long haul mgt.Client and partners, studio 71
  • The associated acts-screw attack, did you know gaming? Jacks films
  • Awards: 
  1. 2013 the game tourists
  2. 2015 the film theorists
  3. 2015 GT life
  4. 2020 the food tourist
  5. 2013 the game theorists
  6. 2015 the film tourists
  7. 2017 GT live
  8. 2018 the game theorists

How His Career Started?

In 2009, Patrick made his YouTube account under the name Mathew Patrick 13. Then he uploaded a number of videos of his performances and auditions for musical theatre. In one of the videos, he also sang “it takes too” from the musical hairspray.

The first episode of game theory was uploaded on April 18, 2011. He frequently uploads episodes covering Nintendo characters and popular games like call of duty, Minecraft, Pokémon and five nights at Freddy‘s etc.

How much money The Film Theorists Makes From Youtube

After One of his interview with Ronnie, Ronnie accepted Matpat‘s offer to be the main editor of game theory and to be the host of the show digressing and side questing focused on game design.

He sometimes uploaded videos commenting on the gaming market. Slowly, he gained subscribers and his videos over posted on the front page of famous and popular sites like game trailers and screw attack.

How Much Money The Game Theorists Make On Youtube?

The game theorists have 13.3 million subscribers and over 2.5 million video views. This channel‘s popularity upload video is, “can gamers survive the real mirror’s edge?” Game lab. This video has 57 million views. It was the first episode of mat pat’s series MAT PAT’s GAME LAB.

In a day The Film Theorists channel gets around 1 million views from youtube and many other sources. Then it can be estimated The Film Theorists got around $5,000 per day or $1.8 million a year only from the ads.

How Matthew Patrick Career Started

Besides mat pat, It features several famous and popular game on YouTube us. It was based on the idea of completing parkour’s challenges in real life. He also holds the record to donate the highest money in charity, $1.38 million.

In 2014, he created the second channel called the film tourists, where he debited his second show film theory. The first video was focused on the prophecy of the chosen ones in the Harry Potter film series.

It follows the same formula as the game today. But it primarily focuses on series and films and the film industry. Its subscribers have reached 1 million. The French theorist is at 9 million subscribers and one .5 billion views.

Additional Income

Matt Pat Additional Income

Patrick and his wife participated in Nintendo’s pokk’ en tournament DX invitational in 2017. Patrick gave his voice in an animated series-Transformers: Titans return. His character was named computron.

A character based on Patrick was included in the walking dead: road survival. He was the part of the series scare PewDiePie.


He has a new show named mat pat’s gamelab on Google: a paid subscription service, YouTube Red. The show focuses on placing video game players in real-life scenarios, mimicking scenarios in video games like Parkar, bomb defusing, and military training.

He also started to let’s play series called GT live on August 26, 2015. Harish dreams of gameplay with his wife. Dreams are usually conducted at 4 PM PST.

There is another web series called TOME: Parent of magical expertise. In 2019 he partnered with nickelodeon to make the show fact or nicktian.

In 2020, May 29, the YouTube channel the food tourists were created. The show is based on the rumours and misconceptions in the food interest trees. It has 1.80 million subscribers, with almost 25 million views.

Personal life

How Much money Does The Film Theorists make

After graduating from Duke with a double major in psychology and theatre, he wanted to pursue his acting career.

But after two years of unemployment, he uploaded a promotional trailer of the game theory, and after four days, he uploaded the first episode. He explained the scientific accuracy of the time-travelling machine in the SMES game Chrono trigger.

Patrick is married to Stephanie Patrick. They have a child named Oliver, born in 2019. They are living in North Carolina.

Awards and achievements

  • He was nominated for the game theorists-stream me award 2015
  • He was nominated for the game tourists – surety awards 2016
  • He won the virtual reality and 360 on Mat pat’s game live-stream awards in 2016
  • He won the editing on the Game theorists-stream awards in 2017

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