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Meet Kevin Net Worth (2021), Age, Bio, Height, Wife

meet kevin net worth, bio, income

Meet Kevin is a well-known American YouTube channel amongst people who are invested in the real estate business. This channel is run by Kevin Paffrath, a successful realtor and investor from Ventura, California. His net worth, according to estimates, is a staggering amount of $32 million as of 2021. However, this isn’t an accurate figure due to unclear information about his mortgages.

Did you know Kevin does not just earn as a realtor but also makes millions as a YouTube creator? This 28-year-old has achieved more than most people in their 30s and 40s. From an early age, he was very passionate about investing. This made him buy Apple stocks at the age of 16! How unbelievable is that?

With 1.54 million subscribers on YouTube and 95 thousand followers on Instagram, Kevin has motivated many youngsters to become real estate investors. Are you curious to know more about Meet Kevin’s career as a realtor and his YouTube journey? Find out in the following sections of this article. 

Who is Meet Kevin?, Age, Height, Birthday, Wife, Son

Net Worth$32 Million
Real NameKevin H Paffrath
OccupationRealtor, YouTuber, Investor, Podcaster and Educator
Date of Birth28th January 1992
OriginGerman – American
Marital StatusMarried
WifeLauren Paffrath
ChildrenTwo sons, Jack and Max
Lives InSanta Barbara County

As a young boy, Kevin Paffrath faced many hardships in his life. When he was just 6, his parents divorced, and he moved to the United States from Germany. He didn’t grow up with stable financial resources, and his family lived off with bare minimum cash. This motivated Kevin to start saving up from a relatively young age. He worked at Jamba Juice to earn around $8000 in one year, of which he invested 90% in stocks. 

This isn’t all about Meet Kevin that we know. We have more details about how he became a successful personality. Read more to find out!

Kevin Paffrath Biography

meet kevin personal info

Today, Kevin is not just a realtor or a YouTuber; he also owns a real estate business with his wife, Lauren Paffrath. The organization is called The Paffrath Organization, which is located in Ventura, California. Lauren is a 30-year-old driven woman who takes care of their business as a property manager. She grew up in a family of realtors who sold houses and managed them. This is why managing this business comes easy to Lauren while also taking care of their two young boys. 

Kevin studied to become a realtor during his college after getting inspired by Lauren’s parents’ jobs as realtors. He later earned his real estate license at the age of 18. This is where Kevin Paffrath’s career as a realtor started, along with Lauren. 

Kevin and Lauren got their first house in 2012 and renovated it to put it for sale. There were several doubts as nobody would be interested in buying a home from a 19-year-old. Fast forward to 8 months later, he successfully sold a house earning him $35000 as sales commission. The year after that, he earned $65,000 and the year after that $145,000! His earnings kept growing as he ventured out into several different income streams. 

Meet Kevin YouTube career

meet kevin biography

In 2010 Kevin started his YouTube channel by the name Meet Kevin. He initially made videos about the dos and don’ts of being a successful realtor. As his popularity rose and the views got better, Meet Kevin diversified his content and started including marketing news and investment advices. On the advice of his close friend Graham Stephan, who is also a real estate mogul cum YouTuber, he increased the frequency of his video uploads. 

Today Meet Kevin spends most of his time creating content. The current videos on Meet Kevin have gained 334,415,818 views and guess what? The numbers are increasing every day by 50,000+ views!

How much does Meet Kevin earn from Youtube?

Kevin Paffrath has multiple streams of income. As mentioned earlier, he is a realtor, a YouTuber, an investor and an educator. His major chunk of revenue comes from the YouTube channel Meet Kevin and sales commission from selling homes. Meet Kevin is a niche content channel that gains traction from thousands of viewers every single day. 

Believe it or not, Kevin Paffrath earns between $150,000 to $250,000 from his YouTube channel every month! With monetized views and sponsored videos, Meet Kevin makes $7000-$8000 every day on this channel. 

How much is Meet Kevin worth?

As a realtor, Kevin’s yearly salary adds up to $100,000 without commission. The Paffraths own 22 properties in California; 20 are on rent, 9 on renovation, and one where they live. As of 2021, Meet Kevin has an estimated total net worth of $32 million. These properties are worth more than $20 million. With a $7.4 million investment and a substantial amount of debt, it is hard to ascertain Meet Kevin’s actual net worth. 

Apart from all of these, there are other sources of income for Paffrath. He teaches online courses as a real estate expertise and earns $ 332,000 on an average every month. Through affiliate programs and partnerships, Kevin earns more than $80,000 each month. 

All of this money hasn’t come his way overnight; he works 12 hours a day, from 5 am to 5 pm, to earn them!

Additional Facts about Meet Kevin

Kevin Paffrath loves his children and is very dedicated to his family, which is why he stops working at 5 pm every day. Evenings are solely meant for family time with his wife Lauren and sons Max and Jack.

He once tried to expand his real estate organization by introducing a construction firm. He wanted to offer his clients lending, renovation and design services. But they lost a good deal of amount being unable to maintain the cost margins. He shut down the firm 18 months later, not being able to manage the employees. 

When two giants from one industry come together on YouTube, there is nothing but amazing content. Meet Kevin and the famous YouTuber cum realtor Graham Stephan have collaborated a few times on YouTube. In their collab videos, they talk about the remodeling of rental units and other topics related to real estate.  During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Meet Kevin’s views on YouTube sky-rocketed, which got him into making more videos and seizing the opportunity.