Shroud Net Worth – Success Youtuber and Streamer

Recently, the digital world is booming and that includes gaming. Games are not just for fun – they can also be used as a career. Games have given people fame if they’re good enough.

Like Shroud, an international CS:GO player who managed to gain a lot of followers on online platforms as a streamer. As a result, Shroud net worth can be surprisingly high because it turns out that playing games can make that much money.

Summary tabel  
Stage name Shroud
Legal name Michael Grzesiek
Date of birth June 2, 1994
Gender Male
Height 5’5”
Net worth $8-12 million
Sallary/earning/income per month $150,000 per month
Profession Youtuber and game streamer
Nationality Canadian

Who Is Shroud? (Biography)

shroud net worth

Shroud is a professional CS:GO gamer as well as a streamer. And as a professional, he often tops the rankings with the most views on different platforms, such as on Twitch for example.

As a professional gamer Shroud is notably skilled. That’s why he has a lot of followers and many people love him. This is one of the reasons for Shroud net worth is so high.

Legal name & stage name

Shroud, a name that he uses when playing games, is Michael Grzesiek in real life. In the past, Shroud was a streamer on CS:GO with the stage name mEclipse.

Bate of birth

Shroud was born on June 2, 1994 and has not yet married. He is now 27 years old and has made a lot of money as a streamer.

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Gender & height

Shroud is a streamer known for their love of games. Standing at just 5’5” (168 cm) and weighing just under 143 lbs (65 kg), they’re still a foreigner that’s not too big compared to the average person.


Shroud is Canadian born in Toronto, Ontario. But he actually has Polish ancestry.

Early Life and Personal Life


Shroud’s personal life was not as glamorous as his success in the online game streaming world. His parents got divorced but now Shroud maintain a positive relationship with his parents.

Shroud’s talent for gaming came from his dad, who loved to assemble computers and play computer games. Since early on, Shroud would often accompany his dad to play games, which also explains how he got better at it. His first game was Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Shroud’s Career

Starting his professional career as an international CS:GO player, Shroud is now a successful YouTuber and game streamer with the highest number of followers.

Shroud started his professional streaming career in 2017 after leaving the international CS:GO team. Since then, he’s been spending most of his time on YouTube & Twitch streaming. Now, Shroud net worth continued to grow.

Shroud has been getting a lot of attention from major streaming platforms, from Twitch to other major sites that cover video games. He’s played a bunch of popular games too. For example,

  • Fortnite Battle Royale
  • Rainbow Six: Siege
  • PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds)
  • Apex Legends
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Shroud is one of the most popular streamers in the world right now. It’s not surprising that Shroud net worth has grown immensely. You may also see up him playing with other well-known gamers like Just9n, TimTheTatMan, Skadoodle and HighDist.

How did Shroud get started?

After Twitch launched in 2011, many gamers saw their chance to pursue a streaming career. Shroud was inspired by those streamers and wanted to do the same which led him to start his own broadcast.

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Shroud started his career as a full-time streamer after leaving the international CS:GO team in 2017. He’s been active on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram since then. This is where the Shroud net worth started getting big.

Shroud Net Worth

shroud return twitch

How much Shroud net worth?

Shroud net worth has been estimated at around $8-12 million. Considering he has been playing for a long time and owns several streaming platforms. When Shroud joined the team as an international player, his team managed to collect more than 225,000 US dollars.

Shroud Net Worth source: How does Shroud make money?

Shroud makes a lot of money from games. To start, he joined the international CS:GO team as a pro player and participated in many different tournaments and earned a lot of money. Shroud then decided to become a full-time streamer, streaming online video games for more money.

How much money does Shroud make per month?

Shroud’s monthly salary from subscription income alone has amounted to about $150,000. That doesn’t include any donations or other forms of revenue such as sponsorship deals, merchandise sales and affiliates.

Sponsorship deals

Shroud is an incredibly talented gamer, sponsored by brands like HyperX, Logitech, J!nx, Postmates. He also has deals with Madrinas Coffee, OnePlus, Ubisoft and PUBG Corporation.

How much money does Shroud make from Twitch? (Subscribers, advertisements, donations)

youtuber shroud

Shroud has around 9 million followers on Twitch with 54,000 subscribers and hundreds of thousands of views. This is why he can get tens of thousands or millions of dollars.

This is only from the Twitch platform, not to mention any other revenue. Shroud has a contract for subscriptions that’s also split with Twitch. This allows him to get a percentage of each subscription payment.

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How much money does Shroud make from YouTube?

Shroud has over 6.8 million followers and millions of views on his YouTube channel. It is estimated that Shroud net worth from the channel is around 400-500 thousand US dollars. He also receives an income from many contracts and sponsorship deals. Shroud was active on YouTube up until now and made a lot of money.

How much did Shroud make from Mixer?

October 2019: Shroud decided to switch to streaming on Mixer and signed a contract with Microsoft. Sadly, in this time Shroud has seen a dramatic decrease in follows. Then, about 8 months later, Shroud returned to Twitch after finally closing the Mixer streaming service and switching ownership to Facebook.


Shroud net worth does come from streaming games online. But in addition to that, he also has contracts and endorsements from sponsors with various brands and companies. Furthermore, he invests in various stocks which have been generating a lot of income for him in recent years.

Real estate (Mansion/house/home/apartment)

Shroud reportedly bought a house in 2019 for about $1million. He’s not only adding to his wealth but he actively donates to veterans’ charities, Children’s Research Hospital, and animal shelters.

Sport cars/yatch/vehicles

From Shroud net worth made from his earnings as a streamer and playing on the CS:GO team, he certainly has a lot of properties. This includes homes, vehicles and so on.

Shroud is very active when it comes to streaming for 7 to 12 hours, however there’s no specific schedule. His dedication as full-time streamer keeps his followers and viewers loyal to the games he plays.

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