Facts About Jake From State Farm net worth

An advertisement is better recognized for using jargon. An example of this can be seen with the insurance company, State Farm, who used it to full effect in their US advertisement. The main star is Jake, who has gained a lot of wealth thanks to his role in the ad. It’s of course interesting to discuss how much Jake From State Farm net worth is. Here’s the review.

Summary tabel
Stage name Jake From State Farm
Legal name Jake Stone
Date of birth August 10, 1985
Gender Male
Net worth $1.9 million
Sallary/earning/income per year
Profession Commercial star
Nationality American

Who Is Jake From State Farm Commercial?

jake stone from state farm

Legal Name & Stage Name

The State Farm advert was indeed very memorable in the US and this can not be separated from the main ad star, namely Jake. His real name is Jake Stone and he got success after starring in State Farm commercials.

Date of Birth

Jake Stone is an actor who currently stars in Jake From State Farm commercials. He was born on 10 August 1985 in Illinois and does not come from an acting background.

Gender & Height

Jake’s gender is male and he was in a State Farm commercial when he became popular. He’s been in a series of ads that have gone viral for different insurance companies over the years. However, getting accurate information on weight and height is pretty hard.


Before we discuss Jake From State Farm net worth, we need to know what other information is important. The man who had his advertising debut and succeeded in it is an American citizen, from the State of Illinois. Before he found fame and success, he was a genuine State Farm agent and did work for that company.

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What is State Farm Commercial?

jake from state farm net worth

Ads are important for any business. A recent example illustrating this is the State Farm ad, which features an entertaining scene. The man in the scene is pacing back and forth in his living room while whispering to an agent named Jake from State Farm.

The man’s wife came downstairs and became furious. Soon she accused her husband of talking to another woman. The wife asks sarcastically, “What are you wearing?” Jake replies with a question of his own, “Uh Khaki?”

The first campaign was a hit and the company continued the idea in 2019. The original ad actually had a plot where Jake wins the ad audition.

Jake From State Farm’s Education

Jake Stone is a famous TV actor, but little is known about him personally. Finding out more about him has proven difficult.


Jake Stone began his career as an insurance agent at State Farm. In 2011, he had a stroke of good fortune that enabled him to become an ad star at the company he worked for.

After his debut as a commercial star on State Farm, Jake Stone then received many offers on various TV shows. Between 2011 and 2014, he had the most success professionally in television until finally, by 2014, Jake From State Farm net worth was at millions of dollars.

Why Did The Change The Jake From State Farm?

One of the main faces of State Farm is Jake Stone, who started out as an agent in Bloomington, Illinois. The iconic “Uh…Khaki” phrase came from Jake Stone, who was chosen to pronounce it on air. The word ended up being a major part of the company’s history and became the company’s mascot.

Even though Stone’s life has become a Commercial star, it hasn’t changed drastically. Jake From State Farm net worth also increases. In 2020, State Farm updated their commercial and replaced Jake with Kevin Mimms. Substitute advertising stars to reap a lot of questions.

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The Assistant Vice President of Marketing, of the State Farm brand, said that they replaced the ad cast due to incompatibility. Patty Moris, the Assistant Vice President of Marketing, said that the regular company employees are not suitable advertising stars in their own company.

There is a theory that Kevin Mimms was chosen to increase the advertising audience, but there’s no proof of this. Jake Stone from early commercials is no longer working for State Farm. It makes sense that a company as big as State Farm would replace him with a more experienced spokesperson.

Jake From State Farm Net Worth

jake from state farm net worth

And it is no surprise that State Farm’s mascot is one of the most popular out there. Regardless of when his first commercial aired, Jake From State Farm captured the hearts and minds of many viewers. The thing we’re all interested in is the wealth of the actor. Here are some of the sources for Jake From State Farm net worth.

How Much Does Jake From State Farm Make?

Jake from State Farm was originally an insurance agent for State Farm. He got a casting call for a State Farm advert and managed to steal the audience’s attention with his trademark chatter in the State Farm advert.

After his appearance in State Farm commercials, Jake Stone was approached by many other brands for commercials. This is how he increased Jake From State Farm net worth and became a TV actor as a main source of income.


Besides being a TV commercial star, Jake Stone used to work as an insurance agent. There is no information about his side business, but general information on Jake from State Farm net worth is widely available. He was only an actor and TV commercial model before retiring. He then returned to the world of employment.

Real Estate

Having a job as a TV commercial star increases his income greatly. However, the details of Jake Stone’s life are not exposed much. Information about the real estate he owns is also scarce.


It’s not clear what the exact number of cars Jake Stone has. It’s safe to say, however, that Jake From State Farm net worth allows him to have a few to his desired tastes.

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How Does Jake From State Farm Make Money?

Jake Stone’s money came from different sources, including his TV work. Apart from State Farm ads, this American guy also stars in other commercials and shows. From his various sources of income, Jake From State Farm net worth has finally accumulated, which is quite large.

How Does Jake From State Farm Make per Year?

Jake From State Farm net worth is $1.9 million for 2020-2021. This wealth mainly comes from his earnings as a professional actor.

However, State Farm’s advertising revenue has not yet been disclosed. But A Lot Living has reported that Jake From State Farm net worth around $100,000 to $1.2 million per year.

Did Jake From State Farm Die?

Jake Stone, the star of State Farm commercials, got a lot of popularity. Unfortunately that didn’t last long. His fame soon became stained by gossip.

Reports were given of his death in October 2015 and there was even speculation on the internet about it, but Jake Stone is alive and well today.

The rumor of the murder committed by his wife to Stone himself was confirmed by a twitter account which clarified that it was not true. In a later interview, Jake also denied this information and clarified that it is just a rumor.

What Is Jake From State Farm Doing Now?

Jake From State Farm net worth is very interesting to talk about. Before he became an advertising star, Jake was just a simple employee of the insurance company. But after being replaced, where did Jake go?

It has been reported by the Pantagraph, Jake had resigned. Later he found a seasonal job in Illinois and worked as a bartender at a pub in the region.

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