Shock G Net Worth, American Rap Artist

Shock G, who is also remembered for his music and rap career, had plenty of success in his field of work, where that’s a big factor. With the number of songs he produced and his wealth at the end of his life, Shock G was among the top bosses. Earnings as a producer and sales of his albums provide income until Shock G net worth reaches 3 million dollars. “What are these treasures like?” You’re probably wondering. Well, here’s the review.

Summary table
Stage Name Shock G
Legal name Gregory Jacobs
Date of Birth August 25, 1963
Gender Male
Height 5′ 9″
Net worth $3 millions
Salary / earning / income per year $384,000 per year
Profession Rap Artist
Nationality American

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Introducing Shock G

  • Legal name & stage name: This man’s real name is Gregory Jacobs. His stage names are Shock G, Piano man, Icey Mike, and Humpty Hump.
  • Date of Birth: This man was born in Brooklyn on August 25, 1963.
  • Gender & Height: This dark-skinned man has a height of about 5’ 9” and weighs 143 lbs.
  • Nationality: American.
  • What is Shock G Best Known for? Shock G is best known as the third member of rap-metal band Westside Connection. He is also known as the founder of Digital Underground, one of the most prominent Hip Hop bands from the 90s. Digital Underground was a DJ and the song “The Humpty Dance” was in his repertoire. This song later led to their being famous.

Personal Story of Shock G

early life of shock g

Although after closing the age of Shock G net worth reached 3 million dollars, his early life story was quite simple. Peter spent most of his youth with his family in Tampa, Florida. He also had an interest in music from a young age. He also had a chance to win as the most talented drummer in 1978.

After that he moved to Queens after his parents divorced. There, he became interested in the world of hip hop. Two years later, he returned to Florida and worked as a DJ with the master blasters group. Eventually he started studying music and attended Hillsborough community college.

  • Education: Prior to having high Shock G net worth, he was a student at Grecot Junior High school. After that he entered Chamberlain high school but quit to start working as a DJ Crew at Master Blasters. In the meantime, he went back to graduate high school and continued his studies at Hillsborough community college.
  • Personal life: There is little information about his past, family and life with Shock G net worth reaching 3 million dollars. This man is single. While his family name is his father Edward Racker, mother Shirley Kraft, and his brothers are Kent and Elizabeth Racker.

Shock G’s Career

shock g's career

Prior to owning the Shock G net worth this man tried a line of music-related jobs. Such as practicing the piano, as a DJ, MC, and others. However, his main career started with the group Digital Underground with Jimi Chopmaster J and Kenneth Waters. The single album The Humpty Dance in 1990 reached the Billboard charts.

His career blossomed when he co-produced Tupac’s 1993 platinum single “I Get Around.” He also contributed to Tupac’s 1995 album “So Many Tears”. He then focused on becoming a solo artist and producer in the years that followed. Some of his career highlights are Single Risky Business from the band Murs, 2Pacalypse Now from Tupac, and other artists like Luniz, Price, Dr.Dre, etc.

He’s on TV a lot and often appears in shows that would be familiar to people. In some cases, like his stints at MTV raps, Club MTV live, and MTV jams he does the rapper thing. But he also appeared on Showtime at the Apollo.

Shock G Awards & Nominations

Despite Shock G’s success and rich career with high Shock G net worth, his work is largely underrated. His only nomination is for best rap group or duo performance for The Humpty Dance from the Grammys in 1990.

Shock G Net worth

shock g businesses

How much money does this rapper have? It is not easy to find out. However, the estimated Shock G net worth is three million dollars. Despite his notoriety as a famous rapper, this man also has other businesses besides hip hop. This is due to his connections and status as an icon in the industry. Here are the details of his investments, assets, and wealth.

Entertainment Activities

The man with great talents in the music world also has a fairly successful personal business that he started as a solo artist and producer. His first contract and salary was from Tupac Shakur’s single “I Get Around”. Tupac often appears in music videos and singles with him.

Apart from investing in producer, he has also appeared frequently in Tupac videos such as 2pacalypse Now, Bobby Brown, Demi Moore Nothing But trouble, to the Luniz rapper operation group Stackoia in 1995. He has been producing for many different artists for the past 5 years.

Some of Shock G net worth was obtained from album sales. Such as Crystal Ball with Prince, single Risky Business for Murs, to the Cherry Flavored election lagoon. This shows how talented he is in both his music and producing careers.

In fact, the investment led to Shock G’s music appearing in a film by the Wayans Brothers in 1996. Some of the music he produced with other musicians also gave Shock the opportunity to tour and sing on stage. Most notably as an invited guest with P-Funk and George Clinton at Woodstock in 1999.

Land Investment

Although Shock G net worth is so abundant, it is not known exactly how much he invested in real estate. The only one to know that wealth with certainty was him until the end of his life.

Salary of Shock G make per year

It’s surprising to see how successful Shock G was. Even considering his great accomplishments in the music world and his work contract as a producer, the Shock G net worth he has accumulated is very impressive. Estimates are salary or monthly income to reach 32 thousand dollars.

How does Shock G make money?

Shock usually makes up most of Shock G net worth and income from the sales of his albums or music and from going on stage as a singer. But he also does contract work for other artists and bands with the same salary.

Tupac is one of his many production credits, and he made a mark as a musician producer with a contract with him. Specifically for Tupac’s 1993 album, I Get Around. This man has also appeared in several Tupac music videos, including being Tupac’s producer on the album So Many Tears.

Shock G cause of death

Chopmaster J announced the sad news that Shock G died on April 22, 2021. His body was found at the Hotel Tampa, Florida. At that time there was no strange cause of death found. But on June 10, 2021, medical investigators from Hillsborough County announced the cause of death was an accidental drug overdose.

Even though he is no longer alive, his gait and career as a hip hop music icon has made him still known to the world today. Shock G net worth is estimated at 3 million bucks which is impressive in its own right. That’s why he’s the inspiration for our generation of rap artists.