David Gilmour Net Worth – The Second Richest Member of Pink Floyd

By revealing David Gilmour net worth, you must know about who the richest among the rock band Pink Floyd’s members are.

So, how rich are the guitarist and co-lead vocalist of the band?


Stage Name David Gilmour
Legal Name David Jon Gilmour
Date of Birth 6 March 1946
Gender Male
Height 6 ft (183cm)
David Gilmour Net Worth                  $180 million
Profession songwriter, singer, and guitarist                  
Nationality British

Private Background of David Gilmour

david gilmour net worth

David Jon Gilmour is a songwriter, singer, and guitarist. Most importantly, he is a musician.

Then, Gilmour became a member of Pink Floyd in 1967. He is the co-lead vocalist and the guitarist of the band.

Likewise, he joined as soon as Syd Barrett left the group.

As a member of Pink Floyd, Gilmour achieved international success with several albums in the late 70s.

Therefore, the band became one of the highest-selling acts in the history of music by the early 1980s.

Also, in 2012, Pink Floyd has sold more than 250 million records acquired from all over the world.

In 1985, one of the founders, Roger Waters decided to leave the band. Then, Gilmour has led Pink Floyd ever since.

They released three more albums after that.

David Gilmour himself has produced many artists. For instance, one of them is the Dream Academy. As a solo, he has released a total of 4 studio albums.

Additionally, he is the one that makes Kate Bush famous. David Gilmour was admitted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class in 1996.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: His legal name is David Jon Gilmour, whereas his stage name is David Gilmour.
  • Date Of Birth: David Gilmour was born on 6th March 1946.
  • Gender & Height: He is a male. He stands 6 ft (183cm) tall, whereas his weight is 172 lbs (78 kg).
  • Nationality: David Gilmour is a British.
  • What Is David Gilmour Best Known For? He became internationally famous because he is part of the rock band “Pink Floyd”.

Personal History Of David Gilmour


David Gilmour was born in Cambridge, England. Then, he was born to Sylvia and Douglas Gilmour. Further, the family lived in Trumpington, Cambridgeshire.

After that, they eventually moved to a location nearby Grantchester Meadows.

Since he was a kid, his parents supported his music interest. Hence, he began learning to play guitar using books and a borrowed instrument.

  • Education
    • When David Gilmour was 11 years old, he studied at Perse School. In 1962, he continue to study Arts and Technology in the Cambridgeshire.
    • The future Pink Floyd founder, Syd Barret also attended the same college, they became friends.
  • Personal Life (Family, Spouse, Kids)
    • Firstly, David Gilmour married an American model and artist “Virginia Hasenbein” in 1975. Then, they had four children from the marriage.
    • Meanwhile, Gilmour’s second marriage was with Polly Samson. This couple also got four children. Further, they have a home in a seaside resort called Hove.

David Gilmour’s Career


Firstly, David Gilmour and Barret busked around France and Spain. Moreover, during that time, Gilmour worked in many places.

Also, he became a driver and assistant of Ossie Clark, a well-known fashion designer.

  • Pink Floyd
    • In December 1967, David Gilmour joined Pink Floyd to replace Syd Barret who was suffering from mental health problems.
    • Likewise, Syd Barret decided to leave the band in 1968. Thus, that made David Gilmour become the lead vocal alongside the keyboardist Richard Wright.
    • While he was with Pink Floyd, Gilmour also produced several solo albums.
  • Solo Career
    • In 1978, David Gilmour launched his initial solo album. Likewise, it showcased his songwriting and guitar playing.
    • Furthermore, he has recorded four solo albums.
    • He also became a record producer working alongside his former bandmate Syd Barret and other popular singers.
    • Additionally, in 2001 and 2002, David Gilmour went to Paris and London for his solo concerts. He still performs in many other events until now.
  • David Gilmour Favorite Guitar
    • According to the Guitar Lobby website, David Gilmour’s favorite guitar is the Fender Stratocaster Guitar.
    • Indeed, the most notorious one is the 1969 version called The Black Strat. Thereupon, all of his guitars would be part of David Gilmour net worth.
  • David Gilmour Rank Guitarist
    • Where David Gilmour is ranked among other guitarists? Well, compared to Jimi Hendrix, Gilmour is a more versatile and subtle player.
  • Awards & Honours
    • For his service to music, he received an award from Buckingham Palace as the Commander of the Order of the British Empire.
    • He also won Ivor Novello Lifetime Contribution Award in 2008.
    • Most importantly, David Gilmour is the US Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and the UK Music Hall of Famer.
    • Hence, that definitely takes effect on David Gilmour net worth.

David Gilmour Net Worth


As a musician, he is still having great success in his career. Subsequently, David Gilmour net worth for this year has reached $180 million.

Thus, that makes him the second richest member of Pink Floyd. The number one is Roger Waters that has $310 million of net worth.

Music and Aviation Company

David Gilmour net worth mostly comes from his music. He also received a lot of money from his album sales, music performances, appearances, and tours.

Furthermore, since he is a musician, His music is his business. Besides, he once has an aviation company.

However, he decided to sell it and gain a lot of money from that. Therefore, David Gilmour net worth becomes higher.

Houseboat and Resort House

The Gilmour family lives on a farm in Sussex. Besides, David Gilmour owns a recording studio houseboat in Hampton Court.

A resort house at Hove also belongs to him. There are still more. So, that must be affecting David Gilmour net worth.

Guitar Collection

Nonetheless, there is no record of David Gilmour’s collection of sports cars. Well, he is a guitarist. So, he has a guitar collection.

Earning of David Gilmour

So, how much does he makes per year? Well, David Gilmour net worth is $180 million. Thus, he must be having a lot of sources for earnings.

David Gilmour Guitars Auction

As mentioned before, Gilmour has a guitar collection. The most notable one is The Black Strat which was sold in Charity for $3.9 million.

Likewise, it became the most expensive guitar ever sold in an auction.

How Does David Gilmour Make Money?

To grow David Gilmour net worth, he makes money by releasing songs and albums. Performing at events and shows also bring him a lot of earnings.

Is David Gilmour Done with Music?


He is not retired from music. However, there is no clear information about it.

His Youtube channel is still releasing new videos. Obviously, David Gilmour net worth would still be growing.