Eddie Cibrian Net Worth – The Successful Actor From Soap Operas to TV series

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Stage Name Eddie Cibrian
Legal Name Edward Carl Cibrian                     
Date of Birth June 16th, 1973
Gender Male
Height 6,2 ft (188cm)
Eddie Cibrian Net Worth                  $10 million
Profession TV actors
Nationality American

Personal Information of Eddie Cibrian


Eddie Cibrian is a well-known actor that played Cole Deschanel on TV Series “Sunset Beach”. There are also some other films and TV shows in which Cibrian took part on.

Besides, he played in Take Two, Third Watch, and CSI: Miami.

Additionally, he appeared in a sitcom series on Netflix “Country Comfort”. Eddi Cibrian is a co-star alongside Katharine McPhee.

Firstly, this man began his career in the TV industry as a soap-opera actor. He starred in the Sunset Beach and the Young and The Restless.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: Eddie Cibrian is a stage name. His legal name is Edward Carl Cibrian.
  • Date Of Birth: Eddie Cibrian was born on 16 June 1973.
  • Gender & Height: He is a male actor who stands 6,2 ft (188cm) tall. Meanwhile, his weight is 170 lbs (77 kg).
  • Nationality: American
  • What Is Eddie Cibrian Best Known For?
    • Eddie Cibrian is best known for his acting performance in soap operas and TV series. He also acted in several films but he became famous because of his television appearances.
    • Thus, his role as Cole Deschanel in Sunset Beach made him so popular today.

Tender Age Of Eddie Cibrian

eddi cibrian net worth

Edward Carl Cibrian was born on June 16, 1973. Then, this actor was born in Burbank. His mother’s name is Hortensia.

She worked as an office manager. Meanwhile, his father, Carl Cibrian, was a banker. Moreover, Eddie’s grandparents came from Spain.

The family of his father immigrated from Cuba to the US in 1969. At that time, Castro came to power.

Three years after that, the mother’s family also left Cuba. His parents later met in the US.

  • Education: Nonetheless, there is no clear information about Eddie Cibrian education as of now.
  • Personal Life:
    • Firstly, in 2001, Eddie Cibrian married a former model and reality TV star, Brandi Glanville. Then, their sons are Jake and Mason.
    • However, they decided to separate in 2009 because Cibrian had an affair with LeAnn Rimes, a country singer.
    • It was because Eddie and LeAnn were involved in a movie together ”Northern Lights”.
    • Afterward, the divorce was official in September 2010. Three months later, Eddie Cibrian became engaged with LeAnn Rimes despite the controversy of their affair.
    • Finally, they got married in 2011 at a private house in California.

Eddie Cibrian’s Career


Let us talk about his career, the only thing that affects Eddie Cibrian net worth. Likewise, Eddie starred in several TV series and soap operas.

For instance, the most notable one is when he played Cole Deschanel in Sunset Beach.

Eddie Cibrian Acting Career

He also starred in CSI: Miami as Jesse Cardoza and Jimmy Doherty, the womanizing firefighter in Third Watch.

Besides, Eddie also guest-starred on several TVs, like Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Beverly Hills, and 90210.

Meanwhile, Eddie Cibrian made several appearances in films like Living Out Loud in 1998, The Cave in 2005, and But I’m Cheerleader in 1999.

Instead of being an actor, Eddie was also part of a boy band from 1998 to 2001. The group is called 3Deep which plays in the soul-pop genre.

In 2006, Eddie Cibrian net worth grew a bit when the actor joined the cast of “Vanished” a tv series from the Fox channel.

However, it only ran for 9 episodes.

Then, he played a bounty hunter in the drama series “Chase”. After that, Eddie became the lead actor for the pilot TV show “The Playboy Club” on NBC.

Moreover, he continued to star in several TV series until 2018.

Eddie Cibrian Movies

Eddie Cibrian starred in But I’m a Cheerleader and Living Out Loud. Further, he also played in Not Easily Broken, At The Beginning, Say It Isn’t So, Northern Lights, and The Cave.

In addition, the other movies are The Single Moms Club, Playing Father, The Best Man Holiday, Good Deeds, and Healing Hands aka Working Mircles.

Eddie Cibrian TV Shows

He played in so many TV shows. Some of the most notable ones are mentioned above. However, Eddie Cibrian mostly played for several episodes only.

Furthermore, he became the regular role for many episodes only in The Young and the Restless, Sunset Beach, and Third Watch.

Eddie Cibrian Awards

There are some awards that Eddie Cibrian had become a nomination. For example, the first one is from Soap Opera Digest Awards.

Eddie Cibrian was a nominee of the Outstanding Younger Leading Actor and Hottest Male Star. Then, he was nominated for ALMA Award two times also.

Eddie Cibrian Net Worth

eddie cibrian net worth

So, what is Eddie Cibrian net worth? He also shared his wealth with his wife. Hence, they own for about $10 million this year.

  • Businesses: There is no clear information about Eddie Cibrian’s business. However, we all know that the couple is still active in the show businesses. Of course, it becomes a big part of Eddie Cibrian net worth.
  • Houses: In 2013, Eddie and LeAnn bought a house worth $3 million. Then, it is located in Hidden Hills. They also have several rental houses.
  • Cars: Nonetheless, there is no available information about Eddie Cibrian’s vehicles. Otherwise, there must be some lavish cars in his garage that would be part of Eddie Cibrian net worth.

How Much Eddie Cibrian Make Per Year?

Indeed, according to Celebrity net worth, Eddie Cibrian got paid $100 thousand per episode. Hence, that would bring a big money to the house.

Is Eddie Cibrian Still Working?

Additionally, to fill up Eddie Cibrian net worth, he needs to make money. Therefore, he got a salary by acting in Tv series or films.

He also got paid for appearing on shows.

Eddie Cibrian is still in the entertainment industry. Thus, it becomes the biggest impact on Eddie Cibrian net worth.

Eddie Cibrian is still active in the industry. Further, he is still LeAnn Rimes’ husband.