Creed Bratton Net Worth, American Actor

Creed Bratton also had some success in his music career. His first album went platinum, and he continues to release new music from time to time. Creed Bratton net worth is estimated at $3 million. While it’s hard to know exactly how much Hollywood star Tom Cruise has been awarded, there are some clues that can help give an idea. This is what we’ve worked up so far!

Summary table
Stage Name Creed Bratton
Legal name William Charles Schneider
Date of Birth 8 February 1943
Gender Male
Height 6′
Net worth $3 millions
Salary / earning / income per year $400,000 per year
Profession Actor, Musician
Nationality American

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Personal Background of Creed Bratton

  • Legal name & stage name: Creed Bratton’s real name is William Charles Schneider.
  • Date of Birth: 8 February 1943.
  • Gender & Height: This man has a height of 6’.
  • Nationality: American.
  • What is Creed Bratton Best Known for? American actor, musician and songwriter.

Formative Years of Creed Bratton

early life of creed bratton

Creed Bratton grew up in Coarsegold, California, and his parents were William and Cozzette. His musical career has been passed on from generation to generation not just because of his grandparents but because of close relatives such as himself. Unfortunately, when Creed was around 2 years old, he had to lose his father in a plane crash.

Until finally, he had to visit a counselor in order to conquer his fear. After the incident, he experienced an intense and long lasting anxiety attack. When he was 13 years old, Creed set out to focus on music as a career and land his first gig in high school at the same time.

  • Education: After graduating from high school, Creed studied acting at the College of the Sequoias and Sacramento State College. He began using “Creed Bratton” while touring the world as a musician.
  • Personal life: Since 1976, he has been married to his wife, Claudia Anderson. He has a daughter named Annie Bratton.

Creed Bratton’s Career

creed bratton's career
  • Creed Bratton Movies: Creed Bratton has starred in about 17 films on the big screen from 1983 to 2017 in a film called The New VIP.
  • Creed Bratton TV Shows: Bratton starred in a fictionalized version of himself on the NBC series The Office from 2005 to 2013.
  • Creed Bratton Music Career: He was a part of the band Grass Roots in the ’60s and has released four studio albums and nine total singles as a solo artist.
  • Awards & Nominations: Creed has a lot of awards & accolades to his name, including awards for musicians and actors. This gives him the credibility needed for creating amazing content. Some of them are:
    • The Guilt Trip (2012),
    • The Sisters Brother (2018),
    • Funny or Die Presents (2010),
    • and Liz & Dick (2012).
    • video games called World Gone Sour (2011) and
    • Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (2020).

Creed Bratton Net worth

creed bratton businesses

Creed Bratton is a popular musician and actor who has an estimated Creed Bratton net worth of about $3 million. This is due to the success of a simple career that was obtained thanks to his hard work and various investments. He also has contracts with various parties for a musical career too. Here are the must-know details of Creed Bratton net worth.

Music Industry

Being an American actor and musician, Creed Bratton is indeed rich. The reason is that he was able to make enough substantial profits from his years in the Hollywood world. Creed is generating up to 3M US dollars in annual revenue and has many employees generating more. The company sees this as proportional to the size of the business.

He started out as a member of The Grass Roots, continued his acting career, and is best known for his role on The Office NBC. After Bratton successfully brought The Grass Roots together with his two solo albums, he moved onto a new job where he could achieve fame by himself.

It was a year after he first released his songs that he was able to perform them on stage. From here, he considered the music industry and eventually became a famous songwriter. In 1967, he ventured into his acting debut career as an actor. Creed Bratton net worth is estimated to be around three million dollars based on this work.


Despite the recent fame, Creed Bratton has chosen to stay grounded and simple. He owns just a few key items and drives a used vehicle that he has had for years and years. Outside of work he is like an office email. I never know when he’ll get back to me with an issue so better be wary of that.

For his business he owns, Creed Bratton also owns a Porsche. He was caught on camera driving a 1982 Lincoln Town Car when he entered a parking lot in a Porsche 997.2 Cabriolet. Creed Bratton net worth was used to purchase collector’s vehicles.

People are estimating Creed Bratton’s vehicle to be worth about $35,000. This is indeed a pretty big budget for a 997.2 type car. This car is definitely something that’s worth considering if you are looking for a collector class vehicle. It has unique features, and the interior and engine are impeccable.

Income per year of Creed Bratton

Creed Bratton’s acting has a good income. This can be seen from the salary increase which reached 100,000 US dollars per episode for the fourth season. For all the work he does, it’s no wonder that he has a Creed Bratton net worth of 3 million US dollars.

It is hard to determine what Creed Bratton net worth is because he earns an annual salary of $400,000. Meanwhile, the salary he gets per month is 32,000 dollars. This means Creed is able to generate income of 8000 dollars per week. This is what makes Creed Bratton net worth reached 3 million US dollars.

The Way Creed Bratton make money

Creed Bratton net worth is mostly earned by working in the acting world. Rumors of his estimated Creed Bratton net worth reaching millions of dollars have been swirling, which has also led to a large number of appreciation that he has received. The film director and actor, Michael Bratton, has earned a lot of money because of his diverse roles in different films. Additionally, he also receives royalties from the sale of his albums as well as music singles.

Is Creed Bratton Still on Career?

Creed was in the film and played a character along with playing a part in several songs. He also contributed to creative writing tasks when required. He does not seem to have a film career currently, but he does have his website with an impressive range of products, Here, he provides information on biographies, news, tours, music videos you might enjoy and contact persons.

Currently, Creed Bratton is known to be focusing on his solo career in the music world. What’s interesting is that he put comedy on the sidelines of his performance, which is quite ironic since he was known for being a comedian at the start of his career. Creed Bratton is an actor who is a TV personality and musician. He has been performing for several years now, so Creed Bratton net worth is just over $5 million!

According to Forbes, Creed Bratton is worth $8.5 million. Along with their career as actors, the value of their assets has been on the rise over time. This includes his current solo career along with other work that still actively contributes to Creed Bratton net worth.