Brian Deegan Net Worth – The Most Decorated Freestyle Motorcross Rider

For a fan of this professional Motorcross rider, Brian Deegan net worth must be an interesting topic. So, this article will reveal all about him, his wealth, personal life, career, and many others.


Stage Name Brian Deegan
Legal Name Brian Deegan
Date of Birth May 9, 1974
Gender Male
Height 5,9 ft (175 cm)
Brian Deegan Net Worth           $10 million
Profession Professional freestyle Motorcross rider, rally racer, truck racer            
Nationality American

Detail Information of Brian Deegan

brian deegan net worth

Let us begin with the first question, who is Brian Deegan? For those who do not really know, he is a freestyle Motorcross rider.

He has had a global Rallycross career since 2011. Besides, Brian Deegan is a founding member of the clothing brand “Metal Mulisha”.

Deegan has a signature trick named “Mulisha Twist”. Likewise, it is a twisting backflip 360 degrees. However, the same move is now called an “Underflip”.

Furthermore, in the history of X Games, Brian Deegan become the most decorated rider. He already earned a lot of achievements in action sports.

Thus, it is surely making Brian Deegan net worth go high.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: His legal and stage name is Brian Deegan.
  • Date Of Birth: Brian Deegan was born on 9 May 1974
  • Gender & Height: He is a male and his height is 5,9 ft (175 cm). Meanwhile, he weighs 172 lbs (78 kg).
  • Nationality: He is an American.
  • What Is Brian Deegan Best Known For? Indeed, Brian Deegan becomes the most popular name in action sports. He was the winner of 10 medals in X games.

Earliest Days Of Brian Deegan

Brian Deegan was born in Omaha, Nebraska. When he was still young, Brian was exposed to motorcycle stunt riding.

Further, at the age of 17 years old, Deegan became a professional rider. He even won an LA competition in 1997.

Hence, that is the beginning of Freestyle Motorcross. He once crashed while attempting a 360 flip. Therefore, the incident breaks his wrists and femur.

Meanwhile, six months later, he got back in the games. That definitely makes Brian Deegan net worth continue to grow.

  • Education: Nonetheless, there is no record of his education.
  • Personal Life:
    • Brian Deegan married Marissa in 2003. From the marriage, they have three children. His first child, Hailie competes in the NASCAR Truck series.
    • Moreover, his second and third daughters also become professional riders.

Brian Deegan’s Career

Talking about his career would be all about action sports. That is where most of Brian Deegan net worth comes from.

Further, as a Motorcross rider, he became a professional at the age of 17.

Freestyle Motocross Rider

In 2004, Brian Deegan crashed and suffer an injury that made him absent for about 6 months. The comeback happened at the Summer X Games when he only finish fourth at that time.

Additionally, in 2009, he decided to switch to four wheels.

Then, he competed in the Rally Car Racing event several times. Brian Deegan even won the World Championship race in 2011.

He also won some other racing series. Therefore, Brian Deegan net worth would increase as well.

Brian Deegan First 360

Brian Deegan was the first-ever rider who successfully landed a twisting backflip 360 over in X Games. Thus, he named it Mulisha Twist.

Brian Deegan Race Truck

In addition, Brian Deegan becomes a truck racer. He debuted his monster truck “Metal Mulisha” in 2012.

However, he was replaced by Todd LeDuc because of an injury. Deegan continued to compete in Global Rallycross Championship races.

Awards & Achievements

In 1997, Brian Deegan won first place in Los Angeles Supercross 125cc. Afterward, he became the winner of the World Freestyle Championship in 1999.

Brian Deegan became one of the nominations in 2003’s EXPN Rider of the year.

In 2004, he was nominated for ESPY Award. Thereupon, Deegan is one of the top 100 athletes of all sports made by ESPN in 2004.

Further, in 2009, The Transworld Motorcross Awarded him The Lifetime Achievement Award.

Additionally, in 2007, Brian Deegan was the winner of the Action Sports Film Festival. He won it as the Disposable Hero.

He also achieved many other championships throughout the years.

Besides being active in action sports, Deegan also made some appearances in TV shows, Movies, and Magazines.

Meanwhile, he once joined stunts in “Fantastic Four”. Deegan has also been on the cover of several sports magazines.

Therefore, all the achievements would really affect Brian Deegan net worth so much throughout his career.

Brian Deegan Net Worth

Indeed, according to sources, Brian Deegan net worth has reached $10 million this year. Likewise, it is such a pretty high amount of wealth.

Mostly, he grows his net worth from the salary and achievements he got during his career as a rider and racer.

Businesses and Vehicles

Additionally, it is well-known that Brian Deegan has a clothing line and merchandise brand “Metal Mulisha”.

Besides, he has a toy brand “Heavy Hitters” that is available at Walmart.

Moreover, along with Todd Potter and Jeremy Lusk, this rider is involved in a game “Battlez FMX. Thus, all of those businesses take part in growing Brian Deegan net worth over the years.

Brian Deegan is a rider and a car racer. So, he owns many vehicles in his garage. That also includes the ones that belong to his daughters.

Earning of Brian Deegan

According to The Richest, Deegan’s earnings in 2008 is about $30,000. Thus, it came from his winning of the Challange Cup at Chandler, Arizona.

Indeed, Metal Mulisha received over 30 million dollars in 2011. Otherwise, this year, it is probably really high.

How Does Brian Deegan Make Money?

Obviously, Brian Deegan net worth comes from both his sports career and business. He also made appearances in shows and films.

Although this rider is not as active as before, he would still gain a lot of money.

What Does Brian Deegan Look Into Now?

He is now nearly 50 years old. Brian Deegan is still active in the sporting business. Obviously, Brian Deegan net worth will still be getting higher the next year.

Deegan is still running his business and ventures. Besides, he is actively coaching his daughter in their sporting career.