Lou Diamond Phillips Net Worth – The Ritchie Valens of La Bamba

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Stage Name Lou Diamond Phillips
Legal Name Lou Diamond Upchurch
Date of Birth 17 February 1962
Gender Male
Height 6 ft (185 cm)
Lou Diamond Phillips Net Worth                 $6 million
Profession actor and film director                       
Nationality American

Biography of Lou Diamond Phillips

lou diamond phillips net worth

Lou Diamond Phillips is the Ritchie Valens of La Bamba. Also, his role in Stand and Deliver movie got a nomination from Academy Award.

Besides, Lou becomes a film director and an actor.

Additionally, he became one of the nominations for several major awards like the Golden Globe and Independent Spirit Award.

Further, Lou Diamond Phillips debuted in a Broadway performance “The King and I”. Subsequently, he acted as King Mongkut of Siam made him nominated for Tony Award.

Meanwhile, Lou Diamond Phillips played in many other movies. For instance, some of the notable ones are Young Guns, The Big Hit, Che, and The 33.

Moreover, he played in a TV Series Longmire, as the main character. Lately, Lou starred in a popular TV series on the FOX channel “Produgal Son” until 2021.

Then, he played as police of New York City, named Lieutenant Gil Arroyo.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: His Legal name is Lou Diamond Upchurch. Meanwhile, people know him by the name, Lou Diamond Phillips.
  • Date Of Birth: Lou Diamond Phillips was born on 17 February 1962.
  • Gender & Height: He is a male that stands 6 feet high (185 cm), whereas his weight is 167 lbs (76 kg).
  • Nationality: Lou Diamond Phillips is an American.
  • What Is Lou Diamond Phillips Best Known For?
    • Many people know who Lou Diamond Phillips is because of his performance in “La Bamba”.
    • Hence, his Broadway and movie career made him notable in the entertainment industry.

So, it is like the starting line of Lou Diamond Phillips net worth today.

Earliest Days Of Lou Diamond Phillips


Lou Diamond Phillips was born on 1962, February 17, in the Philippines. Then, his father is Gerald Amon Upchurch who is American.

Meanwhile, his mother is Lucita Umayam Aranas who is Filipino.

Indeed, Lou’s surname changed to Phillips which come from his stepfather. Furthermore, he was raised in Texas.

  • Education:
    • Phillips attended Flour Bluff High School in Texas. Then, he attended at the University of Texas at Arlington.
    • After that, he got a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts in Drama.
  • Personal Life:
    • Lou Diamond Phillips met Julie Cypher on the set of Trespasses. Then, both get married in 1987. However, in 1990, they divorced.
    • Meanwhile, during the making of another film in 1992, Lou met Jennifer Tilly. After that, they got engaged briefly.
    • Further, in 1994, Lou married Kelly Phillips, a model, and TV extra. From the marriage, they have three daughters.
    • Eventually, they separated in 2003 and finally divorced in 2007.
    • Moreover, in 2004, he began another journey of finding love. He dated Yvonne Boismier, a makeup artist.
    • Finally, they got married in 2007 and have one daughter.

Lou Diamond Phillips’s Career


Lou Diamond Phillips has a long career. Subsequently, he started to act in the 1980s. Indeed, the low-budget film “Trespasses” was his acting debut.

Otherwise, the big thing came when he starred in “La Bamba” in 1987.

Likewise, acting as Ritchie Valens in the movie was his cinematic breakthrough. That was probably the beginning of growing Lou Diamond Phillips net worth.

Lou Diamond Phillips Acting Career

La Bamba is like the starting line of his amazing career in film. Afterward, he continued to star in many other movies and TV series.

Lou Diamond Phillips even became a nomination for Best Supporting Actor from the Golden Globe Award.

Then, Lou actually won the Best Supporting Male in Independent Spirit Award in 1987.

Meanwhile, during the 1990s, he made a debut on Broadway. Lou Diamond Phillips acted as the main character in ‘The King and I”.

Thus, it made him win the Theatre World Award. Additionally, in the 2000s era of his career, he became very active starring in several TV series.

Also, in 2012, Lou participated in popular reality series, co-starred in the TV series “Longmire”, and appeared in a music video.

Hence, his career in the 2010s until now is still going to be filling up Lou Diamond Phillips net worth.

Lou Diamond Phillips Directing Film Career

As a film director, Lou Diamond Phillips is not very active. An episode of Fear the Walking Dead is one of the films that he directed.

Probably, there are several films that are not on the records.

Indeed, he co-wrote the screenplay for some movie projects. For instance, the movies were “Trespasses”, “Dangerous Touch” on HBO, and “Ambition”.

Besides, he even wrote a science-fiction novel titled “Tinderbox: Soldier of Indira”. It would be a part of Lou Diamond Phillips net worth.

Awards & Achievements

Lou Diamond Phillips received some notable awards and achievements. For example, he was a nominee for Best Supporting Actor was in 1988.

Meanwhile, in 1989, another one was Best Supporting Male from Independent Spirit Award. Furthermore, he became the best actor in 1996.

Additionally, Lou Diamond Phillips achieved Favorite Supporting Actor in 1997.

Lou Diamond Phillips Net Worth


Indeed, according to many sources, Lou Diamond Phillips net worth has hit $6 million for this year. Hence, his acting career in films, Broadway, and TV series really brought him a lot of wealth.

In addition, his salary mostly comes from his performances in films and TVs.

Lou Diamond Phillips Net Worth from Businesses

Besides being a celebrity, Lou Diamond Phillips is also an activist. Likewise, he is on the advisory council of the CAPE.

Then, let us talk about Poker. Indeed, Lou is a regular poker player. Therefore, it can be his other business besides being an active actor.

Also, it is something that can keep Lou Diamond Phillips net worth going.

Properties and Cars

So, where does Lou Diamond Phillips live with his family? They stay in New York City. In addition, he owns several properties.

For instance, one of them is in Chatsworth, California. It is a house that stands on 5,233 sq ft land. This property is definitely worth a lot of money to fill up Lou Diamond Phillips net worth.

Lou Diamond Phillips surely owns several special cars. Thus, they are all lining up in his garage.

How and Much does Lou Diamond Phillips Make Per Year?

According to data, Lou is making about 4 to 5 million dollars per year. Thereupon, this salary is perfect to match Lou Diamond Phillips net worth.

So, how does he make money? It is very obvious, Lou Diamond Phillips gains his salary and wealth from his appearances on TVs and Films.

Is Lou Diamond Phillips Retired?

Right now, he is about 40 years old in Hollywood. However, Phillips is not retired yet.

The actor is still appearing in TV series, movies, shows, and other projects. Then, he often appears as a guest or cameo.