Pete Rose Net Worth as a Former Baseball Player Who Got a Lifetime Ban

Do you know Pete Rose net worth as a retired baseball player? Then, if not, the following information will help you find out more about this winner of 3 World Series rings.


Stage Name Pete Rose
Legal Name Peter Edward Rose
Date of Birth 14 April 1941
Gender Male
Height 5.9 ft (180 cm)
Pete Rose Net Worth USD5 million
Salary / earning / income per year      USD1 million
Profession Former professional baseball player and manager     
Nationality American

Pete Rose Biography

pete rose net worth

Peter Rose used to be a professional American baseball player and manager. As an athlete, he achieved the title of The Most Valuable Player in the National League.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: His parents named him Peter Edward Rose, whereas the public mostly knows him as simply Pete Rose.
  • Date of Birth: Pete Rose celebrates his birthday on 14th of April. Then, he is currently in his 80s as he was born in 1941.
  • Gender & Height: This popular baseball player is a male who is 5.9 feet (180 cm) and 200 lbs (91 kg).
  • Nationality: He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio to Harry Francis ‘Pete’ Rose and LaVerne Rose and is an American.
  • What is Pete Rose Best Known for?
    • One of the reasons why Pete Rose net worth is impressive is because this baseball player is brilliant. Likewise, he exceeded the record for the career hits of Ty Cobb.
    • Further, throughout his career as a professional baseball player, people recognize Pete Rose as an all-around player.
    • In addition, he could play above 500 games at five different positions.

Early Journey of Pete Rose

During his childhood, Pete Rose joined the Order of DeMolay. Then, he started to participate in sports as per his parents’ support.

  • Education
    • This athlete was graduated from Western Hills High School. Afterward, he signed a professional contract.
    • 34Thus, it allowed Pete Rose net worth to start improving year by year.
  • Personal life:
    • Karolyn Englehardt was his first wife whom he married in 1964. Also, both were blessed with two kids named Pete Rose Jr. and Fawn.
    • Otherwise, after getting divorced from Karolyn in 1980, Pete married Carol J. Woliung in 1984 with two children named Cara and Tyler.
    • In addition, aside from those four kids, Pete also has another biological child named Morgan Erin Rubio. However, in 2011, Pete decided to engage Kiana Kim after divorcing Carol in the same year.

Pete Rose’s Career

Firstly, Pete Rose started his career with the Cincinnati Reds and debuted in 1963 on a major league match against Pittsburgh Pirates.

Indeed, Pete Rose net worth may not be that high at that time, but he could hit .273 in his debut season. Also, he achieved a hit streak of 22 games at the beginning of 1968.

  • Playing career

The 1969 season marked his best offensive performance as he created a career-best of 16 homers and also a career-best of batting at .348.

Meanwhile, during the 1973 season, Pete Rose could lead the league with 230 hits and a .338 batting point. Hence, those allowed his team to receive the nickname of ‘The Big Red Machine’.

In 1978, Pete Rose net worth is not the only one that increased but also his career hit. He also created a hitting streak of 44 games in the same year.

Finally, Pete Rose decided to retire as a professional MLB player at the age of 45 with a total of 4,256 hits in his career.

Basketball manager

After playing for Philadelphia Phillies, Montreal Expos, and Cincinnati Reds throughout his baseball career, Pete Rose started a new career as a manager in 1984.

Therefore, he became the manager of the Cincinnati Reds with a career record of 426-388 and ranked fifth in the club’s managerial history wins.

Moreover, Pete Rose finished his career as a manager on 24 August 1989.

Awards & achievements

Aside from being named as the Most Valuable Player in National League in 1973, Pete Rose also received other awards as a baseball player.

Additionally, in 1981, he came first in the Silver Slugger Award. He also received the Roberto Clemente Award in 1976.

Besides, Pete was recognized as the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and won Golden Glove Award twice.

Pete Rose Net worth

Indeed, Pete Rose net worth is estimated more than USD5 million as one of the most well-known baseball players worldwide.

Further, through his contract with the Philadelphia Phillies in 1979, Pete received USD3.2 million. Then, he also continued to get an income of USD1 million

  • Businesses:
    • Meanwhile, as a professional baseball player and manager, Pete Rose had signed a contract worth millions of dollars.
    • In addition, it came with several different clubs throughout his career.
  • Home: Otherwise, in 2014, his real estate agent stated that Pete Rose would sell his longtime home in Sherman Oaks for USD1.9 million.
  • Vehicles:
    • Part of Pete Rose net worth also comes in the form of vehicles, including his favorite Rolls-Royce.
    • Moreover, it is worth around USD300,000.
  • Income per year: Furthermore, Pete Rose earned around USD1 million each year from a variety of appearances as a baseball player.
  • How does Pete Rose make money?
    • Aside from playing baseball professionally, Pete Rose net worth also comes from several endorsement deals.
    • For example, it includes the commercial for Supercharger’s Energy Bar.
  • How much did Pete Rose make gambling?
    • In 2004, Pete Rose finally disclosed openly betting on baseball games and other sports. Then, his estranged wife stated that he is still gambling with his annual salary of USD1 million.
    • However, there is no exact information on how much Pete makes from this activity.

Pete Rose Cards Worth

The baseball trading card values of Pete Rose vary in price. For instance, the 1966 Topps #30 Pete Rose card is worth USD70.45.

Meanwhile, the 1968 Topps #230 card is only USD6.53.

Pete Rose Autographed Baseball Worth

In addition, another source of Pete Rose net worth must be from his autographed baseball. Moreover, it is worth around USD50 to USD100.

He is Now Out of The Business

Indeed, after being accused of gambling in baseball games, Pete received a lifetime ban from any kind of sports in 1989.

Hence, he is not active anymore as a player or manager of any baseball team.

Rose has been starting to serve as the host of Pete Rose’s subscription-based podcast called ‘Daily Picks’ since 2021.

Furthermore, this new sports gambling channel will discuss betting and provide tips related to making bet.

Thus, considering this new venture, Pete Rose net worth should not only depend on the accumulated wealth of his career as a baseball player and manager only.