Bob Weir Net Worth, Salaries, and Income

Bob weir is a musician, a singer, a songwriter, and a performer. Even his old age never stops him from producing and keep performing. He founded the Rock band Grateful dead with four others and later spent 30 years with the band until finally disbanded in 1995.

He is considered one of a few musicians who were hugely successful in the entertainment industry, allowing him to obtain approximately 60 million. His career with grateful dead increases his popularity by a lot. After years of performance, bob weir net worth keeps increasing and on. Read more to find more details about his net worth.

Introducing Bob Weir

Robert Hall Weir, or just Bob weir, is an American musician. He is best known for playing music in the rock genre, as he spend most of his career with the grateful dead, which is considered a rock band. But his play, in general, can include several genres like rock, psychedelia, country, folk, blues, jam, rock, and roll.

Here are some details about Bob Weir you might find interesting.

Bob weir net worth
  • Legal name & stage name
    • His legal name is Robert Hall Weir, and his last name, “Weir,” comes from his adopted family.
    • Later, when he was about 40 years old, he found out about his biological parents, and some people started to identify him as Robert Hall Parber for his birth name.
    • But the stage name Bob Weir never changes even after he finds out and gets close to his biological father.
  • Date of Birth
    • Bob weir was born on October 16, 1947, to John (Jack) Parber and a fellow college student, Phyllis Inskeep.
    • He was abandoned for adoption by his biological mother without his birth father knowing.
    • His adoptive parents, who later took Weir, were Frederic Utter and Eleanor Cramer Weir.
    • They lived in Atherton, California, and were considered a wealthy family.
    • But Bob Weir net worth mostly comes from his individual effort instead of family wealth.
  • Gender & Height
    • He is definitely a male, and his height is about 6 ft 0 inches or around 1.85 in meters.
    • His last know weight is about 170 pounds or 77 kg.
    • His body still looked relatively healthy even though he was already more than 70 years old.
  • Nationality
    • Bob Weir was born in San Francisco, California, United States.
    • His nationality is American.
    • There is no record of him changing his nationality even after this day. Bob Weir net worth was mainly accumulated for his work in the US.
Summary table
Stage Name Bob Weir
Legal name Robert Hall Parber
Date of Birth October 16, 1947 (Age 74)
Gender Male
Height 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
Net worth $60 Million
Salary $1.2 million per year (just from tour)
Profession Singer, songwriter, musician, guitarist
Nationality American
  • What is Bob Weir Best Known for?
    • Weir is best known for his performance as a guitarist for The Grateful Dead. His popularity and his skills as a guitarist improve a lot in this time. The band itself was very popular, even ended inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994 while the name bob weir was included as the team member.
    • Even with his involvement and contract with other bands, it is still safe to say that most of Bob Weir net worth today is counted for his career with the grateful dead for more than 30 years.

Bob Weir Earliest Days

As mentioned earlier, He was abandoned by his mother and adopted by a rich family in Atherton. Unfortunately, there is not much record about bob weir’s early life and how it affects Bob Weir net worth nowadays. One important piece of information to consider is that he had trouble in school because of undiagnosed dyslexia.

  • Education
    • Because of his dyslexic mind, he couldn’t follow the rules and was always expelled from every school he attended in the past.
    • Bob Weir never finish high school for this setback.
    • But one of the schools, called Fountain Valley School in Colorado, where he met the future Grateful Dead lyricist John Perry Barlow, finally gave him a diploma after he performed 50 years later.
  • Personal life (family, spouse, kids)
    • Bob weir married Natasha Munter on July 15, 1999. Their marriage gave them two daughters, Shala Monet Weir and Chloe Kaelia Weir.
    • One interesting fact about bob weir is that he was involved in many non-profit organizations. For example, he is part of the board of directors of the Rex Foundation, the Furthur Foundation, and HeadCount. He also became one of the board directors for Rainforest Action Network. Bob Weir net worth must have accumulated a lot as he spends much on charity.

Bob Weir’s Career

Weir and his friends formed the grateful dead when he was only 16 years old in 1963. He mostly played rhythm guitar and sang a large portion of the lead vocal in his time with this band. Weir also made his first album in 1972 titled Ace when he was still with the grateful dead, continuing with Heaven Help the Fool (1978).

His other solo albums are “Weir Here – The Best of Bob Weir” that released in 2004, and Blue Mountain 12 years later, around the time he received the 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2016 Americana Honors.

There are some other bands he was involved in, including Kingfish, bobby and midnites, Bob Weir and Rob Wasserman, RatDog, and the one currently active with Wolf Bros. All this career might be beneficial for increasing bob weir net worth.

Bob Weir Net worth

Let’s go back to the main discussion, How much is Bob Weir net worth? There are many estimations out there about the actual amount of it. The sources we believe in said that Bob Weir Net worth is between $60 million to $65 million.

The big chunk of that wealth might come from Bob Weir’s work as a musician. He spent so much time touring, even now at age 74. Bob Weir is also rumored to have an investment in real estate which he bought for her biological father. Whether he still had another investment other than that was unknown.

Product Trading

Bob weir has his own business under the named that sells Bobby Weir and Wolf Bros CDs, T-shirts, and accessories. It is not a big store from the number of products being sold.

At first glance, it looks like this business doesn’t contribute so much to increasing Bob Weir net worth. It looks more like a side job. The revenue might be too small compared to his contract or salary from being a singer.

House and Cars

The house he bought for his father was sold for 1.4 million. The house located in Mill Valley is a city in Marin County, California, United States. His own house is also located in this area, which might amount to more than his father’s house. This house is also included in Bob Weir net worth.

Bob weir has used many cars during his career. As he accumulated more wealth, he started to use different cars. Around 2008, he used a 2007 Lexus GS 450h which cost him more than 50 thousand dollars. He bought that car for environmental reasons. The hybrid car uses less fuel compared to others.

Before that, Bob Weir also used a 1963 Corvette Stingray roadster, a 1969 BMW 2002, and a 2014 Tesla Model S, which he auctioned for charity in 2017. Other than cars, there is no information about Bob Weir net worth from other vehicles like a yacht or motorbike.

Income Per Year

The amount of money he made from each tour is about $300.000, times four or five tours a year, leaving him with earnings of 1,2 to 1,5 million dollars in a year. There is a rumor in the past telling that his salary is the highest compared to most singers, but the accuracy of the information is questionable. Despite the accuracy of that information, Bob Weir net worth still amounts quite a lot for his age.

How does Bob Weir make money?

Where is the money from Bob Weir net worth come from? Most of his wealth came from his job as a singer. He also collaborated with New York-based D’Angelico Guitars to produce some signature instrument, which was later released in 2017 and 2020. But the amount of weir income from that collaboration is not recorded.

Bob Weir net worth

Some Interesting Facts of Bob Weir

  • One interesting thing about bob weir is that he still has a good relationship with his biological father he had never met for more than 49 years.
  • He even bought a house for him before he finally died in 2015.

What is Bob Weir Activity now?

Even after being 74 years old, Bob weir is still kicking in. Bob weir career in the music industry is not yet ended. He is still doing many concerts around this time.

In March this year, he will attend at least 13 concerts with his newest band named Bob Weir & Wolf Bros. the agenda is continuing, and he will have more tours and concerts for the following months.

Looking at his works in the past and now, we can expect Bob Weir net worth to keep increasing. But the important thing is, He loves his job after all.