Pat McAfee Net Worth In 2022: How Rich Is The Superb Former NFL Player?

You might recognize Patrick Justin McAfee as a superb and popular NFL player years ago. On the other hand, he is also a professional wrestler, sports analyst, and businessman. It is no surprise that Pat McAfee net worth from years of career in various sectors is considerably terrific.

Summary Table
Stage Name Pat McAfee
Legal Name Patrick Justin McAfee
Date of Birth May 2, 1987
Gender Male
Height 1.85 m
Net Worth USD 20 Million
Salary / earning / income per year
Profession Sports Analyst, Professional Wrestler, Businessman, & Former Football Player
Nationality American

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All About Pat McAfee Life

Before proceeding to the explanation of Pat McAfee net worth, let’s take a look at his short biography first.
  • Patrick Justin McAfee is publicly known as Pat McAfee for shorter.
  • McAfee was born in 1987 and he celebrates his birthday every year on May 2.
  • McAfee is a male sports analyst with a height of  1.85 m.
  • American nationality.
  • What is Pat McAfee Best Known for? Even though the multitalented guy is presently popular for having a professional wrestling career and podcast show, Pat McAfee is still best known as a former NFL player who received the title of one of the most famous punters of all time.

Surrounding his early life, Pat McAfee was born and raised in Pennsylvania with parents Sally McAfee and Tim McAfee. Since high school, he has shown interest in three different sports, including volleyball, football, and soccer. Long before his triumphant career, McAfee has already exhibited hard work and perseverance at such a young age.

  • Education.
    • Plum High School
    • West Virginia University
  • Personal life. Pat McAfee’s marital status is currently married to Samantha Ludy and they have been married since 2020. Samantha Ludy is the founder of an animal nonprofit foundation called Fur The Brand.

Pat McAfee’s Career

The next few parts present the complete information surrounding Pat McAfee’s career journey.

Pat McAfee College Career

Pat McAfee’s college career started from freshman until senior year. Back in 2005 he joined West Virginia and helped the team to defeat Louisville with a 46 – 44 score. Then during the junior season, he was honored with Scott Shirley Award from West Virginia for the second time. In senior year, he earned many achievements and managed to win several games with the team.

Pat McAfee NFL Career

Pat McAfee became an NFL player in 2009 by joining Indianapolis Colts. He and the team triumphantly won AFC Championship, AFC South, and went to Super Bowl XLIV. McAfee received the title of 2009 NFL All-Rookie Team due to his successful early career. To add more, he managed to increased punt from 46.6-yard to 48.2-yard. After years of work with the team, in 2017 he quit from NFL and no longer play with Indianapolis due to knee operation as the major factor.

Pat McAfee Wrestling Career

The year 2017 is the beginning of his wrestling career when McAfee began training as a professional wrestler with the great Rip Rogers. Later on, he made appearances on WWE, NXT, and SmackDown. McAfee is also frequently recognized as a renowned wrestling analyst.

Pat McAfee Net Worth

YouTube Career

Before his partnership with FanDuel, The Pat McAfee Show is already famous on YouTube with a total of 1.72 million subscribers and 987,580,067 views. That YouTube channel was first created on August 24, 2017. One of the recent popular contents is when he discussed the notorious NFL Player named Tom Brady who just quit recently.

Pat McAfee Net Worth

There is a huge possibility that McAfee’s income or salary will increase significantly sooner or later. But as for now, Pat McAfee net worth in 2022 is accumulated to be USD 20 million.


After retiring from NFL, he built Pat McAfee Inc. (PMI) and release several podcasts, including That’s Hockey Talk, The Pat McAfee Show 2.0, Good Bettor Bets, and Heartland Radio 2.0. Time after time, the company started to grow and produced content like a wrestling podcast or daily radio show. PMI also has The Pat McAfee Foundation which focuses on charity. This business or investment is definitely contributing to Pat McAfee net worth.

Luxurious Estate and Vehicles

It is reported that the Indianapolis punter bought a luxurious estate for USD 925.000 back in 2014, which still become Pat and his wife’s residence until this day.

No further details of another property investment that might contribute to Pat McAfee net worth.

These are some of the lists of vehicles that come from Pat McAfee net worth, including a USD 117.000 Jeep, Harley, and Bentley. Apart from this, no official information on whether or not McAfee had other vehicles collection.

How much Pat McAfee make per year?

There is no exact number to represent how much Pat McAfee net worth or salary per year is. Regardless, based on the various contract and partnerships throughout his career, McAfee earn a staggering amount of wealth.

The eight-year contract he signed during his NFL career is worth around USD 19 million, with other bonuses that we could not figure how much the exact amount is.

The Pat McAfee show or PMI approximately garnered USD 30 Million a year. Further, based on the report released by Forbes in December last year, the total number from the contract is USD 120 million in reference to four years deal with FanDuel. This is the deal that likely bring more income which personally contribute to Pat McAfee net worth.

Pat McAfee net worth majorly comes from his work as an NFL player. Afterward, he started earning more income or salary based on the business he develop and other partnerships he had for the past few years. In Addition, the variety of work he has been doing also contributes to Pat McAfee net worth in total.

What is Pat McAfee Activity now?

The date February 2, 2017, was the exact time when Pat McAfee ended his career in the NFL that brought him as one of the most renowned figures in sports. As for now, he is focusing on his other works.

Pat McAfee is thriving with his new career as a sports analyst, wrestler, and businessman who just signed a USD 120 million contract last year. Into the bargain, he is also recently known for hosting a radio show with AJ Hawk.

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