Al Sharpton Net Worth – The Famous Activist & Baptist Minister

Alfred Charles Sharpton Jr. is a Baptist minister, civil rights activist, politician, and TV host from the United States. Al Sharpton net worth is reckoned to be between $500.000 and $2.000.000 from his career.

Summary Table
Stage Name Al Sharpton
Legal Name Alfred Charles Sharpton Jr.
Date of Birth October 3, 1954
Gender Male
Height 1.78 m
Net Worth Between $500.000 and $2.000.000
Salary / earning / income per year
Profession Baptist Minister, Civil Rights Activist, Politician, & TV Host
Nationality American

If you are curious about the renowned preacher who also happens to be a social activist and host in radio as well as television, keep reading this article to garner more insight regarding Al Sharpton net worth, wealth, career journey, political views, and all you need to know about him.

Biography of Al Sharpton

Take a quick look at his brief bio before looking further into the discussion of Al Sharpton net worth, income, or salary.

  • Alfred Charles Sharpton Jr. is well-known in public as Al Sharpton.
  • Sharpton originated from New York City and he was born in 1954. He celebrates his birthday every year on October 3.
  • Al Sharpton lose weight from around 138 kg to 59 kg due to a strict diet for a few years. The Baptist minister is a male with a height of  1.78 m.
  • Born and raised as a New Yorker, Sharpton is a citizen of the United States of America.
  • Al Sharpton might be popular as the man of many things. However, he is best known by the public as a Baptist minister and civil rights activist. Sharpton is also reputably known to run for elected office many times.

Personal life

Al Sharpton’s parents are Alfred Charles Sharpton Sr. and Ada. When he was young, his father left the family and the Sharpton family had to move around from Queens to Brooklyn. Sharpton had begun his interest in preaching at such a young age, it was proven when he became a Pentecostal minister at nine years old. He later joined as the part of the Bethany Baptist Church in 1994 and is subsequently known as a Baptist minister up to this day.

  • Education
    • Samuel J. Tilden High School
    • Brooklyn College (Not Finished)

The minister married Kathy Jordan back in 1980 and the couple has no longer been together since 2004. In 2013 he was reported to have a relationship with the 35-year-old Aisha McShaw, while later was disclosed that she is Al Sharpton’s personal banker and stylist. Through his marriage, Rev. Al Sharpton had two children named Dominique Sharpton and Ashley Sharpton.

Al Sharpton‘s Career

After discussing his early life and personal life, we are now proceeding to the information surrounding Al Sharpton’s professional life.

In 1969 Sharpton started as a part of Operation Breadbasket and became the young director. Two years later he raised resources for youth and created National Youth Movement. Then until 1980, he served as a tour manager of James Brown.

Before earning the reputation he has currently,  Sharpton has been actively involved to join protests against religious or racial discrimination, which later brought public attention towards him.

It was a long journey before he eventually become a renowned social activist and continued his work with having a television show PoliticsNation and radio show Keepin’ It Real. Aside from making television appearances frequently, he also published four books Rise Up: Confronting a Country at the Crossroads, Al on America, Go and Tell Pharaoh co-written with Nick Chiles, and The Rejected Stone: Al Sharpton and the Path to American Leadership. 

Political Career

Some of the unsuccessful histories of when Sharpton run for elected office were US Senate from New York in 1988, 1992, 1994, alongside unsuccessful in becoming New York City Mayor. Nevertheless, Sharpton did not stop there and he ran for the presidential election back in 2004. He always represents Democratic Party during his political career.


Al Sharpton is the founder of a foundation called National Action Network in the early ’90s. It is a civil rights organization that focuses on police brutality, US Naval bombing exercises, and racial profiling. The organization has helped several cases to earn deserving justice.

Al Sharpton Net Worth

This part will explain further details of assets or anything that contributes to Al Sharpton net worth. Alongside what we have mentioned earlier, the accumulation of Al Sharpton net worth or total wealth is between $500.000 and $2.000.000.

Luxury Estate and Vehicles

Back in 2020, The Reverend is reported to reside in the Upper East Side area which is exactly located in a sumptuous neighborhood known as Bristol Plaza. Approximately the luxury estate cost $2.000.000. He later rent the property for $14.000 per month and changed residence into a condominium located in East 65th Street, NY. Besides what we inform, no official reports whether or not he has other property investment which possibly contributes to Al Sharpton net worth.

Back in 2004, Sharpton was rumored to own Rolls Royce Phantom that cost around $475.000 for his 50th birthday. The Reverend is lately seen in BMW SUV or Mercedes, although we could not get certain details whether or not the cars are under Sharpton’s ownership. Aside from this, no other vehicles come from Al Sharpton net worth.

How much Al Sharpton make per year?

Since Sharpton’s annual salary is unpredictable, we could not disclose the information of how much money he made each year that contributes to Al Sharpton net worth in total.

The amount of income or salary Sharpton garnered from MSNBC is around $500.000 for each season. His earning from MSNBC contributes to Al Sharpton net worth in general.

Based on the information we garnered from New York Times, there are several sources of Al Sharpton net worth or wealth. The first one is an income he earned from the National Action Network, the second one is his work in a radio program or television show on MSNBC, and lastly the donation he received from a variety of his preaching works.

What is Al Sharpton doing now?

It seems that Al Sharpton does not have a retirement plan in the foreseeable times ahead.

Al Sharpton is living his life in New York and is still actively doing his work as a minister, civil rights activist, including hosting his radio show Keepin’ It Real and television show PoliticsNation. You can find more updates of the renowned Rev. Al Sharpton through his personal Social Media account.