Mike Vick Net Worth, Career, Income, and Family

Mike Vick is a popular footballer very well known to any American Football fan. No doubt you’re also quite interested in his wealth. That’s why we now show you an overview of Mike Vick Net Worth.

Summary tabel
Stage name Mike Vick
Legal name Michael Dwayne
Date of birth June 26, 1980
Gender Male
Height 6’0”
Mike Vick net worth $20 million
Sallary/earning/income per year $2 million per year
Profession American football player
Nationality American

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Personal Details of Mike Vick

michael vick net worth
  • Legal Name & Stage Name:
    • Mike Vick is a stage name that is well known to the public.
    • The real name of this American football player is Michael Dwayne, his fame as an NFL quarterback led to him being a successful entertainer as well.
  • Date of Birth:
    • Mike Vick, who was born on June 26, 1980 and is currently 40 years old, has succeeded not just as an athlete but also as a spokesperson.
  • Gender & Height:
    • As an American football player Vick has a height of 6 feet (183 cm).
    • His height is quite proportional given his occupation as a male athlete.
  • Nationality:
    • Michael Vick, an American football player, is mixed-race (African-American).
    • He lives in the US and has his American citizenship.

Story of Life

Mike Vick net worth is pretty fantastic for an athlete. His success was actually proportionally inverse to his early life. Born in Newport News, Virginia, United States, Vick grew up in a not-so-good environment.

Sport seems to be the only way out of poverty. The man who managed to run the field to 1,000 yards in this season also signed up for Virginia Tech.

  • Marriage

Not much is known about Vick’s past relationship before becoming famous. He is now married to Kijafa who he’s been with since 2002.

They both got married in 2012 at the Miami Fountainbleu Hotel. Even though the wedding ceremony cost up to $300,000, there are no scandals. Considering he has 4 children with four different women, you can say his house is pretty drama-free!

Michael Vick Net Worth

michael vick

How much Mike Vick net worth? let’s find out!

Businesses and Salary

Besides being a midfielder for the club, Vick also owns the V7 brand which focuses on sportswear. The collection is sold exclusively at Modell’s stores.

  • Michael Vick’s Salary

As of 2021, Mike Vick net worth is $20 million. He played in the NFL for 13 full seasons and his wealth continue to grow. It is estimated that Vick’s total salary during his season in the NFL was between $115,952,908.

His endorsements contracts with major brands also add to his income. The contracts with Nike, Kraft and AirTran, for example, provided him an additional $2 million per year.

Mike Vick’s Endorsements and Investments

Michael Vick was a successful spokesperson and endorser for multiple companies during his time with the Falcons. He notably worked with EA Sports, Coca-Cola, Powerade, Kraft, Nike and Hasbro before joining AirTran as an endorser. Endorse is one of the contributors to Mike Vick net worth.

  • Mike Vick’s Investments

Apart from running a business in the clothing industry, he also has other profitable investments. Mike Vick net worth includes his own foundation called the Team Vick Foundation.

Mike Vick’s House and Car

There are comps in regard to Mike Vick net worth and his property holdings – in 2008, he sold a building worth $1.4 million to cash out on the market. The building is appraised at over 6,295 square meters outside.

This luxury property was sold to Lawrence T. Guy and Vick also owns a house by the lake for $1.3 million. It comes with 5 bedrooms, a pool, theatre room & even a café upstairs.

Mike Vick also has another residence in the Plantation area of. The size of this home is estimated to be 9,280 square feet. It is estimated that the house cost up to $2.38 million when it was bought in 2008.

How Much Mike Vick Makes Per Year?

mike vick

Mike Vick net worth is dependent on how much money he makes in a year. For example, when he joined the Steelers, his annual salary was $970,000.

This athlete has only added more to their wealth by achieving a very high contract value and especially through a 10-year contract with 130 million US dollars. He is the highest paid player blessed with this achievement.

His $100 million contract with the Philadelphia Eagles is for 6 years and is helping him continue to grow Mike Vick net worth every year.

How Did Mike Vick Get So Rich

His strong performance in American football, the way he plays is markedly different from the others, that has garnered him a lot of attention. This means an opportunity to get rich. Mike was recruited by the Atlanta Falcons in 2001-2008.

In 2009 he was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles and spent four years with them until the end of his contract in 2013. The New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers were also interested in signing him to play at the prestigious club.

Even though he declared bankruptcy in the past, it seems Mike has had a very successful career. Apart from being an athlete, he also has another job as a sports spokesperson. The more big companies that are interested in his endorsements means that there’s even more for him to go around.

No wonder Mike Vick net worth is so much.

Michael Vick Career

mike vick net worth

What Makes Mike Vick Successful?

A 40-year-old footballer with the name of Michael Vick made his professional debut in 2001 as an American footballer with the side AFC Atlanta Falcons. His position is quarterback, which he attained after becoming the first African-American crossbreed on this team.

His NFL debut brought him sweet success. For example, in 2006 Vick’s salary with his sponsorship earnings was $25 million. And the success of the clothing business he works on makes him one of the highest earners currently.

  • Awards & Achievements

Michael Vick has won all awards and achievements even though he was in a difficult situation before. In December 2006, the African-American athlete won the Ed Lock Courage Award. He also won the best NFC player.

As Comeback Player of the Year by The Associated Press and Sporting News, he also has been awarded with the Bert Bell Award. He got a 6-year contract worth $100m. That explains why Mike Vick net worth is increasing after completing his contract.

Recent Activities

This athlete has accomplished many great things in the world of sports, which can be difficult to do. Even with some setbacks (a ‘dog fighting’ incident), he quickly got back on his feet and is once again on top. After 13 years in the world of football, Vick has just retired on February 3, 2017.

After retiring from the NFL, Mike Vick net worth became $20 million. Although there have been rumors about Vick being so rich that he is retiring, he is still very busy with work opportunities in his later years.

Vick currently works as an analyst for the FOX NFL Kickoff media. His post-retirement career does not stop there though, even though in the world of athletes he has retired. The Team Vick Foundation is also managed by him, to help bring people together without barriers.